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Masjid Hasanath 28-1 Aoki Tsutsumi-cho Toyota 473-0932 Aichi Japan

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  • Japan's Mobile Mosque: Japan Is Geared Towards Giving A One-Of-A-Kind Experience For Its Muslim Travelers

    If you plan on traveling to Japan during the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, you will be pleased to know that this destination has just taken an innovative step to warmly welcome Muslim travelers. When it comes to locating mosques and prayer places in Japan, Muslim travelers will find that there are a few mosques located within the main cities and that there is small, but growing Muslim population.  But with the Tokyo Olympics kicking off in 2020, Japan aims to create a more Muslim-friendly environment by introducing mobile mosques due to the expected boom in visitors during this time. Of course, Japan is known to be one of the most innovative countries in the world, and is best known for their politeness and hospitality.Find Mosques and prayer places near you in Japan Introducing A Mobile Mosque in Japan Picture Credit: Stuff Japan expects a significant increase in Muslim travelers during the Olympics and there were concerns that the mosques in the main cities will not be enough to handle the crowds. This potential issue was the among the main reasons for introducing the mobile Mosque in Japan.  The mobile mosque is part of the Yasru project where the CEO, Yasaharu Inoue, says that the main idea behind deploying mobile mosques is to make Muslim visitors to Japan feel welcome and to help them carry out their prayer without hassle. A mosque on wheels for Muslims is seen as a positive move which will make it more convenient for prayers, rather than having to locate the nearest prayer space. How Can You Spot A Mobile Mosque In Japan? The very first mobile mosque was introduced outside the Toyota Stadium in July, which is a J-League soccer venue. Muslim guests and Indonesian Muslim students took part in prayers at the unveiling of the mobile mosque which has been built with the needs of the Muslim worshipers in mind.  The large truck has even installed taps for ablution and includes the Qibla direction as well. The mobile mosque consists of a 48 square-meter truck with an air-conditioned prayer room that is large enough to hold up to 50 worshipers. A mobile Mosque in Japan is quite easy to spot - just look for a 25-ton truck that is adorned with a picture of a mosque. Additionally, there are plans for the mobile mosques to travel to different venues when necessary. When Will We See More Mobile Mosques? The Tokyo Olympics will be taking place from 24 July to 9 August 2020 and we might see more mobile mosques near the sporting venues to welcome fans and athletes alike. It’s uncertain if mobile mosques will still be in operation after the Tokyo Olympics are over – but you never know. There are possibilities of seeing the mobile mosques in action much sooner than expected, since the Japan Rugby World Cup 2019 is coming up, and there are further plans to use the mosques for the World Aquatics Championships 2021 as well. There has been a definite increase in Muslim travelers, and a mobile Mosque in Japan might be the more modern for Muslim-friendly travelers in terms of Halal facilities too. However, this Muslim-friendly move to introduce mobile mosques focuses on encouraging more Muslim travelers from different parts of the world to visit Japan.   Find nearby prayer places and Mosques in Japan  ...

  • Start Planning For Your Trip To Japan This 2019 Because The Rugby World Cup Is About To Take The World By Storm

    If you thought FIFA was big, think again. The Rugby World Cup is coming in 2019 and you have to start preparing for it now. If travelling to Japan was not on your 2019 travel bucket list, it better go on immediately. Like any other World Cup, it is hosted once in 4 years, the first tournament being held in Australia and New Zealand in 1987, with New Zealand taking the championship. Since then, there have been seven others, the last one taking place in 2013 in England and Wales. If you were wondering where to travel in 2019, look no further. When and Where are the Games Held 2019 will see the Rugby World Cup dates in Japan, from the 20th of September to 2nd of November 2019. The games will be held in 12 cities across Japan, the grand final being played at Yokohoma Stadium. Going almost every day from the 20th of September, these are the cities to plan your travel around: Tokyo, Sapporo, YokohamaCity, Higashiosaka City, Toyota City, Kumagaya City, Kamaishi City, Fukuoka City, Kobe City, Shizuola Prefecture, Oita Prefecture and Kumamoto City. The Teams Playing The countries are divided into four groups: Pool A: Japan, Russia, Ireland, Scotland, Samoa, Pool B: New Zealand, South Africa, Italy, Africa 1, Repechage winner Pool C: France, Argentina, England, Tonga, USA, Pool D: Australia, Fiji, Wales, Georgia, Uruguay Picture Credit: Rugby World Cup How to Buy Tickets You can buy the Rugby World Cup 2019 tickets from September onwards – one year before the event – through the official website. The 19th of September to the 12th of November 2018 will see general global ballot applications, while individual tickets will be sold through the site in real time on a first-come first-serve basis from the 19th of January 2019. Refer to the ticket prices here. Tickets and Packages Picture Credit: Rugby World Cup Support Tours The Sports Travel and Hospitality has been exclusively appointed to run the Programme for Rugby World Cup 2019, Japan. An Official Supporter Tours Programme with Official Travel Agents in different countries has been allotted to avoid disappointment of being played out by fraudulent businesses. Whether you approach a travel agent or they approach you, do check the official website to make sure they are on the list. The Official Supporter Tours Programme book your tickets along with package tours, but you can buy the ticket by itself through the official website. Facilities Offered Different travel agents provide different facilities for their Rugby World Cup 2019 packages. Here are some ideas of what to expect: match tickets (depending on your length of stay, your package can cover multiple matches), accommodation, breakfast, travel card, Japan Government tax, administration and handling fees, some World Cup paraphernalia. Prices will vary based on the star rating of hotel provided and the cities the matches are held in. Don’t wait too long as packages are already selling out! It is the perfect opportunity to be traveling around Japan – during Rugby World Cup 2019. Muslim-friendly Facilities Since the packages provided are pretty basic, there aren’t any Muslim-particular facilities included. You are free to explore the cities at your own convenience, however, so, to make a Halal trip to Japan, be sure to look into what the city has to offer, as well as the Muslim population, halal food available, and places to pray.  Download the HalalTrip App if you haven’t already to help you locate all things Islamic for your Muslim-friendly tour to Japan! Leave a trail based on your own findings for others to follow in the future. With New Zealand having taken the cup thrice, Australia and South Africa twice, and England once in all the Rugby World Cups ever played, other countries will be fighting hard for the right to hold that trophy over their heads and claim the title. Will you be there to see it?...

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