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45 West St, Johannesburg, 2198, South Africa

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Five daily prayers, Jumu'ah prayers

  • Drakensberg Mountains, South Africa

    Nestled about 400 kms from Johannesburg but a mere 200 kms from Durban, is the majestic Drakensburg Mountains. While road tripping to Durban you wouldn't immediately realise that you are moving pass a...

  • Mosques in South Africa: Notable Masjids to Check-out

    I personally feel that a masjid like a slab of chocolate is a very personal preference. It's a place of prayer no doubt but in the same way that everyone has a personal inclination towards nuts or coconut...

  • A Weekend Getaway to Mount Amanzi, South Africa

    Rest and relax as you escape the buzz of city life at Mount Amanzi. Mount Amanzi is a resort situated in the North West Province, just a short drive away from Johannesburg and Pretoria. In this article,...

  • Things to do in Johannesburg: The Gems of the City of Gold

    Despite it being known predominantly as the financial hub of the country there's still a number of hidden gems that will catch many a tourist's eyes in the beautiful, 'City of Gold' otherwise known as...

  • Local Foodie's Guide to: Halal Food in Durban, South Africa

    Written By: Farzanah Ebrahim What do I eat if I'm in Durban? We are on a school mid-term break at the moment so decided to take a trip to Durban for a few days. Durban is a beautifully warm coastal city...

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