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Masjid-e-Bilal Loureiro 19 Behind S.Bento Station, Batahlia Porto Portugal

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All prayers including formal jum'a

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  • Only Women Are Allowed Here: Spain's First Women-Only Hotel, Som Dona

    Image Credit: Som Hotels Attention women in Europe, your calls have been answered. The First women-only hotel opens in Mallorca and it's everything we deserve. Stunning, luxurious and men-free.Also Read: 11 Must-Visit Islamic Historical Sites In Spain via GIPHY  Until Som Dona Hotel it seemed only the Middle East was privy to having female only accomodation and hotels. With a huge diaspora and European born number of Muslims in Europe, it’s about time women be offered the option to holiday in an exclusively all female hotel. This hotel prioritises women clientele and women employers; it aims to employ women in traditionally male jobs, increasing female visibility and providing opportunities where other places may not.  “One of our objectives is also to give a certain visibility to women doing traditionally masculine jobs,” Capellá told Lonely Planet. There is a no-men policy which applies to visitors of this hotel. This signifies that there are no male guests. Unfortunately, it cannot be guaranteed that there are no male workers due to equality laws in employment, so if you observe Hijab, perhaps keep it around you.  Location Credit Image: Som Dona Hotel on Mail Online Som Dona Hotel is a little less than one hour drive from Palma de Mallorca Airport. Situated in Porto Cristo; a small town on the Eastern coast of the Island, Som Dona Hotel is in the perfect location between hustle and bustle and serenity.  Rooms Credit Image: Hotel Som Dona The rooms follow a clean palette of white, light wood, red and blush pink. Not too feminine but neither does it shy in being obvious that the rooms are made for females. This cosy feel is transported throughout the private rooms and the public lounging spaces in the hotel.Also Read: A Muslim’s Guide to Prayer Facilities in Stunning Spain Facilities Credit Image: John Tekeridis on Pexels Would it be a luxury experience if you didn’t have a spa? The hotel provides a variety of spa, well-being treatments. The choices available are de-stressing massages, aromatic experiences, facial treatments and body beauty processes.  Credit Image: Som Dona Hotel on Facebook There is also a Jacuzzi to relax the tension away and a grand beach-style pool that dominates the back of the hotel. The swimming pool is a beautiful pale colour which matches seamlessly with the tropical, Mallorcan vibe surrounding the pool. If swimming isn’t your thing then you can absorb the sun on the sunbeds from your balconies with a pool view or on the terrace.  Halal Travel  Credit Image: on Pexels Often most, it is daunting aspect for Muslim women to consider travelling. However, the nature of this hotel attempts to dispel these concerns and provide the utmost security and reassurance. A great option for those Mother-daughter bonding trips that could rack up some extra hasanat (blessings) for treating your Mother to such a luxurious trip. It could be a great location for female-only group, celebrating with the Henna before the big day.  The Future of Women's Travel Credit Image: Dennis Magati on Pexels  It’s incredibly exciting to consider the future of women's travel, when new innovative ideas pop-up with affordable pricing and unique ideas. This hotel will be the first of many to pop up around the world, as the general trend shows. Statistics show that 34% out of 10,500 women would be interested in flying solo. With increased measures of safety as well as luxury, the future of travel is boundless and its exciting for the women of today to be able to witness it. Also Read: Transport Guide: Ways to get around Spain by Air, Rail and Road via GIPHY So pack your bags and book Som Dona Hotel, Spain's first women-only hotel, ladies! You wouldn't want to miss out on this golden opportunity.  Address: Avinguda d’en Joan Servera Camps, 11 – 07680 Porto Cristo – Illes Balears Contact:+34 971 81 52 39 Price Range: €72.50 (£64) onwards Website | Facebook ...

