Top 11 Extreme Sports You Need To Try Once In Your Lifetime

By Anna Tan | 16, Sep, 2022
Top 11 Extreme Sports You Need To Try Once In Your Lifetime

You may be watching extreme sports competitions on TV and wonder if it is possible to try an extreme sport on your own. The answer is yes, you can try all these extreme sports at least once in your life!

Taking part in extreme sports is not only fun, it strengthens you physically and mentally, allowing you to destress, and boosting your self-esteem while improving your overall physique. These high-intensity sports may seem scary at first, but as you get used to the sport, you will soon find yourself pushing harder than before.

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Why Are We Addicted To Extreme Sports?

When we go through near-death experiences, our human brain kicks in large quantities of dopamine, pushing our human brain to adjust to operating at such high dopamine levels and getting a high out of it. It is why professional athletes keep pushing the boundaries of their performance and seek riskier activities.


Top 10 Extreme Sports You Need To Try Once In Your Life

Here is a list of extreme sports to try in pictures to get that adrenaline rush!

1. Rock Climbing

rock climbing

Image Credit: Анна Рыжкова from Pexels

Rock climbing is considered one of the most popular extreme sports as you can participate all year round. Rock climbing can be divided into two categories: Outdoor and indoor. Outdoor rock climbing involves climbing on natural rock formations such as granite, limestone, and sandstone. Indoor rock climbing involves climbing on man-made walls and rocks in the comfort of a sheltered and well-ventilated space.

Challenge your fear of heights with these tall routes! You can find many indoor rock climbing gyms around the world, including in Singapore. For the best places for outdoor rock climbing, head to Batu Caves in Malaysia, Red Rock in the USA, and Tonsai & Railay in Thailand.

If this is your first time, check out our Mountain climbing tips to get you started!

2. Skiing

Don't be fooled by the ice-cold weather during skiing, you will be sweating a lot under the ski suit! This is a great workout that is suitable for all ages. You will need a good core to control your movements down the slope or you may risk falling incorrectly. This sport gets more exciting and dangerous once you dive into the world of extreme skiing where you will be skiing at steeper and taller routes, and attempting tricks in the air.

Some of the best places to ski are Yongpyong Ski Resort in South Korea, Three Valleys in France, and Aspen in the USA.

3. BASE Jumping

Considered the most dangerous extreme sport, it is not for the faint-hearted. BASE (Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth) Jumping involves parachuting from extremely tall fixed structures and releasing your parachute after a short free fall. The prerequisite to BASE jumping is skydiving to familiarize with freefall control.

The best places to BASE jump are at KL Tower in Malaysia, The Troll Wall in Norway, and Navagio Beach in Greece.

4. Kart Racing

kart racing

Image Credit: Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

If you are a fan of motor racing, kart racing is the perfect sport for you. You will be seated in an open, four-wheeled vehicle known as a go-kart (or kart). There are recreational karts suitable for families and kids going at a maximum speed of 25 km/h (it will feel very fast!). If you want to take it up a notch, there are also super karts used for competitive races reaching up to 260 km/h.

You will be racing on scaled-down road circuits. Use your steering skills to overtake your friends, not bump them or you will end up paying more for damages. The best places for extreme sports kart racing are at KF1 Carting Circuit in Singapore, RUD Sepang Go-Kart Circuit in Malaysia, and Monarto Karting Complex in Australia.

5. Surfing

A fun and popular water sport, surfing is easy to pick up and quite addictive as you learn to catch the waves. You will need to gauge the size of the wave so you can ride with ease while maintaining the right speed. If you do not gauge correctly, you may end up getting caught in an inescapable big wave or injure yourself from the impact of the wave.

The best places to surf include Gold Coast in Australia, Bali in Indonesia, and Hawaii in the USA.

6. Cliff Diving

Cliff diving is a simple extreme sport that requires no equipment. It is the same feeling as free falling from the height of a few-stories building at high speed and going feet first into the waters. The height is not for everyone which is why it is a thrilling extreme sport that everyone must attempt once in their life. Daredevils may attempt tricks mid-air for the adrenaline kick.

The best places to cliff dive are The Azure Window in Malta, Geoje Island in South Korea, and Lake Vouliagmeni in Greece.

7. Scuba Diving

Another popular water sport, scuba diving is a fun activity to explore the marine life underworld. However, the best marine life sightings are on deeper sea levels where you need to be certified by a recognized diving agency to gain access. Most popular dive spots will only allow certified divers from world-renowned agencies like PADI and SSI for safety reasons.

The best places to scuba dive are Koh Tao in Thailand, Cocos Island in Costa Rica, and Key Largo in Florida.

8. Skydiving

skydiving through the clouds

Image Credit: Russ Jani from Pexels

Jump off an airplane and get ready to scream at the top of your lungs as you skydive from incredible heights. For first-timers, you will be strapped to an experienced skydiver who will ensure your safety (and take videos of your reaction) by pulling the parachute at the right time for a soft landing. No prerequisite is needed, just enjoy the thrill of freefalling!

The best places to skydive are at Fox Glacier in New Zealand, Pattaya in Thailand, and Palm Jumeirah in Dubai.

9. Bungee Jumping

If you are afraid to jump off a plane or go cliff diving, you can opt for bungee jumping at scary heights. You will be strapped to a rubber cord at your feet and free fall from a tall platform. The rubber cord will rebound from your fall once you reach the maximum length of the cord. It is considered dangerous as the sudden impact may injure your spine and cause compression fractures.

The best places to bungee jump are Skypark Sentosa in Singapore, Macau Tower in China, and Nevis Highwire in New Zealand.

Note: There is extreme sports insurance in Singapore that you can purchase to cover your medical bills in case of unforeseen circumstances. Bungee jumping is often covered by most insurance policies.

10. BMX Freestyle

BMX (a short form of Bicycle Motocross) Racing is all about executing the best tricks on ramps at high speed. Riders will take off on a ramp and once they hit the air, perform a series of flips, jumps, and turns before landing safely on the ground. This sport involves immense strength and great bike handling control.

The best places for BMX Freestyle are at Seoul in South Korea, Austin in Texas, and Barcelona in Spain.

11. Zip Lining

zip lining overlooking the view

Image Credit: Son Tung Tran from Pexels

Zip lining is an extreme sport that is suitable for everyone, even if you are afraid of heights! Slide down on a steel line with a harness while experiencing the cool breeze and a panoramic view of your surroundings. Before you know it, you will reach the end of your route, and will leave you wanting for more!

The best places for zip lining are Forest Adventure in Singapore, Hilo in Hawaii, and Mahogany Park in Costa Rica.


We hope you can tick all these extreme sports off your bucket list. It is one for the books and makes some good photo memories. Let us know if there are other extreme sports worth trying to be included in this list!

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