Ryoanji Temple (龍安寺, Ryōanji) is the site of Japan's most famous rock garden, which attracts hundreds of visitors every day. Originally an aristocrat's villa during the Heian Period, the site was converted into a Zen temple in 1450 and belongs to the Myoshinji school of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism, whose head temple stands just a kilometer to the south....more

Abashiri, Japan



Ryoanji Temple (龍安寺, Ryōanji) is the site of Japan's most famous rock garden, which attracts hundreds of visitors every day. Originally an aristocrat's villa during the Heian Period, the site was converted into a Zen temple in 1450 and belongs to the Myoshinji school of the Rinzai sect of Zen Buddhism, whose head temple stands just a kilometer to the south.

Ticket Price

500 yen

Opening Hour

8:00 to 17:00 (March to November) 8:30 to 16:30 (December to February)

  • 5 Halal-friendly Restaurants To Savour In Hokkaido

    Japan “the land of the rising sun” is an amazing place to visit, and one that is becoming more and more Muslim-friendly each day. Hokkaido is the second largest island in Japan, so a visit to this beautiful city is a must visit. If you want to experience the authentic culture of old-school Japan or amazing undisturbed nature, Hokkaido is where you need to go!   And don’t worry about where to eat in Hokkaido, because locating Muslim-friendly restaurants isn't that difficult. So, here are the best 5 Halal restaurants in Hokkaido!     Credits -   1. Sekkatei   Rusutsu Resort Hotel North Wing 3F 13, Izumikawa, Rusutsu, Abuta, Hokkaido. Phone: +81 (0) 136-46-3111   If you're looking to find Halal food spots in Hokkaido for the ultimate Shabu-Shabu, then you cannot go wrong with Sekkatei. Although the restaurant itself isn't fully Halal, they have two Muslim-friendly set menus that are Halal-certified. This is also a famous dining place for a variety of crab dishes, and you can sample some of them if they are included in the Halal menu (the set menu changes from season to season).   They use special care in preparing Halal-friendly meals, using specially marked dishes, cutlery, cooking utensils, and even equipment. This dedication (and the deliciousness of their food) is what lands them on this list of the best 5 Halal restaurants in Hokkaido. Click here for more information about Sekkatei   2. Warung Jawa   Address: Japan, 001-0014 Hokkaido Prefecture, Sapporo, Kita Ward. Phone: +81 11-708-6880   This is a Halal food spot in Hokkaido that offers more than just food! It is a cafe that serves dishes from various cuisines, mainly Indonesian, but also Middle-Eastern, Thai, and Malay. They also sell traditional clothes, accessories, and other items from Indonesia and the Middle East. The inside of this eccentric restaurant is an interesting mix of brightly coloured wall art and a bar style table lined with bottles. Although it is not Halal certified, the owner and chef are both Muslims, so you can eat here without a doubt.Click here for more information about Warung Jawa   3. Ramen Horyu   Address: Chuo-ku Minami 6jo Nichi 3chome Susukino Hontsu. Phone: +81 (0) 115-11-0403   Wondering where to eat in Hokkaido for an authentic experience of the local food? Ramen Horyu is where all the locals are at, the good news is they offer Halal-friendly options as well! And they've been doing this for around 60 years, so we think it's definitely worth a visit. They serve some of the best Ramen in Japan, including their signature Hokkaido Ramen that is served with corn and butter. Another great dish to try at this famous Halal dining place in Hokkaido is their Genghis Khan Miso Ramen (Genghis Khan, the popular grilled lamb dish; not Genghis Khan, the historical figure!). Make sure to ask for the Halal menu and cutlery. Click here for more information about Ramen Horyu   4. Farm To Table TERRA   Address: 2-2-10, Minami9-jonishi, Chuo-ku Sapporo-shi, Hokkaido. Phone: +81 11-512-3547   Farm To Table is a Halal food spot in Hokkaido with a beautiful interior and a laid-back atmosphere. They serve delicious local Japanese food as well as some of the best Western fare you'll find in Hokkaido. The name of the restaurant conveys their concept: get the best locally sourced produce, treat the ingredients right, and produce amazing dishes! Their juicy, mouthwatering Japanese cheeseburger is a must-try, but their vegetarian and vegan options are nothing to scoff at either.Click here for more information about Farm To Table TERRA   5. Taj Mahal Picture Credit -   If you're in Sapporo Factory, the multi-entertainment complex, and are looking to find nearby Halal food places in Hokkaido, you don't have to go far! Taj Mahal, located in Sapporo Factory, is the best Halal food spot in Hokkaido for an awesome Indian meal. As you walk in, you'll feel like you're almost in India. From the décor to the staff and food, everything is as authentic as an Indian restaurant in Japan can be (it is owned and run by Indians since 1982). Notable mentions off their menu are the tandoori platter and mango ice cream. They also offer plenty of vegetarian options, so if you're tired of eating meat all the time, you know where to go!Click here for more information about Taj Mahal   BONUS! Stella Maris Picture Credit - Address: Chateau Sumikawa 1F, 4-20, Sumikawa 4-jo 3-chome, Minami-ku, Sapporo. Phone: 011-817-0777   If your sweet tooth has a craving and you're looking for Muslim-friendly restaurants in Hokkaido to satisfy it, then Stella Maris is the place to be! Their range of delectable cakes, pastries, and chocolates are award-worthy. In fact, their famous Sapporo Black Bean tart did win the Sapporo Sweets Grand Prix!   Their desserts are prepared using Hokkaido's best produce and dairy; and are free of any artificial flavours, preservatives, or additives. Most, if not, all their desserts are non-alcoholic, and devoid of any meat-based products, but do make sure to check for each item.   Click here for more information about Stella Maris   ...

