Top 6 Destinations for Beach Lovers in 2024: Immersive and Serene Coastal Escapes

By Anna Tan | 18, Dec, 2023
Top 6 Destinations for Beach Lovers in 2024

Looking for a brand new place to soak your feet in and bask under the sun in 2024? We’ve listed our top destinations for beach lovers that you must check out to get the most out of your vacation!

Beach getaways are the perfect way to escape your daily routine and cold weather depending on where you are! You will easily lose track of time as you enjoy the warm breeze, hear the calming waves, and get the perfect tan at the same time!

Our best picks showcase some of the top tourist spots as well as hidden gems around the world to laze around all day. From majestic views to pristine white sands, this list will cover it all! Let’s dive through what each destination has to offer!

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1. Boracay, Philippinesboracay philippines

Image Credit: Darwin Frivaldo on Pexels

Don’t underestimate Boracay - this tiny island that is only 10 square kilometers in size has 17 beaches for you to hop around and experience different scenic views. Known for its pristine white sand, it has award-winning beaches, attracting plenty of tourists looking to propose, get married, or have a nice honeymoon holiday.

Boracay’s most popular beach is the White Beach, where you can sail in the sunset. It is best to visit Boracay during its high season, known as Amihan, which occurs between November and May. This is where the island is at its driest period, away from the monsoon rainfalls.


2. Cebu, Philippinescebu philippines

Image Credit: BongVideos Production on Pexels

While Cebu is mainly associated with food, its blue waters are far more enticing! Enrich your senses as you wander around clear waters and clean sandy public beaches. You can participate in many water activities, including snorkeling, kayaking, or canyoneering at an affordable price.

Some beaches do incur a fee, but it is a small price to pay for a secluded ambience by the sea. For example, Paradise Beach has an entrance charge of ₱80 (SGD 2). We typically advise going to more touristy beaches as they are more well-maintained, such as Bounty Beach, where there are numerous dive spots, beach resorts, and restaurants to chill at.

This city is also a popular place for Muslim travelers. Check out some of the top Halal tourism attractions you can do in Cebu!


3. Arubabeach of aruba

Image Credit: Joe Ambrogio on Pexels

Sail the Caribbean sea as we discover Aruba, a gorgeous island with unique rock formations, light blue waters, and smooth sand that stretches for miles. It is a well-developed tourism space with plenty of watersports to participate in such as windsurfing, deep sea fishing, and scuba diving. 

Beaches here are open to public, with Palm Beach being the most popular.

There are also plenty of shipwrecks that are visible just by snorkelling close to the shore. All in all, it is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can’t be found elsewhere. 


4. Mahe, Seychellesmahe seychelles

Image Credit: Matteo Parisi on Pexels

Seychelles may consist of 115 islands, but nothing tops Mahe, the ultimate island paradise and location for Seychelles International Airport. There are beaches to visit at various corners of the island, such as the famous Beau-Vallon, Anse Royale, and Port Launay beaches that are more established with more facilities and activities to enjoy. 

These beaches are also near Halal restaurants as well as multiple accommodations, including Halal hotels for convenience and maximum comfort! If you are looking for a quiet spot to swim and snorkel, you can check out Pointe au Sel or Anse Machabee beaches which are located by South East and North of Mahe respectively.


5. Mykonos, Greecemykonos greece

Image Credit: Luke Webb on Pexels

You may have seen Mykonos on many Instagram influencers’ posts. That’s because besides its majestic beaches, it has a vibrant lifestyle that provides many celebrities a fun escape from their paparazzi lives. While you don’t have to be a celebrity to visit Mykonos, it is no surprise why this island warrants such attention. 

While beaches are mostly associated with calm moments, you will find beaches of all sorts here, from party beaches to surfing beaches as well as family-friendly ones. Life is never dull, with great shopping spots and beautiful views that rival Santorini. 

For a relaxing time, you can head to Ornos and Platis Gialos beach for some peace and quiet with a cooling breeze. There are no Halal restaurants here, but there are vegetarian options in selected restaurants. 


6. Whitehaven Beach, AustraliaWhitehaven Beach, Australia

Image Credit: Zhimai Zhang on Unsplash

Located in Queensland, this beach is heaven on earth. The views are breathtaking and photos are not enough to justify this beauty. 

You will either need to take a boat, seaplane, or helicopter to reach this location. Typically, most tourists will engage in a tour package that brings them to this secluded island. Spot stingrays swimming around in clear blue waters as you stroll along the white powdery sand.

It is truly a place that you need to see for yourself to understand why it is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!


Final Notes

I am sure you are looking forward to checking out these spots on your bucket list! Do take note that while it is fun to run around the beach, do your part to keep these beaches clean for everyone to enjoy by keeping your trash away! 

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Cover Image Credit: Pixabay on Pexels

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