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  • Finding Mosques in Sydney

    The vibrant city of Sydney is a destination of unforgettable experiences and memories. Boasting a plethora of attractions, from some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, and iconic must-see landmarks - such as the Opera House - to world class dining, stunning scenery and great weather, Sydney has become one of the top must-visit cities in the world. Sydney has also become increasingly Muslim-friendly, with more and more Muslims from around the globe now calling it home. The city is today known to house almost half of Australia's Muslim population. So, if you’re trying to find prayer places near you in Sydney, this article is for you! In case you didn’t already know, there are in fact quite a few mosques and prayer facilities in Sydney that are frequented by its local Muslim community and tourists alike.From the most beautiful mosques in Sydney, to its biggest mosque, our list of must-visit prayer places in Sydney has it all! Find things to do in Sydney Find a Halal Hotel in Sydney, Australia 1. Lakemba Mosque Picture Credit - Located in Western Sydney, Lakemba is one of Australia’s most Muslim-dominated suburbs, and in it lies Lakemba Mosque, also known as the Imam Ali Bin Abi Taleb Mosque. It's known as the biggest mosque in Sydney, let alone it being among the largest mosques in Australia. The Lakemba Mosque is owned and run by the Lebanese Muslim Association. It is mostly visited by the Muslims in Lakemba and surrounding areas, and it not only offers the five daily prayers, but also Jumu'ah prayers and several religious classes. The mosque offers prayer facilities for women as well. Address: 65-67 Wangee Rd, Lakemba NSW 2195, AustraliaOpening Times: During prayer timesContact: +61 2 9750 6833Website: Facebook   2. Auburn Gallipoli Mosque Picture Credit - The Ottoman-style Auburn Gallipoli Mosque located in Auburn, another suburb of Sydney, is one of the most popular mosques in the city, as well as one of the largest. It can hold around 1,600 worshippers. The mosque along with its lawn actually facilitates about 3,000 worshipers during Friday and Eid prayers. A great way to learn more about the mosque, its stunning architecture and history is to book a tour of it. This can be done on the mosque’s website. Address: 15-19 North Parade, Auburn, NSW 2144, AustraliaOpening Times: During prayer timesContact: +61 2 9646 5972Website: Facebook   3. Sydney City Masjid Picture Credit - Located in Sydney’s CBD, the Erskine Street Musallah is a mosque that is more popular amongst Muslims working in the city, due to its prominent location. All five of the daily prayers are offered here, including Jumu'ah prayers on Fridays. The facility also has an area for women to pray with wudu facilities, except on Fridays during Jumu’ah. Address: Level 1, 56-60 Erskine Street, Sydney NSW 2000, AustraliaOpening Times: During prayer timesContact: +61 2 8061 6393Website: Facebook   4. Penshurst Mosque Picture Credit - Built by the Australian-Bosnian community, the Penshurst Mosque or the Penshurst Dzamija has been serving the Muslim residents of the area since 1989. Apart from being able to offer their five daily prayers here, Muslims as well as non-Muslims can visit the mosque to learn all about Bosnian culture and its community, during the ‘Open Mosque Day’ which is held annually. Address: 445-447 Forest Road, Penshurst, AustraliaOpening Times: During prayer timesContact: +61 2 9580 3390Website: Facebook   5. Auburn Islamic Community Centre (Auburn Musalla) Picture Credit - The Auburn Islamic Community Centre or AICC is a facility that offers a variety of religious services to individuals of all ethnic backgrounds and also promotes itself as an interfaith space bridging the gap between the Muslim Australian community and non-Muslim Australians. The centre hosts Quran classes for members of all ages, as well as religious lectures by guest speakers, community building events and so on. It also has all 5 prayers and Jumu'ah prayers on Fridays. Address: 12 Harrow Rd., Auburn NSW 2144, AustraliaOpening Times: During prayer timesContact: +61 1300 849 495Website: Facebook | YouTube   6. Masjid Abu Bakr Al-Siddeeq Picture Credit - Masjid Abu Bakr Al-Siddeeq in Auburn is a mosque run by the Islamic Dawah Centre of Australia, or the IDCA. The mosque offers prayer facilities for men and women, hosts the five daily prayers and Jumu’ah, conducts Quran and Arabic classes, as well as a variety of religious courses for individuals of all ages, young and old. Address: 361 Chisholm Road, Auburn, 2144 Sydney, AustraliaOpening Times: During prayer timesContact: +61 2 9738 7700 Facebook   7. Guildford Mosque Picture Credit - Milli Gorus Sydney was a church bought by the Islamic Community and turned into a masjid.  The Guildford Mosque has been serving the residents of the area since 2010. While this mosque is not a large one, it is still open for the five daily prayers and Friday prayers, and it hosts a variety of Islamic classes. There is also a youth room and a community hall on its premises. Address: 64 Mountford Avenue, Guildford, NSW 2161, AustraliaOpening Times: During prayer timesContact: +61 2 8034 7875 Facebook   8. Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah Revesby - Revesby Musallah Picture Credit - The Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama'ah Revesby or the ASWJ Revesby on Mavis Street is a non-profit community organisation that aims to help Muslims from all backgrounds. The Musallah here is open to men and women for the five daily prayers and Friday prayers as well.  The sermon takes places in either Arabic or English, depending on the speaker of the day. Also offered here are Quran and other Islamic classes, for young and old. Address: 10/9-11 Mavis St, Revesby NSW 2212, AustraliaOpening Times: During prayer timesContact: +61 410 164 851Website: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram If you’re looking for ways to locate mosques in Sydney that are not included in this list, download the HalalTrip Mobile app! Not only will you be able to find nearby mosques in Sydney, but also Halal restaurants, must-visit attractions and more, ensuring the most perfect and memorable Halal trip to Sydney :) Find a Mosque near you in Sydney Find a Halal Restaurant near you in Sydney...

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