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  • 9 Instagrammable Destinations That Wouldn't Break Your Bank (Hopefully!)

    Traveling is undeniably one of the most beautiful pleasures of life. Taking great pics, tasting amazing food, checking out clothing outlets, discovering new cultures and communities. It has so much to offer to you. However, when you're a student, you can't always afford expensive destinations and vacations. Hit the summer holiday spots with low budget destinations that will definitely make their way to your Instagram feed. Ready? Set? Hashtag! 1. Fez, Morocco A true tale of the Mille et Une Nuits. Delve into the history and culture of this Moroccan city that vibes through colors and exquisite gastronomy. Fez promises to embark you on a delightful journey of discovery of the architecture of the Royal Palace of Fez the Andalusian Mosque along with some incredible views and restaurants around. For those who love wooden art, the Nejjarine wooden arts and crafts will surely delight them with the lustrous oriental lampshades. If you're looking forward to a mesmerizing oriental holiday, look no more! Fez is what you need. With incredibly breathtaking views, you're sure to keep your Instagram feed at the top. 2. Vietnam Let the beauty and gastronomy of Vietnam seduce you with its flavors and colors that will leave you asking for more. Being budget-friendly, Vietnam offers relatively cheap accommodations and breathtaking sights to its visitors and is slowly making its way through the list of known holiday spots. You will get to discover the local life and culture for a cheap price while enjoying street food. Lose yourself into the history of this country that so much to offer in terms of culture and sights. 3. Croatia After the world cup, time to discover the country of the Croatian team. Lose yourself into the splendorous views and beaches with fine sand. Let the rustic charm of the country steal your heart, and discover Croatia's history through its fortresses dating back from the medieval times. Art and culture lovers will definitely find their bliss in the history of architecture of Croatia, with old churches and builds which have been made in Renaissance and Gothic style. And if you're keen for some unique outdoor experience, then hiking in the mountains of Croatia are a must. 4. Bulgaria From ancient ruins to great nature spots, Bulgaria is a unique mixture of the old and modern world, combining colors, architecture, and history through its monuments, edifices, and food. Enjoy exceptional views and food at a relatively low price, while relaxing at the sound of waves or skiing your way down the mountains. Bulgaria will definitely lure history lovers with its great number of museums and artifacts preciously conserved. And if you want something really dramatic to show your followers on Instagram, make sure to check out the Plovdiv Roman stadium. 5. Barcelona, Spain Let Barcelona take you into a mystical ride in history, culture, and architecture. Discover one of the most breathtaking cities which is home to a number of prestigious museums and alluring Medieval and Catalan Gothic architecture. and you would certainly not want to miss the Santa Caterina Market. the busiest market in Barcelona. As for art lovers, the Picasso Museum is a must-visit attraction with more than 3,500 artworks under its roof. 6. Peru Picture Credit: Nicola Tröhler on Unsplash Leave the world behind and travel back in time to the glorious days of the Inca civilization. Peru offers you jaw-dropping sights and a vibrant nature that will make you want to go on an adventure. Its valleys, canyons, and ruins promise to give you great picture spots while its forests will put you under a spell. If you're looking for some adventure and great Instagram adventures to share, look no more! Peru is what you need. 7. The Cook Islands Picture Credit: Tourism Cook Islands A well known relaxing spot by Rugby players, the Cook Islands is a vestige of wild nature that will make your summer holidays an incredible experience. Having the "world's most beautiful lagoon", the Cook Islands will charm you with astounding beaches and tropical climate. However, the beauty of this small yet charming island doesn't stop its views and beaches. Its diversified gastronomy with fruits and seafood will surely leave food lovers speechless. Fresh food and lots of good stuff await for you on The Cook Islands. Just don't forget to hashtag everybody in! 8. Naples, Italy Picture Credit: Mi O My Italy When you think of Italy, you might think of expensive Italian restaurants or accessories, but, you'd be stunned to know that Naples can make you experience all the beauty of Italy at a low budget. Being one of the oldest cities in Europe, Naples is full of cultural sights, seaside castles, and ruins that will intrigue you. Also, you'll be able to enjoy pizzas at a quite low cost while feasting your eyes with the magnificent view of the Bay of Naples. 9. Uzbekistan If you're tired of the daily hustle and bustle, and you're looking for some relaxing time, then Uzbekistan is the right place to spend your next holidays. The country is an extraordinary blend of cultures and offers to its visitors a panorama of cultures and gastronomy that will definitely satisfy your craving. Uzbekistan will surely surprise you with its splendid museums, Masjids, and architecture. You wouldn't want to miss a selfie near the Registan, would you? Stay at the top of the Instagram posts with some unique pictures and stories from those unique and low budget places that will definitely make others wonder. Book your flight, pack your bag and take your camera. Adventure awaits....

