6 Best Travel Influencers' Destination Picks

By Anna Tan | 01, Dec, 2022
6 Best Travel Influencers' Destination Picks

Looking for your next travel destination? Let's check out some of the best travel influencers' destination picks for the year!

Choosing your next trip outside of your home country can be nerve-wracking, there are so many places to explore with so little time! We took some pointers from some of our favorite travel influencers to decide which vacation destinations deserve a visit.

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1. Dubai, United Arab Emirateseyka farhana dubai

Image Credit: @eykafarhana on Instagram

If you are looking for the best romantic getaways, Dubai needs to be on your list! Luxurious city Dubai is a stunning metropolis with the most impressive skyline in the world and plenty of tourist attractions.

For Eyka Farhana, the sights and sounds of this City of Gold were unbeatable as she shared snippets of her Dubai adventures: riding camels in the Red Sand Desert, eating a golden tomahawk at Nusr-Et Steakhouse (known of Salt Bae fame), and visiting the mesmerizing Dubai Aquarium & Zoo at The Dubai Mall.

Dubai has strict regulations when it comes to Halal meat so you are in the right place to find Halal meals to suit your taste!


2. Amsterdam, Netherlandssights of sara amsterdam

Image Credit: @sightsofsara

Also known as the Venice of the North due to its many canals, Amsterdam is a popular destination due to its rich cultural heritage and unique museums. Cycling is also one of the best ways to explore this capital city of the Netherlands with its dedicated bike lanes. Tiktok travel influencers like Sights Of Sara, a solo female traveler who has visited over 23 countries at only 23 years old, made the huge leap to move to Amsterdam after seeing how safe and fun the city was!

Along with friendly and welcoming locals, there are also plenty of Halal choices here. Start your trip by visiting the Anne Frank museum followed by a canal cruise. Then take a break with a taste of Pannenkoeken, a sweet Dutch pancake that will leave you smiling. Honestly, you will never run out of things to do in Amsterdam.


3. Japansabina trojonava japan

Image Credit: Bagus Pangetsu on Pexels

For GirlvsGlobe travel influencer Sabina Trojonava, Japan is one of her top 3 destinations on her bucket list. We can understand why Japan is a top travel destination: it is one of the cleanest countries in the world (public pavements are spotless), has over 21 UNESCO sites, a massive number of MICHELIN restaurants, well-maintained unique castles, an efficient public transportation system, and very low crime rates.

There are many Muslim-friendly attractions and restaurants that are suitable for everyone's palate. If you are unsure where to go, check out our Halal travel package where we visit the best parts of the cities!


4. Maldivesbackpackertampan maldives

Image Credit: @backpackertampan on Instagram

Maldives is one of the hottest honeymoon destinations with its sandy white beaches and clear waters.

This idyllic island feels like an escape from reality, which is why it is one of travel influencer backpackertampan's destination pick for the year. For him, Maldives is a paradise dream coming true with its beautiful sunset views, fun water sports activities like scuba diving with the grey reef shark, and Halal-friendly local meals.

Stay in one of the overwater bungalows and visit some of the 30 unique Masjids on this charming island to get the full Maldives experience.


5. Tanzaniawanderfultraveler tanzania

Image Credit: Leif Blessing from Pexels

Imagine being able to see the opening of "The Lion King" in real life. That's what Tanzania is like.

This East African country is a wildlife art masterpiece with its astounding savannahs, and exotic nature, and home to hundreds of species of flora and fauna. For globetrotter wanderfultraveler, visiting Tanzania to see the yearly Great Migration is on her travel bucket list, where millions of animals migrate to the north.

If you are up for more adventures, climb the highest mountain in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, for a view of a lifetime. If your cup of tea is something relaxing, opt to laze at the beaches of Zanzibar. If you like Indian and Arabian cuisine, you will love Tanzanian's local Halal dishes.


6. Taiwanuncornered_market daniel and aubrey taiwan

Image Credit: Timo Volz from Pexels

Friendly. Affordable. Delicious. There are too many quaint places to visit and too many shopping sights to see. That's why for influencer traveler uncornered_market's Daniel and Audrey, visiting Taiwan is a dream destination.

Taiwan is becoming a top Muslim-friendly destination with its endless Halal cuisine and unique street food. It is also the land of bubble tea so you can taste the real deal that made it an international sensation. There are also plenty of Muslim-friendly attractions with night markets, cultural visits, and contemporary museums.


Before You Go

We hope these influencers' destination picks are helping you with your next vacation picks. All these places are Muslim-friendly, with mosques and places of worship, and permissible food so you will never miss out on their local delicacies!

Share this articles with your friends before you go! If you need to contemplate longer, check out our latest articles for the best places to travel in 2023.


Cover Image Credit: Pixabay from Pexels

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