What Not To Do During Umrah and Hajj: 7 Things to Know!

By Saniya Baxi | 20, May, 2024
What Not To Do During Umrah and Hajj: 7 Things to Know!

Umrah and Hajj is a blissful journey that gives you an enlightening experience. A journey that purifies the mind and the soul! It is a journey that every Muslim should take at least once in their lifetime. 

Umrah is a pilgrimage to the Kaaba in Mecca that has no set time limit for fulfillment. It is possible at any time of the year. It is believed to wash the sins of the one who does it. 

While Hajj, is one of the pillars of Islam and therefore its importance is indisputable. The difference between the two is that hajj can only be done at a specific time according to the Islamic lunar calendar. It is compulsory for those who are able-bodied and have the financial means to perform it.

For us to be able to take full benefit of the pilgrimage and the sins to wash away, make sure you don’t commit any other sin unknowingly. Here is a guide on what not to do during umrah (and hajj) and the rituals you need to follow to have an ecstatic journey.

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How To Perform Umrah?How To Perform Umrah

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Before we go on to the mistakes, let’s first have a look at how Umrah should be performed. 

There are basically 4 practices you need to follow in order to get it right. They are Ihram, Tawaf al-Umrah,  Sa’i between Safa and Marwah, and Taqsir. In short, Ihram is declaring your formal "intention" to perform the Umrah and Taqsir is a sign that you’ve wholly performed Umrah.

  1. You must first change into clean clothes and take a bath to cleanse all of your impurities. Following cleaning, you must do the required prayers and then enter Ihram while facing the Qibla. And now it is your responsibility to recite Talbiyah until the following act.
  2. Touching the "Black Stone" will begin the next phase, Tawaf. The ritual can come to an end when the pilgrim touches and kisses the Black Stone once again after saying the required prayer wherever they are in the mosque.
  3. After completing Tawaf, you are to perform Sa’i immediately (which can be done after a break if tired). Pray for what you want by ascending Safa Hill to a viewpoint where you can see the Kaaba. 
  4. Then go to Marwah, passing a 50-meter-long green-lit trail along the way. Men are needed to run on that path and then walk normally to reach Marwah and pray as did earlier. Then return to Safa the same way, which completes 2 laps. To finish the route of Sa'i between Safa and Marwah, this needs to be done seven times.
  5. After Sa'i, one should perform the final act of Taqsir (cutting the hair short) or Halq (shaving the head). The pilgrim is supposed to cut their hair or shave their head in this phase to signify the completion of Umrah.

There are similarities on how to do Hajj compared to Umrah, but with some additional steps. Read more about each detailed step on A Guide To Performing Hajj For First Timers.

Now that you know how to perform Umrah and Hajj, let’s make sure you do it the right way to not commit any more sins on your blissful path!


Mistakes To Avoid During Umrah and Hajjkaaba from upstairs

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Here are some mistakes that you should avoid during Umrah, that may also apply for Hajj:

Kissing the Black Stone From a Distance

As said earlier, touching and kissing the Black Stone is a part of Tawaf and one needs to do it. However, if you find it difficult to touch the Black Stone, don't just throw your kiss in the air. Just stop, face the direction of the Black Stone and say "Allah Akbar". 

Doing Tawaf for Someone Else

Someone may not be able to perform Tawaf, but that doesn't mean they can do it through someone else. It was never mentioned that the Prophet Muhammed did it for anyone else. So, doing Tawaf for someone else is not valid. The blessings you seek might not be attained. 

It is only permissible for someone to perform Hajj or Umrah on behalf of those who are both alive or deceased as a whole cycle, not only the Tawaf.

Shouting Du’a Aloud

Shouting in a sacred place is a big sin in itself, because it may disturb others focused on their own Du’as. Making your Du’as heard aloud may not grant your wishes, it will only spoil the sacred and blissful environment around. 

Hence, make sure to follow the rituals peacefully without shouting in groups. This may let you and others focus on what you seek from Allah. 

Performing Many Umrahs

Once you finish Umrah in one place, you feel more energized by the spiritual powers of completing the Umrah. Don’t get carried away by the excitement and perform multiple Umrahs. This is not according to the Sunnah and is not what the Sahabah did. Putting on a new Ihram and performing Umrah, again and again, is certainly not suggested.

Instead of many Umrahs, use the energy and enthusiasm left to perform as many Tawafs as you can as Tawaf is something that can be done in Mecca alone. If you couldn’t touch the Black Stone, you can go back, touch, and kiss it. If you wanted to perform multiple Umrah, we suggest you to still know your own limits and maximize each of your Umrahs, remember, quality over quantity.