  • HalalTrip Picks! Top 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites

    How many UNESCO World Heritage Sites have you visited? The Sydney Opera House, the Great Wall of China, the pyramids in Egypt - all historic landmarks that are associated with their country's cultural and physical significance, and it is based on these traits that a UNESCO World Heritage Site is chosen. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee maintains a list of over 900 declared UNESCO Sites as of 2011 that cover a range of monuments, cities and natural reserves among them. After a lot of deliberation and haggling between the writers, we finally picked our top 5 choices for must-visit UNESCO World Heritage sites! 5. Central Amazon Conservation Complex, South America We couldn't compile a list of amazing UNESCO World Heritage Sites without including the breathtaking Amazon Conservation Complex! Impressive forests, lakes, rivers, and islands all comprise the Central Amazon Conservation Complex. Having unparalleled biodiversity, the Amazon Rainforest is home to the largest collection of living plants and animal species in the world. One square kilometer of the rainforest is said to contain over a thousand types of trees, and in general, the Amazon has over tens of thousands of plant species. There are approximately 800 different species of mammals in the Amazon Rainforest but some of the more uncommon mammals include the Jaguar, the Ocelot, and the Monk Saki. The Amazon Basin is the second longest river in the world and accounts for about 20% of water carried to oceans from regions. Did you know that one in ten known species in the world lives in the Amazon Rainforest? 4. Pompeii, Italy A rich history, mouthwatering cuisine, and an entire city buried for over 1,500 years - we HAD to include Pompeii in our picks! Lost for over 1500 years and rediscovered in 1749, buried beneath ash and pumice, the city of Pompeii provides an insight into life at the height of the Roman Empire that is unsurpassed. One of the most popular tourist attractions of Italy, Pompeii is a city that was buried after a devastating eruption of the volcano Mount Vesuvius. Remnants of the lifestyle that was led are visible in the plaster casts that can be found throughout the city: casts of people, domestic animals and architectural structures being among them. A large number of artifacts from Pompeii can be found in the Naples National Archaeological Museum. Did you know that when Mount Vesuvius erupted, the inhabitants of Pompeii did not know that it was a volcano since it hadn't erupted in 1,800 years? 3. Giant's Causeway, Northern Ireland 40,000 massive columns protruding from the sea? This is definitely a UNESCO World Heritage Site worth mentioning! The result of a volcanic eruption, 40,000 interlocking basalt columns can be found in Bushmills, Northern Ireland. Originally part of a great volcanic plateau, the columns are hexagonal in shape and are about 12 meters high at the tallest. There are many legends surrounding Giant's Causeway, including one of an Irish warrior who tricked a nemesis into believing he was a giant by dressing himself as a baby, leaving the nemesis to wonder that if the baby is so large than the father must surely be gargantuan. The nemesis had supposedly torn up the causeway to be sure that the warrior wouldn't follow him as he fled back home. Did you know that the thickest column in Giant's Causeway is up to 90 feet wide? 2. Ancient City of Ping Yao, China An ancient city in China, Ping Yao is a dream for travelers looking to experience culture, art, and history. Listing this was undisputable! In the late Ming and Qing Dynasties, Ping Yao was the most important trading and financial center in China. It was home to China's first commercial banks and was even the location of the first checks/ bank drafts that were issued (in China). Displaying some of the most well-preserved Han architecture in the whole of China, the city has the best-maintained city wall with a perimeter of approximately 6,000 meters. Many of the structures on the major streets of Ping Yao display detailed architectural masterpieces with a clarity unbeknownst to other ancient cities. Did you know that bicycles are still the main means of transportation in Ping Yao as vehicles are restricted in the ancient city? And, Number 1 on HalalTrip's picks of UNESCO World Heritage Sites is... 1. The Taj Mahal, India Built by an emperor in memory of his wife, the Taj Mahal is a symbol of eternal love that is a must-visit...or that's what we think. When his third wife, Mumtaz Mahal, died during childbirth, the Mughal Emperor, Shah Jahan was extremely devastated and grief-stricken. In honor of her memory, he decided on building a mausoleum which now holds the sarcophagi of both Mumtaz and Shah Jahan. Over 20,000 laborers and 1,000 elephants were utilized during construction, and materials were transported from around the world to aid its completion. Comprising the tomb, the gardens and the outlying buildings, each part of the Taj Mahal concluded construction at various times and took approximately 22 years. One of the best features of the Taj Mahal is the exterior decoration of the tomb which is covered with passages of the Quran that have been carved into the outer walls. Did you know that an identical Taj Mahal was supposed to be built in black marble instead of white? The base of it can still be seen across the river from the tomb. Well, these are HalalTrip's picks of Top 5 UNESCO World Heritage Sites! We started in the Amazon in South America and ended in the Taj Mahal in India. There are over 900 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and they are all unique and beautiful in their own way so if you get a chance to explore any of them, take it. ...

