Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia, located in Brazil and is the third largest city in the country. It is home to the longest stretch of coastline in Brazil and is known to be one of the friendliest cities in the country. A 100m cliff runs...more

Salvador, Brazil



Salvador is the capital of the state of Bahia, located in Brazil and is the third largest city in the country. It is home to the longest stretch of coastline in Brazil and is known to be one of the friendliest cities in the country. A 100m cliff runs along the entire bayshore dividing the city into two, Cidada Alta is up on the cliff while Cidada Baixa is down by the bay.  This northeastern city is one of the most culturally diverse cities in Brazil, with a mix of Portuguese, African and Indian cultures all melded together to create one of the most colorful and culturally diverse cities in Brazil. Salvador has a tropical climate and is home to lush vegetation and rainforests. The city is famed for its popular carnival celebration, however it also has other attractions and activities that tourists could enjoy, with beautiful sandy beaches, colonial architecture, parks, museums and some amazing shopping, the city captivates travelers with how much it has to offer. Salvador is home to a small population of Muslims, mainly consisting of Salvadorians and reverts, thus Muslims traveling to the city will be able to find a few Muslim friendly facilities when they visit. Those visiting Brazil should not miss Salvador as it is a must visit destination in the country.

A good way to get to know Salvador would be to visit Largo do Pelourinho, Salvador’s restored Colonial Square which is the epicenter of Brazilian culture and  a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Pelourinho is a charming old town situated in the Cidada Alta, up on the cliff, part of Salvador. This part of the city with its winding cobblestone streets, colorful buildings and Bahian vendors, is packed with colonial architecture, historical sites, restaurants and artisan shops making it popular among most tourists. The other part of Salvador, Cidada Baixa which is down by the bay is the city’s commercial center. Visitors to the city should not miss the Elevador Lacerda which is an elevator that connects the upper city to the lower city. Although passengers might have to stand in line for their turn it is usually a short wait as it travels 70 meters within 20 seconds and the magnificent view at the top is worth it. Elevador Lacerda is an art déco masterpiece and one of the tallest public elevators in the world as well as being the largest landmark of Salvador.

The city is also home to some exceptionally beautiful beaches popular among tourists as well as locals. The beaches of La Libertad are popular with surfers while Porto da Barra is more suitable for those traveling with the family. Tourist could also visit its parks; the city is home to four parks, Jardim dos Namorados, Costa Azul Park, Park of the City and park of Pituacu. For those interested in visiting the museums of Salvador, the city has numerous museums; Museo de Arte de El Salvador is a must visit.

Shopping in Salvador is a bargain hunter’s paradise; there is nothing that you cannot find in a mall.The city is served by many shopping malls, Iguatemi São Paulo, Salvador shopping, Shopping Barra and Shopping Paralela. However if those visiting are looking to buy popular art, crafts and clothing, they can visit the small stores at the Old Town or head to the Mercado Modelo.  

Nearby Airports

The closest major airport to Salvador is Deputado Luis Eduardo Magalhães International Airport. This airport is located 27 kilometres from the center of Salvador and has an international and domestic terminal.  Tourists could use the bus shuttle service or hire a taxi to get to the airport.

Halal Restaurants

Halal restaurants in Salvador are hard to find as the city is home to only a small Muslim population. Muslim tourist could make inquiries at the mosques regarding halal food.  Muslims also have the option of dining at some of the seafood or vegetarian restaurant located in the city. Salvador is known for its amazing seafood however Muslim tourist will have to make sure that it is completely halal and that non halal ingredients are not added in the dish.  Health Valley Brazil, Manjericao, Saude na Panela, are some of the vegetarian restaurants Muslim tourists could dine at. Muslim tourist should know that some of these restaurants may serve alcohol.


The city of Salvador has a couple of mosques that Muslim travelers as well as the locals could use when needed. Islamic Cultural Center of Bahia and Arab Islamic Cultural Beneficient Center are the mosques in Salvador.

Things to Do and See in Salvador

  • Coatepeque Caldera
  • Lake llopango
  • El Boqueron National Park
  • Casa Bianca, El Salvadore
  • Casa Presidencial
  • National Palace
  • Museo de Arte MARTE
  • Elevador Lacerda
  • Porto da Barra  
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