Jinnah International Airport is the largest international and domestic airport located in Karachi, Pakistan. 

Karachi, Pakistan

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Jinnah International Airport is the largest international and domestic airport located in Karachi, Pakistan. 


Karachi, Pakistan




Jinnah International Airport has one main terminal, which is divided into two sections. One is for international flights and the other one for domestic flights. 
All terminals offer the highest standards of service to travelers. Staff within the terminal center are very helpful, active and procedures are fast and efficient. The inside of the terminal area is clean and offers an open and bright surrounding for travelers to relax after a long journey.

Prayer Facilities

For prayer needs, the Jinnah International Airport provides prayer room and mosque facilities for Muslim ladies and gentlemen, which are open throughout the day. The prayer toom is located in the public area of the terminal arrival as well as the departures levels. The room is appropriately arranged for Muslim passengers. 

Halal Food

Jinnah International Airport is a fully Halal-friendly and Muslim-friendly airport, thus Muslim passengers may sample Halal food dishes within airport which are alcohol-free as well. However it is recommended tha Muslim diners inquire about the Halal status of food before dining or they can also simple opt for vegetarian food!  Numerous restaurants, cafes and food courts are available at the Airport.   


Transport is not a problem here. Varieties of transport options are available at Jinnah International Airport at affordable prices. Travelers can easily get into buses or pick-up a car or taxi which can be taken from the area. Taxis are a popular - and also cheap - method of transport.


There are plenty of duty-free shops at Jinnah International Airport to buy goods. Passengers may purchase the best perfumes and cosmetics, chocolates, bags, fashion items, sweets, eyeglasses, sun glasses and soft toys. There are varieties of shops including superstores, gift and crafts shops as well as clothing shops.


Almost all the facilities that are required by passengers are available within the Jinnah International Airport including banking facilities, internet access, public telephones, cafes, restaurants, duty-free outlets, pharmacies, first aid services, dentist, conference rooms, multi-purpose meeting and event centres, wheelchair services, staff assistance, ATMs, luggage facilities and post offices. 

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