  • Where can you find Halal Food and Mosques in Kagoshima?

    Kagoshima is called many things - the “Naples of the Eastern World”, the “Southern Gateway to Japan”, and even the “Hawaii of Japan”. The capital of the Kagoshima Prefecture is known for its pleasant climate, friendly locals, and the Sakurajima Volcano. Most people don’t think of Japan as Muslim-friendly, but the Japanese are more welcoming to Muslim than many realise. This is proven by the availability of separate rooms at hot spring baths; amongst other gestures. The Islamic Centres of Kagoshima and Satsuma (SICC and KICC) aim to unify the incredibly diverse Muslim community, improve their services, and connect better with interfaith communities. There is an array of ethnicities, races and cultures within the Muslim community, including South Asians, Arabs, Turks, Japanese, Chinese, Africans, Caucasians and more.   Where to pray? Prayer room at Kagoshima International Airport: Along with Halal food, one of the accommodations that needed to be made were that of accessible prayer areas, the most important one being at the airport - a tourist’s gateway to and from Kagoshima. With increasing number of Muslim tourists, the government of Kagoshima has complied, and Muslims will be able to find prayer facilities in Kagoshima. The prayer room at Kagoshima International Airport makes the lives of traveling Muslims that much easier. Prayer room at the Kagoshima University: The university prayer room attracted nearly a hundred students in 2014, because of which, the Kagoshima Islamic Culture Centre (KICC) decided to build a mosque. Prayer room at Shiroyama Kanko Hotel: The upscale hot spring hotel in a modern brick building which provides guests with comfortable rooms and amenities, also has a prayer room. Located a ten minute cab ride away from Kagoshima-Chuo Station and overlooking Sakurajima, it is a convenient location to take a prayer break. You could also pray at the Kagoshima Islamic Culture Centre, as well as at a restaurant called Kakuida Fukuyama Kurozu.   Where to eat? The options of Halal food in Kagoshima is limited, but it is not impossible to find. Some restaurants do serve vegetarian, so when in doubt, always go vegetarian! Places like A-Price in Jounan-Chuo, Akebono Kishaba shop, and Gyoumu Super fulfil your Halal needs.  Recently opened in September 2015, is the increasingly popular Rajpoot Halal Foods and Spices. Located next to the Kagoshima Masjid, it is a very convenient stop, and a much-loved venture, for the Muslims in Kagoshima. Featuring Indian and Middle Eastern groceries, Halal meat, snacks and spices, this grocery store is rightly favoured in the Muslim community. Jah Kebab is a Turkish restaurant that serves Halal meat, while Samurai Ramen has vegetarian options. Remember to make sure your dish is free of alcohol when eating out, as it is common among Japanese cuisine, even in the soy sauce. Seafood is popular in the cuisine too, with a lot of sashimi and sushi amid a plethora of others, but sake, mirin, and wine are typical ingredients in the dishes, so watch out!   Japan has become more open to the world and the Islamic society, which is evident in its diverse Muslim community and the small steps they have taken to accommodate the needs of this religious minority.     Click here for more travel information and trip ideas on Kagoshima City ...

