Dehiwala-Mount Lavinia

  • 4 Great Places for Halal High-Tea in Colombo

    Staying true to its colonial charm Colombo is home to quite a number of establishments that offer high tea. Therefore if you are looking for some of the best places to have afternoon tea in Colombo, Sri...

  • Is Pizza Hut Halal? Your Guide to Halal Pizza Hut Restaurants

    Halal Pizza Hut outlets can be quite easy to find in some countries. Pizza Hut has been a major food chain for a long time and has gained popularity worldwide with their pizza, pasta and snacks as well....

  • 5 Places to Get Halal Biryani in Sri Lanka

    Halal biryani in Sri Lanka is a must-try if traveling in the Indian subcontinent. Even though it is taken from Indian cuisine, it is such a popular Sri Lankan dish that it is seen at weddings, festivals,...

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