  • 9 Unique Accommodations You Can Stay in Tokyo

    Tokyo is definitely one location that you should have high on your list of places to visit. It is the perfect mix of the past and the future, and you can find aspects of both even in the midst of the bustling capital.   Tokyo offers its visitors some of the most unique experiences worldwide, and its hotels are no different. There are so many amazing places to stay in Tokyo, and many of them are so unique that it's unlikely you'll find something similar elsewhere. Of course, their luxury, and even traditional hotels are nothing to scoff at, but there are so many other cool places to stay in Tokyo that will give you something new and exciting to remember.   If you're wondering where to stay in Tokyo to take in the best of what this incredible city has to offer – here is a list of 7 types of must-visit hotels in Tokyo and the most unusual hotels in Japan. Credits -   1) Capsule Hotels Picture Credit -   Where? Hotel Asakusa & Capsule, Shinjuku Kuyakusho-mae Capsule Hotel, The Kiba Hotel, etc.   One of the coolest places to stay in Tokyo is capsule hotels. These hotels feature futuristic looking capsule-bedrooms. Most capsules are fitted with a comfy bed, a TV, radio/alarm, and Wi-Fi. Some of them even offer saunas and jacuzzi that guests can enjoy for an extra cost. Capsule hotels are ideal for those who prefer minimum fuss. If all you want is a place to rest your head at the end of the night – this is the best hotel in Tokyo for you!   2) Flight Hotels Picture Credit -   Where? First Cabin   Have always wanted to fly first or business class, but didn't see the point in paying that much money for a flight that lasts less than half a day? Then you have to try out the flight hotels, which are one of the most unique accommodations in Tokyo. The capsules at these hotels range from small (which are literally the size of a first class cabin on a flight) to slightly larger (enough to hold a single bed).   3) Minshuku Hotels Picture Credit -   Where? Yasuda no Ie, Nihon Tokyo Minshuku, etc.   When in Japan, sleep as the Japanese do; and there's no better place for this than Minshuku hotels. Minshuku is Japanese style bed-and-breakfast places, although they may be quite different to what you're used to. The concept is based around Japanese families renting out extra rooms they have to guests. Living amongst an actual Japanese family will give you a taste of what life is like here typically. You will be served tea and snacks, breakfast, and dinner. The rooms have minimal to no furniture, in accordance with tradition, and you might have to share a communal bath. But it's something that is definitely a unique accommodation in Tokyo because you won't find anything like it anywhere else.   4) Onsen Hotels Picture Credit -   Where? Ooedo-Onsen-Monogatari, Black Spa Hotel Suehiro, Spa & Hotel Nagomi, etc.   Onsens are inns with traditional Japanese hot springs. Japan has hundreds of these types of hotels, but they are still some of the best hotels in Tokyo and you cannot miss them. Although Onsen is typically located outdoors, more of them have been popping up indoors – with the rise of skyscrapers and such. But even in these places, the hot springs are filled with natural “black water” (kuroyu), which is traditional to the Tokyo area.   5) Robot Hotel Picture Credit -   Where? Henn-na Hotel   Tokyo's robot-run hotel is definitely one of the weirdest hotels in Japan, which is why you have to check it out! From voice-activated commands to face-recognition technology, even the reception desk is 'manned' by a Japanese-speaking dinosaur-robot, and an English-speaking female robot! With Japan being one of the pioneers of latest technology, where else would be the ideal location for such a concept?   6) Themed Hotels Picture Credit -   Where? Keio Plaza Hotel, Hotel Public Jam, Hotel Gracery Shinjuku, etc.   Bring your childhood dreams to life in Tokyo. Whatever your fantasy may be, you are guaranteed to find a place that brings it to reality. Keio Hotel Plaza offers you a look into the surreal world of Hello Kitty, Hotel Gracery Shinjuku is Godzilla-themed, and Hotel Public Jam gives you the chance to spend a night inside a pirate ship-themed room, or even sleep next to an actual real-life vintage VW Beetle! While these are just three examples of amazing places to stay in Tokyo, there are plenty more!   7) Book-and-Bed Hotels Picture Credit -   Where? Book and Bed Tokyo,   If you're a book lover, then you've undoubtedly had the feeling of never wanting to leave the bookstore. That's why book-and-bed hotels are the ultimate must-visit hotels in Tokyo for you. These hotels are designed to feel like a bookstore, with shelves lined full of books and cosy reading spots. You can read all night long, and you can read as many books as your heart desires!   8) Ryokan Hotels Picture Credit -   Where? Sukero No Yado, Ryokan Sawanoya, Andon Ryokan, etc.   Ryokan is a traditional Japanese inn that is decorated with all the authentic accents of a Japanese home. The most common features of a Ryokan inn is the classic futon that is rolled out on tatami mat floors. Other decorations are also kept minimal, keeping it in line with traditional Japanese styles. Many of the Ryokan places also offer cultural experiences such as old-fashioned Japanese entertainment, geisha dancing courses, karaoke, and Japanese party games. Unfortunately, these types of hotels appear to be quite rare these days, so grab the chance while you can!   9) Art Hotels   Where? Park Hotel Tokyo, BnA Hotel, Shinjuku Granbell Hotel, etc.   Some of the best hotels in Tokyo are designed using amazing pieces of art. The amazing thing is that these hotels do not focus on famous names alone but on the art itself. These hotels are dedicated to promoting up-and-coming artists from all around Japan and Asia. Park Hotel Tokyo even had an interesting approach: they invited artists to stay in the rooms themselves and design art to alter the design of the room. ...