  • 5 Young Muslim Entrepreneurs Who Will Inspire You

    The Muslim population around the world is estimated to be at around 1.8 Billion people. The Halal and Muslim market is a huge game changer. Today, we will be bringing you 5 young entrepreneurs, all unique and powerful in their own ways. All these entrepreneurs have started a business and successfully pushed it to have an inspiring impact on the Halal Market.Whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or want to learn something new, this list of people will definitely inspire you!   1) Aida Azlin- Founder of AA Credit: Aida Azlin WebsiteVision: “A writer, entrepreneur and a proud believer fiercely committed to serving you to become the best version of yourself."About the Founder: A Singaporean graduate from Nanyang Technological University’s school of Art, Design and Media. She was known for The Shawl Label which sold ethical shawls to serve women. The brand is currently closed but she is focusing on AA which has a similar purpose of serving the female ummah.Business: An online community for sisters made by sisters, the ethos of this company to offer the 160,000 global community support and inspiration through letter writing every Tuesdays. The love letters are written to empower and connect women. Most of the services are free and there is a promise to keep the female empowerment ad-free and sponsor free.  AA does sell courses and products in the shop part of the business in order to be able to sustain and keep aspects of the community free.How to find her: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YoutubeWebsite:   2) Mokhtar Alkhanshali- CEO of Port of Mokha Credit: Mokhtar Alkhanshali WebsiteVision: “This is an unlikely tale of survival and revival. Of guardian angels, narrow escapes. This is a story with a happy ending: the moment you get to experience coffee unlike anything you’ve ever had before.”About the Founder: Mokhtar Alkhanshali is a man of Yemeni descendent raised in San Francisco, who decided to introduce the San Franciso to ethical Yemeni coffee. He began his mission to find the intersection point between Yemeni coffee and San Franciscan Cafe’s. In essence coffee has become his life, he became certified Q grader from the Coffee Quality Institute and spent 3 years in Yemen searching for the best coffee farmers.Business: This business aims to revive the rich coffee history of Yemen, it doesn’t just aim to give the drinker amazing revitalizing coffee but it’s hopes that the ripple effects will improve lives (both the workers and consumers), help improve economies and bridge cultures despite distance. This coffee company is an open story book about real humans and culture with a long history and a bright future. It’s optimistic vision is to unite people over a cup of amazing coffee.How to find him: Facebook , TwitterWebsite:   3) Sonia Trehan- CEO and Co-Founder of RUH  Credit: @SoniRuh on TwitterVision: “The hype of the industry has always been off-putting for me, and I found myself seeking a brand that was grounded, multi-layered, and that I could engage with intellectually.”About the Founder: Sonia Trehan studied religion at Columbia University and she believes that this has heavily impacted her approach to fashion and her RUH collective. Sonia places great importance in letting the products attract the type of people who have the same outlook and approach to sentiments and life as her. She states beautifully, “We don't see community building as a cultivated activity, but as a natural consequence of the kind of brand we want to create.”Business: A women’s ready-to-wear brand that specialises in being unique and stylish. Rather than assimilating into the fast fashion market, RUH attempts to keep nostalgic and stylish aspects of clothing and lifestyle. A huge aspect of RUH is multi-layered privacy, human interactions and experiences. The careful and delicate approach and integrity means it permeates in all aspects of the business, from the design to the marketing.How to find her: LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Website   4) Omar Salha - Founder of Ramadhan Tent Project (RTP) Credit: @o_salha on TwitterVision: “Being volunteer-led by people from all backgrounds, Ramadan Tent Project is perfectly positioned to help your organisation or group make the most of the month of Ramadan. We are pleased to introduce a programme of seminars and talks to aid in your knowledge and understanding of the month of fasting, contemplation, revitalisation and prayer.”About the Founder: Omar Salha studied at SOAS University of London in Russel Square, a bustling spot in Central London. He is a MA graduate in ;Internationsal Studies and Diplomacy and also has a PhD in the study of ‘Integration of Muslims in British Society. He taught at SOAS university, Foundation of International Education and is Faculty Member for the Islamophobia Research and Documentation Project (IRDP) at the University of California in San Francisco, Berkeley USA.Business: RTP was founded in 2013 as a way to serve the youth in university fasting Ramadan alone. As well as to allow the wider community to gain awareness on Ramadan and Islam. Every night of Ramadan guests are fed free iftar, pray together and contemplate over interesting talks, lectures. Over the years RTP has increased in size and 2019 saw them host Iftars in iconic places around London like Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey in alliance with the House of Lords and many more places. Open Iftar has spread to over 4 continents and continues to be a growing initiative.How to find him: Twitter, Soas University, Website   5) Barjis Chohan - CEO and Founder of BarjisLondon Credit: Barjis Chohan on FacebookVision: “I want to create beautiful, sustainable work of the highest quality – which customers will treasure for life.” About the Founder: A graduate from the College of Fashion and Central St. Martins, Barjis has worked with the big names like Vivienne Westwood and since then has been paving the way and persevering as a public speaker, high-end rug designer, luxury fashion and so much more. Barjis Chohan proves that entrepreneurs do not need to follow the rules set by others. As well as a fashion designer and CEO, she is a Keynote Speaker, and the founder of the Barjis Initiative. This not-profit initiative provides support to the youngsters in London through knowledge, accessible tools and skills. It also creates a community of guidance for creative businesses.Business: This diverse business of high fashion and homeware merges multiculturalism, ethical practice, quality, modesty, integrity and innovation to ensure customers have full confidence in the brand and product. Undoubtedly bringing them back for more each-time. In an unusual but incredible attempt at defining themselves as unique, Barjis sells modest fashion, luxury silk scarves, hand made rugs (added into clients will’s) and cushions. All these pieces fuse the cultural stories of the East and West . Barjis speaks for itself appearing in London Fashion week, international magazines and winning recognisable awards such as (Mail on Sunday Designer in International Trade; Entrepreneur of the Year in London and 1st runner-up as Female Owned Business of the Year) How to find her: Facebook, Twitter, Website