  • A Muslim Traveler’s Guide to Italy: Halal Food in Rome, Venice, Milan and Florence

    A Muslim traveler’s guide for Italy, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, which is located in Southern Europe. It is home to numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites, world renowned monuments, trendy boutiques and stores, a beautiful coast, mountains and lakes, museums and galleries, fascinating culture and traditions, several family-friendly attractions and some of the most popular food dishes in the world. Italy offers so much to see and do; it will definitely be difficult for tourists to pick only a limited number of places to visit. The country is also world-renowned for its unique boot-like shape. Rome, Milan, Venice, Florence, Naples, Verona, Turin, Bologna, Palermo and Genoa are some of Italy’s most well known cities. Muslim visitors should be aware that even though there is a Muslim population in the country; finding Muslim-friendly facilities and Halal food in Italy will not be as easy. Some of the major cities in Italy have both mosques and Halal restaurants, for example you can certainly find Halal food in Rome and Venice. Although, Muslim tourists must still make sure the restaurants that claim to be Halal are either certified or Muslim-owned. They must also be aware that most of these restaurants will serve alcohol. Since pizza and pasta are two of the most popular forms of Italian food, tourists must make it a point to try out both the dishes wherever they go in Italy. The taste of the dishes tends to vary from place to place, so visitors are sure to experience something unique every time.   Rome Rome serves as Italy’s capital and is packed to the brim with stunning palaces, grand Roman monuments, archaeological and artistic treasures and world renowned landmarks. While here, tourists must make it a point to visit the Colosseum, the Pantheon, Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Roman Forum, Piazza Navona and the National Museum of Rome. The city also houses the Mosque of Rome which is said to be one of Europe’s largest mosques. Halal food in Rome is available at select Halal restaurants. If unable to locate them, Muslim tourists can make inquiries at the mosque. Halal food in Rome Source: Flickr   There are many kebab stalls as well as Halal restaurants in Rome! Peri Peri Halal Grill is a popular Halal restaurant which serves a wide range of Salads and even Biryanis. Another hidden gem is La Via della Seta, a Middle Eastern restaurant with the best tabouleh and falafel sandwiches. Plus, when in Italy, you definitely have to go try some gelato! A raved place is Gelateria La Dolce Vita, which is Muslim-friendly and vegan-friendly. Make sure to ask the staff for the non-alcoholic flavours!   Milan Milan is said to be one of the world's most notable fashion capitals and is also the most important centre of trade and business in Italy. Although it is a shopaholic’s paradise, there is so much more to do in Milan than just that! Piazza del Duomo, Palazzo Reale, Castello Sforzesco and Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II are just a couple of must-visit attractions in Milan. Muslim tourists will be able to find a few mosques in Milan to offer their prayers at. The Mosque of Segrate and Moschea Mariam serve the local community as well as tourists. Halal food in Milan is also available through quite a number of Halal restaurants.     Halal food in Milan Source: Flickr Other than the swarm of Halal Indian and Middle Eastern restaurants, try authentic Italian food! there are many Muslim-friendly restaurants waiting for you such as Kashmir which offers a Halal menu. Do take note most Halal Italian restaurants also serve alcohol in the premises.   Venice Italy is also home to what is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world – Venice. The city is built on a lagoon and is listed in its entirety as a World Heritage Site. It is celebrated for its art and architecture, and rich cultural heritage. Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, Rialto Markets, the island of Murano and Doge's Palace are just a few of its numerous popular sites that you should definitely visit.  Also a must is a gondola ride through the network of canals in the city. It is a great way to explore Venice’s most renowned buildings and bridges. Centro Islamico di Venezia is one of the known mosques in Venice. Halal food in Venice can be found at a few restaurants in the city centre, as well as ones in the outskirts of the city.   Halal food in Venice There are limited Halal restaurants in Venice but you can find Halal kebab places in Venice as well as Pakistani food. It is also a good idea to try vegetarian places but of course ask the restaurant staff about the ingredients used.   Florence Florence is another popular city in Italy and is said to be one of the most important Renaissance architectural and art centers. It is home to a collection of fascinating museums, gardens and palaces, among other things. Palazzo Pitti, Boboli Gardens, Loggia del Mercato Nuovo, Ponte Vecchio, the Piazzale Michelangelo, Palazzo Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria are some of its famous attractions. The city is home to a sizeable Muslim population which means that Muslim tourists will be able to find mosques and Halal restaurants in Florence.   Halal food in Florence There is a number of Halal restaurants in Florence, with majority being Indian and Middle Eastern. A notable restaurant is Haveli Indian Restaurant, that has one of the best chicken vindaloo, dal and kebab. Other cities that also offer Muslim-friendly facilities include Palermo, Turin, Ravenna and Genoa. Note that Halal food in Italy is certainly available if you know where to go. Download the HalalTrip App to find nearby Halal Food and Mosques while travelling. Contact us here to find out about our travel packages to Italy and more information about Italy! ....