  • 5 Halal-friendly Ramen Restaurants to Dine in Japan

      Japan is a beautiful nation known for giving its visitors a long list of things to enjoy while on holiday. Among these, locating the top Halal friendly Ramen places in Japan is something that should come on top of every Muslim traveler's list. You probably have already heard of this traditional Japanese dish made of chewy wheat noodles, soaked in a savory broth, mixed with various cooked meat and fresh vegetables. Since this is a popular pick among Japanese food lovers, it has resulted in many restaurants serving their own versions of Ramen popping up in different parts of the world. But if you want to enjoy this dish in its original form, you should definitely embark on a journey to find Halal Ramen in Japan.   As always, HalalTrip has put together a list of must-Go Halal restaurants in Japan to make sure your holiday is Halal friendly. Read on to take a look at our top picks of where to find Muslim-friendly food in Japan, most importantly Muslim-friendly ramen!     Credits -   1) Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka   In the busy city of Tokyo, you would find one of the must-Go Halal restaurants in Japan, Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka. As the name implies the restaurant is famous for serving up delicious varieties of Muslim-friendly ramen. If you want to eat Ramen like the locals do, once you are done with the noodles, blend the remaining broth with rice and enjoy every bit of this mouthwatering dish. You can find this restaurant at 1-11-7, Shinjuku, Tokyo, 160-0022 Japan, which is quite close to the Shinjuku Gyoen Park. The place is quite small, so you might want to go early or make a reservation so you can beat the large crowds that are drawn to the location.   Click here for more information about Shinjuku Gyoen Ramen Ouka   2) Naritaya   Naritaya is one of the top Halal friendly Ramen places in Japan that is committed to keeping the traditional ramen recipes alive. They promise the best quality and taste by using only the very best natural ingredients free from artificial additives. In addition to this, they make their own noodles out of high-quality organic flour. While this may cause their prices to be slightly high, rest assured you are investing in the most healthy option. All you Japanese food lovers will have no qualms in locating Halal restaurants in Japan because there are Naritaya shops in Asakusa, Toyko; Sendai, Miyagi and Rinka-cho, Kyōto. Click here for more information about Naritaya   3) Nikkoken   If your travels take you to Tochigi and you are trying to find Halal restaurants in Japan, you should definitely try Nikkoken, located in front of the Sano station. The restaurant is more famous for their gyouza that can be found at other restaurants too. Here, you can also find some great miso ramen.Click here for more information about Nikkoken   4) Restaurants in Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum Picture Credit - Ramen is such a popular dish; it even has its own dedicated Museum! Located in Shinyokohama, Kohoku Ward, Yokohama, Kanagawa you can visit the museum and learn about the history of this amazing dish. Within the premises, there are a number of ramen shops to choose from. Ramen shops like Ryu Shanghai Honten, Muku Zweite, Komurasaki, Shina Soba-ya, and Nidai-me Genkotsu-ya have vegetarian and non-pork menus and are therefore great places to enjoy Muslim-friendly ramen. Click here for more information about Restaurants in Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum   5) Naramachi Jinniyah   Naramachi Jinniyah is one of the top Halal friendly Ramen places in Japan that opened quite recently in the Naramachi Shopping Centre. This is one of the must-Go Halal restaurants in Japan because it serves delicious varieties of Muslim-friendly ramen including Ramen Jin, Ramen Jinniyah, and Ramen Naramachisou. The restaurant has also been beautifully designed with furniture made of Nara cedar wood, to complement the traditional architecture of the 90-year-old building. Their menu is also quite reasonably priced so it’s a great place to visit anytime you get hungry.   Now that you know where you can enjoy a great dish of Ramen with your friends and family, take a look at our great travel packages to Japan so you can make your dream holiday to this part of the world a reality.Click here for more information about Naramachi Jinniyah ...