Applying Perfumes

It is prohibited to apply any perfumes or scents on your journey during Umrah, Hajj, and during the state of Ihram. The pilgrims are not allowed to wear any garments that are perfumed as well. If found using any perfume or scents from flowers also, they shall be asked to pay a Dam. 

Additionally, if there is an unpleasant smell, pilgrims are not permitted to cover their noses. However, they have the ability to leave that area swiftly.

Touching the Kaaba

Some people feel that touching the holy Kaaba will make you blessed. However, it is not mentioned anywhere that touching it will give you any blessings. It will only make the area more crowded and dangerous. If you wanted to touch and see the Kaaba up close, make sure to take turns and assess if it is possible to do so or not.

Losing focus during Umrah or Hajj

Be clear on what your intentions are to perform Umrah. Stay focused on your Du’as and keep praying for them along with the prayers you need to recite along the way. You get the reward that you intend for and are not allowed to change your intentions once you start Ihram.


Some Rules For Men - Clothing

During the process of hajj or umrah, there are several clothing items that is prohibited for males to wear during the ihram state. The Prophet SAW stated that this is due to the intention of ihram, which is "anything that covers the body or any part of it or any of its members is prohibited for a person who is in ihram (muhrim)." Therefore, men are prohibited from wearing clothing items with stitches, or things that cover certain body parts, which include:

  1. Qamis, or sleeves-containing garments, such as t-shirts, robes, and shirts, are forbidden.
  2. Second, imamah, or head coverings, which include skullcaps.
  3. Sarowil, or bottom apparel, means trousers, shorts, and undergarments are forbidden.
  4. Burnus, or head and body coverings, as well as abayas (coats), are forbidden.
  5. Khuf, or leather leg coverings; shoes, socks, and other accessories or footwear that covers the foot are also forbidden. Sandals are okay to use and are permissible to be worn in the ihram state.


Some Rules For Womensome rules for women

Image Credit: ilham akbar fauzi on Unsplash

The above said mistakes should be avoided both by men and women. However, there are some additional rules for women that you need to take note of.

  1. None of them, either men or women, are allowed to wear perfumes. Additionally, women are not allowed to wear any sort of makeup either. 
  2. Removing hair from your body like shaving or cutting your hair is also prohibited during Umrah. This can be done before starting it. Cutting your hair should only be done at the end of Umrah as the last step, i.e., Taqsir, and not anytime before that. 
  3. Women can dress in everyday clothing but it should be modest - covering their head and body, but their face and hands should not be covered. Closed footwear is allowed for women and they should adorn an abaya on their clothing. 
  4. Additionally, they must have their nails nicely clipped before beginning Umrah and Hajj, and they are not permitted to apply henna while completing Umrah and Hajj. Wearing any jewelry or glittery apparel is also not suggested. 

Also, it is prohibited for women to undertake Umrah and Hajj while they are on their period, therefore, asking for Allah's forgiveness and blessings for the Hajj and Umrah that you've done is a must if your period came during the pilgrimage.


Preparation For Umrah and HajjPreparation For Umrah and Hajj

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If it’s your first journey of Umrah, and are excited yet confused about how to get the best out of it, here are some tips for your preparation.

Do Your Homework

Before you start your journey, ensure that you’ve learned about the dos and don’ts in the Umrah or Hajj journey. You should also gain insights about the steps of performing Umrah and Hajj to get it all right. After all, what you seek is spiritual enlightenment.

Stay Energized

Umrah and Hajj is not a small process that is done in a few hours. It takes days to complete the beautiful journey. Hence, practice walking and get used to it as the journey may make you all wearied out. Have faith and hope in Allah and get along in the spiritual journey.

Pack Your Essentials

Make sure to pack all your essentials first. If you have medical prescriptions, do not forget to carry your medicines as well as the prescriptions that can help you if you run out of your medicine. Pack all the daily required stuff and ensure you do not over-pack. Packing light can be helpful in carrying it with all essentials in place.

Dress Accordingly

The season you plan your Umrah trip matters a lot in your packing. Hajj also took a long time to do from start to finish. Therefore, make sure to pack accordingly and dress appropriately. Mostly it is hot in Mecca and wearing light clothes will help you have a relaxed journey and will be lighter on the bags too.

Read more about "Hajj & Umrah: The Ultimate Packing Checklist For Your Hajj Preparation" here.


Final Thoughts

These are some general tips to make your journey a beautiful and memorable one to cherish. The spiritual energy you gain on your whole journey is truly magical. 

May Allah shower His blessings upon you and all your loved ones. Amin.

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