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  • Do You Struggle to Wake Up For Tahajjud? We've Got Some Tips For You!

    What is Tahajjud? Abu Hurayra radhiallahu anhu (ra) reports that the Prophet SAW said, “The best prayer after the obligatory prayers is the night prayer.” (Source: Muslim) Tahajjud refers to the night...

  • Rumour Has It These Are Your Best Bet For Some Authentic Italian Cuisine

    What is your go-to comfort food? Mine has to be anything pasta-related! That carb-loaded goodness should be enjoyed in moderation but boy do they satisfy your soul after a long week of work. via GIPHY This...

  • Getting Married? - Who To Contact For Nikah services

    What Is The Meaning of Nikkah? Picture Credit -   Nikkah is the Islamic marriage ceremony that occurs between a Muslim man and Muslim woman, combining their lives as partners going forward....

  • 7 Prayers of Tawaf

    Tawaf is the act of a pilgrim seeking forgiveness by circling the Kaaba seven times, counter-clockwise. Circling of the Kaaba is known as Shawt. Completing the whole ritual guarantees a place in heaven...

  • 5 Benefits of The Hajj

    The importance of Hajj is indisputable; after all, it is one of the pillars of Islam. But of all five of them, it is the hardest to achieve and therefore becomes obligatory to a smaller group of Muslims...

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