  • Are You A Book Lover? You Have To Add These 6 Destinations To Your Bucket List Now!

    Jorge Luis Borges said it right, “I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.” A library is a whole universe full of magic, wonder, hope, and happiness. Books take you into a different realm and drown you in a fantasy land from which you can never recover. As a book lover myself, I can tell the immense joy I feel when I enter a library and search through the countless aisles for the perfect adventure I'd embark on. Now, you dear readers and bibliophiles, I've got something more special for you. Let me show you the top destinations you need to visit that will definitely live up to your expectations. Ready? Escape... El Ateneo Grand Splendid, Bueno Aires Picture Credit: Tematika Ranked as one of the most beautiful bookshops in the world, El Ateneo Grand Splendid was a theater back in the 1920s which have been converted to a bookshop in the year 2000. Home to art and literature, the setting will surely lure you and make you feel like you've jumped into some magical dimension. Book and Bed, Tokyo Picture Credit: BOOK and BED TOKYO Facebook What a better place to read a book than in bed, right? Well, Book and Bed in Tokyo will definitely swoon you with its cozy atmosphere and books. And the best part of it? Book and Bed allow you to stay up all night long to read and dream of impossible worlds and adventures. And now, in order to accommodate more people and books, Book and Bed have opened in Kyoto and Fukuoka. Trinity College, Dublin Picture Credit: Alex Block on Unsplash If you're among those who are curious and want to unlock every secret of the world, then the Trinity College Library is where you need to go. Delve into the antique world full of mysteries, manuscripts, and archives. Its baroque style and very The Trinity college library will definitely seduce you with its voluminous collection of books displayed in a 200 feet long corridor. Livraria Lello et Irmao, Porto Portugal Picture Credit: Livraria Lello Facebook Potter-heads behold! You will now enter into the magical world you've been earnestly dreaming about. Livraria Lello et Irmao is believed to have inspired J.K.Rowling in writing her most famous book. Ranked among the most beautiful bookshops , the architecture and setting of the bookshop have played a crucial role in shaping some aspects of the magical world of the young wizard. Its unique architecture and its crimson twisting staircase will definitely give you the Harry Potter feels. Shakespeare and Company, Paris Picture Credit: Shakespeare and Company Facebook If you're a fan of Hamlet or Romeo & Juliet, this is the place to be. Launched in the 1920's, it was a meeting place for American writers. It's now been converted into a bookshop full of classical English books. You will get to enjoy the coziness of a small bookshop while feasting your eyes from the writings of great authors. Café Pushkin, Moscow Picture Credit: Cafe Pushkin If you've ever dreamt to marry The Beast and have his library, we have the solution. And you won't have to marry The Beast. Café Pushkin in Moscow is a baroque style mansion which welcomes its visitors into a world full of books and antique features that will make you travel back in time. Enjoy a steamy cup of coffee while reading a good book and enjoying the cozy atmosphere. The world of books and libraries will never cease to amaze bibliophiles. Next time you want to go on holidays , make sure you drop by these places and satisfy your book craving while feasting your eyes and mind from the aisles full of books and ceiling decked with the most elaborate paintings. Who knows... You might be the next J.K Rowling. You simply need a little bit of inspiration (:...