  • Travelling in Italy

    The fashion capital of the world - Italy - enthrals visitors with exquisite cuisine, endless culture and years of history. Travelling in Italy will expose visitors to a plethora of breathtaking sights and unforgettable experiences. A few famous destinations in Italy have been listed below, with details on what each destination can offer to Muslim travellers. 1) Rome Rome needs no introduction for its prominence in ancient world history. The capital city of the country offers a wealth of world-renowned historic sites such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum, as well as several other attractions such as the National Etruscan Museum, Museo Capitolino, Villa Borghese, Galleria Borghese, Piazza Navona, Piazza Del Popolo and the Seven Hills of Rome. Rome offers a number of Halal facilities to Muslim travellers including several Halal restaurants that serve delectable Italian and local cuisine. Popular Halal restaurants in Rome include Luna Caprese, Super Pizza Allam Fayez, Himalaya's Kashmir, King Pizza and Jamuna. Rome is also home to many mosques, including the Mosque of Rome - which is the largest mosque in Europe. The Rome Muslim Center, Masjid-e-Rome, Quba Mosque and Masjid Al Rahman are also available for Muslim travellers. Click here for a Muslim-friendly city guide to Rome. 2) Venice Venice is famed for its enchanting romantic ambience and fascinating historic attractions. All transport in the city is done via a delightful network of waterways spread across Venice, making it the world's sole pedestrian city. Visitors could check out famous attractions in the city such as Doge's Palace, the Clock tower, Rialto market and Bridge and the Zattere. Venice offers a fair share of Halal restaurants serving both local and international delicacies. Pizza e Poi, SKK Shock Kebab Italy, San Polo Kebab and Doner Kebab are amongst the notable Halal restaurants in the city. Two main mosques are also available in the city - Al-Rahma Mosque and Venezia Centro Islamico.   Click here for a Muslim-friendly city guide to Venice. 3) Milan Immensely popular amongst fashion-enthusiasts and art-lovers, Milan offers a tasteful mingling of history and modern life. In addition to popular iconic attractions such as the Porta Romana and the Castello Sforzesco, Milan offers numbers of museums, amongst which the Pinacoteca di Brera, PoldiPezzoli Museum, CivicoMuseoArcheologico and the Natural Science Museum are arguably the most famous. The best Halal restaurants in Milan offer a variety of cuisine ranging from Italian to Middle Eastern to Turkish food, giving visitors a wide range of options to choose from. Well-known Halal restaurants include Aladino, Kashmire Restaurant, Ristorante Istanbul, Prince Kebab, Mevlana Doner Kebab, Imperator Kebap and The Original Felafel. A few mosques are also found in Milan; Masjid Milan and the Islamic Cultural Institute are perhaps the two most note-worthy locations.   Click here for a Muslim-friendly city guide to Milan. 4) Florence Florence has captivated visitors throughout the years with its breathtaking sights and surrounding serenity. The town center offers fascinating historic sites such as the Palazzo Vecchio and the Ponte Vecchio, in addition to a number of other places-of-interest in Florence including Santa Maria del Fiore, Giotto's Tower, Baptistery and the Palazzo Vecchio. Both local and international Halal cuisines will be available at numerous Halal restaurants across Florence, with Pak Halal Kebab, ZamZam Pizze & Kebab, Noor Doner Kebab and Mini Market being amongst the more popular spots. A few mosques are also located in Florence including the Comunita' Islamica Di Firenze E Toscana and the AssociazioneIslamica Di Firenze. Click here for a Muslim-friendly city guide to Florence.  Other popular destinations in Italy that are definitely worth-visiting include Naples, Verona, Palermo, Bologna, Sorrento and Pisa. There's something for everyone here. ...

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