Profile image Ramshad Muhammed was at holborn mosque 7 years agoLondon
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Brookes Court, Baldwin's Gardens, London EC1N 7RR, UK


Five daily prayers, Jumu'ah prayers

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    3 Jummah Salaah times 1:30pm, 2:00pm and 2:30pm. The Musjid is centrally located near the financial district. It is not a very large Musjid. Jummah was really busy. The first Salaah was full. No place to read. People were praying outside. I opted for the the second Jammat. It was much better and prayed inside the Musjid. My suggestion is that if you are not in a rush rather go for the 2pm or 2:30pm Salaah times.

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    I found this mosque