8 Things to Expect When Traveling to India

By Zainab Shabbir | 02, Jan, 2018
8 Things to Expect When Traveling to India

India is a country with enormous cultural diversity, a great deal of history and vast regions of unexploited villages to explore. This country offers a fair share to learn about authentic daily lives of locals in developing countries. Travel tips for a trip to India for beginners can come in handy to avoid a culture shock. You also need to prepare for the possible challenges that you might face while understanding the Indian customs and traditions. Here is a list of things you should expect on a trip to India:


1. Awe-inspiring beautiful landscapes are a common sight

Expect to be mind-blown at heritage sites, remains of ancient royal castles and even at the sight of the great wonder of the world, Taj Mahal. Tourist attractions are in plenty offering culturally diverse backgrounds to them. There’s too much to grasp even when walking along the sidewalks on busy Indian streets hence better be prepared to experience a sensory overload at some time during your trip.


2. Merciless traffic

The ginormous population of India will definitely not go unnoticed from the moment you arrive: with the busy streets, obnoxious honking and overcrowded sidewalks. Travelling can seem like a mission and a half in the busy cities of India but that’s all part of the adventure. Try and hail a tuk-tuk for a faster tour around of the city streets as they creep through the stagnant vehicles with more ease than a taxi so save your time for a much fun activity or a better alternative is to use metros when you don’t quite want a tour of the city.


3. Make sure you’re flexible with your plans

Planning is always recommended for a short stay to get the best India has to offer in limited time. However, being too stressed about a planned day will not help as no matter how well you have organized your trip, unavoidable unexplained circumstances will turn up when in India, like the train not showing up on time for instance, so be open to the idea of amendments.


4. Prepare for an episode of illness

With overcrowded cities, the pollution problem tags along. Inhaling dust all day long can irritate your respiratory system and you might end up with a cough or cold. More importantly, however, is the poor hygiene in restaurants so you best be sure to be carrying sanitizers with you all along to avoid stomach upsets or any other infection.

Golden Tip for all travellers to India- Avoid drinking un-bottled water! “Bisleri” water bottles are easily available in any convenient store and that’s what you should be drinking throughout your stay.


5. Cows are everywhere

Foreign to most mindsets, cows are actually considered Holy in India so pay respect and avoid shooing them away. As expected cows show up day in day out around the Indians: you’ll naturally see them in and around the fields, but don’t be taken by surprise if you also see ‘em amongst thick traffic making their way through the honking cars maximizing the priority and privilege they are given by the locals.


6. Expect to bargain at markets

Shopping in markets can be quite hectic for you need to have the knack for bargaining in busy, crowded streets on humid, sunny days in a pickle of languages with confused adamant vendors. Once you bank the items you want to purchase though, India will not disappoint you in terms of quality. However, remember, haggling is customary so do not settle for the price that is initially quoted even if it sounds too tempting, because believe it or not you can get a better deal with a little extra effort.


7. Be mindful of your dressing sense

Modest clothing is the fashion you must be aiming for. “Revealing” clothes: shorts, skimpy tank tops, or short skirts and dresses, attracts unwanted stares and makes for unnecessary head-turning as locals find such clothing unusual. Best advice for clothing is to pack just a handful of your regular garments and buy local fabrics once you arrive. The material used is best suited for a comfortable stay keeping the weather/ humid conditions in mind.


8. Stay safe and be aware of your surroundings

When you are identified as a foreigner, which might not take very long, maybe because of the way you look or possibly due to difficulty in conversing or an overall lack of cultural awareness, you are by default expected to have priced possessions and a deep pocket. Be careful with your valuables, it’s always safe to keep a keen eye on your whereabouts. India isn’t as dangerous as it seems, nevertheless, it always is better to be safe than sorry.

Take on the adventurous Indian trip to make memories to last a lifetime. The culture, diversity; experience a difference in general from the daily lives. With the major variation in customs and traditions, lifestyle and even mindsets of locals be rejuvenated with yet another perspective of life.


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