  • 7 Tips to Reduce your Expenses in London

    London is by far one of the most coveted tourist destinations that is part of every traveller’s bucket list. But very often, many fear planning their holidays to this part of the world because London is also one of the most expensive cities in the world to visit. So, if you are planning on travelling to London for the first time you too might have reservations about the cost involved. That is why we have put together a few useful travel tips that will help you enjoy the perfect vacation in London on a budget. Read on to learn about the many cool cheap things to do in London and how to find cheap Halal food places in London which will allow you to enjoy the most affordable Muslim-friendly travel to London.   1. Pick the right time to travel Picture Credit - Most travellers who have mastered the art of globe-trotting even covering the most expensive destinations in the world have been able to do this; because they are smart about when they travel. While the holiday season might put you in the mood to travel the world you might want to plan your budget travel to London when you can get the best deals, especially during off-peak seasons. While pre-packaged holidays are great ways to share expenses and cut down on costs due to the numbers you can also look for deals when you plan your holidays independently as well. Airfares vary a great deal throughout the year so be on the lookout for when flights become cheap and plan your travel during this time. Such off-season discounts will significantly reduce your travel costs making your dream vacation to London a reality.   2. Look for budget accommodation options Picture Credit -   London is one of the most glamorous cities in the world, therefore it comes to no surprise that the typical hotels available are high-priced and also quite compact. But now with the increased demand for cheap living accommodation in London, there are a number of other options you can choose from for your stay. You can pick from a wide range of budget-friendly options like hostels, budget hotels and guesthouses. Some of the fancy hotels too offer great discounts for early bird bookings and also during off seasons so if you plan well in advance, who knows, you might be able to grab a hold of some of the best deals and enjoy the finest luxuries the city has to offer.   3. Enjoy the most spectacular sightseeing experience – for free   You probably know by now the city of London is packed with so many amazing landmarks and attractions that will captivate you right throughout the way. And what’s even better news for all you budget conscious travellers is that there is enough to see and do in the city for free! Many of the famous museums and art galleries in London like the British Library, British Museum, National Gallery, the Southbank Centre art complex and the Museum of London are all free. The sites will give you so much to see and keep you busy for hours making it some of the best things to do no matter what kind of budget you have set aside. There are also quite a number of outdoor spaces such as Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens and Hampstead Heath where you can enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors and even have a fun picnic with friends and family. Don’t forget to drop by the Buckingham Palace and witness the changing of guards, an essential as part of a trip to London. If you walk around or rent a bike (for a reasonable fee) you can see more attractions and enjoy the splendid view of the beautiful surroundings of one of the most scenic cities in the world.   4. Get the best out of the London pass and other paid tour options   Picture Credit - While there are plenty of things to do in the city for free you should also not miss out on the other amazing things which are not free. A perfect solution for all those looking to enjoy London on a budget is the London pass. You can save hundreds of dollars through this pass which provides access to over 80 top attractions and tours in London, and can even get you fast-track entry to some of the major crowd-pullers like Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Ben Franklin House, Britain at War Museum, Shakespeare’s Globe Museum, London Tombs and many more. Also, look out for the East End Walking tour which allows you to choose from a number of tour options quite affordably priced.   5. Make the best out of public transport The use of cabs would not be in your best interest when you are planning your budget travel to London and the best option in this instance is to make the best out of public transportation. While the public transport network in London is efficient and quite affordable you can get an even better deal by purchasing a Visitor Oyster Card. This card can be used on all public transports available and also provides great discounts on riverboat fares as well. In addition to the over 50% discounts that help you save on transportation the card also offers more exclusive offers and discounts in leading shops and restaurants around the city.   6. Dine at cheap Halal food places in London Although London is known to be a rather extravagant city you can also find some great eateries and food trucks serving some delicious street delights. Since you would focus on how to find nearby Halal food in London you might want to try the best Halal restaurants like Hoppers in Soho, Stax Diner just off Regents Street, Spicy Basil in Kilburn, Mahdi Restaurant in Hammersmith, House of Ho in Central London and Chai Ki at Canary Wharf. Owing to the fast-paced lifestyles Londoners are known to be accustomed to packed food is a regular option in most eateries. This way you can grab your favourite food along as you visit all the sightseeing stops on your itinerary.   7. Look for budget shopping opportunities Picture Credit - The city is dominated by glitzy shopping malls packed with all the premium quality luxury brands you can think of. The equally fancy price tags should not make you stay away from these locations. By all means, enjoy one of the best window shopping experiences you can treat yourself to. London is not known to be a shoppers’ paradise for just offering a luxury shopping experience. There are quite a number of affordable fashion outlets as well where you can find great fashion items from up and coming brands, and also luxury designer products on discount. Be sure to stop by the colourful market spaces like Brick Lane Market, Alfies Antique Market, Borough Market, Portobello Road Market, Old Spitalfields Market, Camden Lock Market and Southbank Centre Market where you can put your haggling skills to a test and grab some unique and authentic items that make great souvenirs and gifts.   For more travel guides and travel tips, Download the Halal Trip's Islamnic Travel App.      ...

