HalalTrip 40: The Advocates | 2021

By Halal Trip | 26, Apr, 2021
HalalTrip 40: The Advocates | 2021

HalalTrip 40 is a compilation of inspiring Muslims who have contributed eagerly, persistently, arduously, and have significantly impacted the community through their craft, product, or service. HalalTrip 40 aims to be an annual compilation as nominated by the community.

Introducing the second cateogry in our HalalTrip 40 list: "The Advocates". 

The Advocates are the champions of doing good. These individuals are in it to make a change in the community for the better through education, charity, humanitarian efforts and environmental advocacy. Here are a few out of the list of 10:


Mohammed Assaf

HalalTrip 40 Nominee: Mohammad Assaf

Mohammed Assaf was the winner of Arab Idol in 2013. As a Palestinian, his victory received worldwide attention from the media and was received with joy by Palestinians and the rest of the Arab world. Raised in a refugee camp in the Gaza strip, it took him two days to reach Egypt where the competition was held.

Assaf was appointed a goodwill ambassador for peace by The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA) and was also named ambassador of culture and arts by the Palestinian government for his work.


Sara Minkara

HalalTrip 40 Nominee: Sara Minkara

"Approach every person with one single assumption: this person has something beautiful to contribute".

Sara Minkara lost her sight at the age of seven but that did not stop her from advocating for education. She founded Empowerment Through Integration (ETI) - an international nonprofit organization that empowers individuals with disabilities with its suite of innovative global programs. Sara is passionate about providing social and life skills development for refugees and other children with disabilities through her workshops and talks.


Zamir Hassan

HalalTrip 40: Zamir Hassan

Zamir Hassan is the founder of non-profit organisations, providing aid to the hungry. Through these organisations, Muslims Against Hunger, Faiths Against Hunger, Hunger Van and One World Community Cafe, he has led teams of inspiring individuals, helping many to fight hunger.


Dr Radiah Salim

HalalTrip 40: Dr Radiah Salim

Dr Radiah Salim created Club Heal to assist people with mental illness and their families. She hopes to slowly eradicate the stigma of mental illness among the local Muslim community. Having lost loved ones to mental illness, Dr Radiah felt her calling as a mental health advocate. With her experience as a medical officer at the Institute of Mental Health, she started Club Heal to help those in need through its programmes and home visits.

Learn more about their stories and find out who has been creating waves in their communities and across the world on the HalalTrip 40 page. See the full list of HalalTrip 40 nominees here! Or read our other articles introducing nominees in the Inspirersthe Firsts and the Creators categories.

The HalalTrip 40 list in no way implies our endorsement of their views. We are simply measuring their spheres of influence through the many areas and remarkable contributions they have made to the Muslim community.


Nominations for 2022 are Open

Know someone similar? Nominate them for the next HalalTrip 40 list! Nominations are now open for the 2022 HalalTrip 40 list. Regardless of whether their feats are big or small, HalalTrip 40 is here to celebrate them all.

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