  • 6 Of The Most Beautiful Gardens in Japan

    When you travel to Japan, spending time exploring the many beautiful Japanese Gardens is definitely not to be missed. The design of Japanese gardens is treated as a form of art that has been practiced for over 1000 years. This has led to many different styles of gardens evolving and each of it displays its own unique form of beauty. We have put together a list of some of the most famous Japanese gardens in Japan which are also some of the best Japanese gardens in the world for you to include in your tour of this beautiful country.     Credits -     1) Kenroku-en   Situated in Kanazawa, the Kenroku-en is one of the three most famous Japanese gardens in Japan also known as the ‘Three Great Gardens of Japan’. This garden plays a unique role in the history of the country as it was built for the enjoyment of feudal lords. The garden looks like it is made of a collection of gardens and features the oldest fountain of the country, stone bridges, beautiful streams and ponds and stone bridges. It is also known to be one of the most private gardens making it ideal to enjoy a peaceful stroll in the midst of natural beauty. Click here for more information about Kenroku-en   2) Koraku-en   Also one of the three most famous Japanese gardens in Japan, you should consider visiting Koraku-en if you are anywhere near Okayama. Located very close to the Okayama Castle and bordering the Aashi River, the splendid view makes it one of the best Japanese gardens in the world. Enjoy this amazing serenity with your family, friends, or loved ones.  Click here for more information about Koraku-en   3) Kairaku-en   The third of the ‘Three Great Gardens of Japan’ is the Kairaku-en garden located in Mito, Japan. This beautiful garden, established in 1841, is the latest addition to these three most famous Japanese gardens in Japan and has been always opened to the public. Designed under the theme of "a garden to enjoy with people", it is one of the Japanese gardens that paved the way to the concept of development of public parks. Be sure to give this garden a visit during the plum blossom season, which is said to be the best time throughout the year. And of course, bring your family or friends along to witness the beauty of Kairaku-en with people. Click here for more information about Kairaku-en   4) Adachi Museum of Art   This garden has received quite a lot of attention and acclamation as one of the best Japanese gardens in the world in various gardening magazines time and time again. To live up to its name as one of the most beautiful Japanese gardens, the garden is highly maintained - which is why it is so breathtakingly beautiful all year round. This garden is not to be missed as not only will you get to enjoy the beauty of this exquisite gardening masterpiece, you could even visit the museum to witness its valuable art collection.Click here for more information about Adachi Museum of Art   5) Ryoan-ji Temple   We highly recommend you visit the Ryoan-ji Temple in Kyoto, which features one of the most serene gardens in Japan. Founded in 1450, the garden stands out as the most famous Zen garden or stone garden. Due to the immense value the garden holds, the site has also received recognition as a UNESCO world heritage site. So, when you're in Kyoto, be sure to give Ryoan-ji Temple a visit to witness this culturally rich beauty! Click here for more information about Ryoan-ji Temple   6) Byodo-in Temple   Joining the list of beautiful Japanese Gardens is the Byodo-in Temple located in Uji - dubbed the Land of Happiness featuring unique architecture. The Byodo-in Temple is also popular among Japanese gardens for being one of the best surviving examples of the Buddhist Pure Land architecture. Also located in the garden is the Phoenix Hall - the main temple of the garden - which is a famous attraction not to be missed. You can even catch a glimpse of this temple on the Japanese 10 yen coin.Click here for more information about Byodo-in Temple ...