  • Word of Mouth - London Locals Tips

    There are countless places to visit and fun things to do when traveling around London - but what do the locals enjoy about the city? While there are popular tourist spots, getting advice from the locals can help you find uncommon yet fun things to do in London. Let's find out how to enjoy a holiday in the UK with great tips from the London locals. Credit -   1. Visit The Museums Picture Credit - This might be the typical thing to do while on vacation in England, however, museums are not only culturally significant but remain among the top things to do in London. Take your pick from The British Museum, Natural History Museum, Cabinet War Rooms or the Science Museum to name just a few. The popular museums also have special after-hours events and the permanent exhibits can be viewed for free.   2. Go To A Theatre   Picture Credit -   Spending an evening at the West End watching musicals or plays is a big part of London local life and are some of the top things to do in London. There is something for everyone from famous plays to performances that will easily fit your budget – this is a great way to get entertained in London.   3. Stroll Down Regent’s Canal or Southbank   Picture Credit - Take a walk along down to Little Venice that is lined with charming houseboats – you can even drop by the Canal Theatre or The Puppet Theater Barrage for fun too. Alternatively, you can take a stroll along Southbank and admire the famous buildings such as Shakespeare’s Globe and The Tower of London.   4. Visit The Big Markets Picture Credit -   Don’t forget to visit some of the biggest markets during a vacation in England to try some excellent street food or baked goods or find clothes, antiques and great bargains. The markets at Borough and Camden are popular with tourists and locals alike, where you can get some awesome items. The Portobello Road Market should not be missed either and the Columbia Flower Market is a nice place to spend a Sunday.   5. Drop By Dennis Sever’s House Picture Credit -   This house that was created by artist Dennis Severs is an intriguing building that will give you glimpses of the 18th-century life of the fictional Jervais family. There are 10 rooms that are designed in Georgian and Victorian styles to explore that gives visitors an interesting experience – which is one of the more unique things to do in London.   6. Watch A Movie At An Outdoor Cinema Picture Credit -   Outdoor film screenings are some of the best activities in London and is a fun way for locals to spend time with friends. There are some interesting options to choose from - you can sail along River Thames or have a picnic at Royal Park while watching a film. The Nomad is another great outdoor spot to kick back and watch something.   7. Enjoy Afternoon Tea Looking for a traditional English experience and great food? Spending afternoon tea with a friend is one of the more relaxing activities in London. Enjoy cakes, scones, sandwiches and more along with some great tea in beautiful settings. Afternoon tea with Halal options can be arranged with 24 hours prior notice in places such as Claridge’s, The Dorchester or The Ritz. BB Routemaster and Mamounia are good options too.    8. Spend A Day At A Park One of the best ways to enjoy London is to spend time in some of the beautiful parks in London by taking a stroll or having a picnic. Drop by Hyde Park and take a boat ride in the Serpentine Lake, or pay a visit to Hampstead Park or St. John Park to get closer to nature and enjoy the summer.   9. Go On A Walking Tour Locals do prefer walking around London as opposed to driving around, so do some sightseeing by taking a walking tour to check out London attractions and famous spots. You can simply take a stroll around London to see top-rated tourist attractions in London and get a feel of the city as well. However, you can learn a great deal about London from a walking tour with a local guide.   10. Try Some Favourite Local Food Picture Credit -   From heart-warming Sunday Roasts to Shepherd’s Pie or some delicious Brick Lane curry - these are must-try Halal dishes in London. Fish and Chips is another staple that you must have and you can find Halal options around London too. Don’t forget to visit the Borough Market, Camden Market or Portabello Market Road either to taste some great street food - and there are stalls serving Halal food too.   A vacation in England can be more interesting when experiencing London the way a local would - so do check the activities and places that are mentioned when you are in the city. ...

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