  • 10 Main Shopping Enclaves in Shibuya - Japan!

    Shibuya is known for its shopping and entertainment, but with so many stores, it’s hard to know where to start. That is why you need our Muslim-friendly guide to the best shopping places in Shibuya, Tokyo. The coolest thing about Shibuya (besides all those shops, of course) is that since the entire shopping area is located within walking distance of both Shibuya and Harajuku stations, there are auto lockers available in the district to keep your bags. That’s right, you don’t have to actually shop till you drop because your arms won’t be weighing you down as much! Here is our guide to the must-go shops in Shibuya:   1) Shibuya 109   Shibuya 109 is a fashion paradise. If you are a young fashionista who always keeps up with the trends, this is the place for you. With fashion always evolving, Shibuya 109 works on a system which only the latest trends can be found here. So if this is not your first visit, don’t expect to see the same stores as before. The shopping centre also offers free wifi, and tourist discounts for those with passports, so make sure that you have yours on you!   2) Kiddy Land   Wondering what to get the kids from Japan? Wonder no more because Kiddy Land is the answer! This 4-storey shopping complex caters to kids of all ages, and every taste. They sell anime, international action figures, soft toys, board games and educational games, as well as drones, robots and remote control toys. Whether you are looking to keep your child occupied for a while, or the perfect present, or even just to feel like a kid yourself, be sure to drop in here!   3) Tokyu Hands   Tokyu Hands is one of the top places to shop in Shibuya as it is an exclusively Made in Japan store. It may be hard to place Tokyu Hands into a specific retail genre, but it is generally known as the DIY local craft store. If stationery is one of your loves, you know you cannot miss this place, but they offer much more than that. Home décor items, beauty products, travel goods, and more, on top of crafting tools and interesting stationery. A great place for souvenir shopping too!   4) Don Quijote   Don Quijote is a very hard to miss building with its black and yellow logo, and one of the most popular discount stores in Japan. With constant deals, and stores packed with merchandise from the ground up, being in Don Quijote (fondly known as Donki) is a bit like being on a treasure hunt. If your gift budget is limited, this is a must-stop shop for food, electronics, toys, make up and beauty products, fashion accessories and shoes, home décor, stationery, and more.   5) Shibuya Mark City   Shibuya Mark City is directly connected to the JR Shibuya station which makes it a very convenient spot for those passing through. The usual women’s fashion stores are available, as well as restaurants if you want to grab a quick bite.   6) Seibu Department Store   If you need a good reason to go to Seibu Department Store, we can give you ten. The ten floors in this department store make it a one-stop shop for clothes. The building is conveniently divided into two wings – one for women’s clothes stores, and the other for men’s and children’s.   7) Centre Gai   Centre Gai has a street shopping vibe, with buildings hosting stores on the top floors too. They are open for almost 24 hours, and you can find anything from fashion to fast food. Since it is a touristy spot, most of the sales people are English speaking – always a bonus!   8) Aoyama Area   Aoyama Area has stores that are unique to that area, in addition to cozy coffee shops and bookstores, making it the perfect place to spend a few hours shopping, and then treating yourself by relaxing afterwards.   9) BIC Camera   BIC Camera is an electronic goods store where you can find the latest gadgets. Whether you are a tech-geek or not (and who isn’t these days?), you will want to stop here to see what Japan has in terms of technology.   10) Franc Franc   Lastly, but definitely not the least, is Franc Franc – a store that specialises in household items. Every home owner’s dream, this store has seasonal sales and great discounts happening occasionally, so be sure to drop in and check them out!   This is by no means a comprehensive list, and there is SO much more to explore. Take a few hours (or more) discovering the great shopping zone that is Shibuya, and do let us know what some of the best shopping in Shibuya was for you!   Click here for a Muslim-friendly city guide to Tokyo! ...

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