HalalTrip 40: The Creators | 2021

By Halal Trip | 11, May, 2021
HalalTrip 40: The Creators | 2021

HalalTrip 40 is a compilation of inspiring Muslims who have contributed eagerly, persistently, arduously, and have significantly impacted the community through their craft, product, or service. HalalTrip 40 aims to be an annual compilation as nominated by the community.

Introducing the third cateogry in our HalalTrip 40 list: "The Creators". 

The Creators are content creators and powerful storytellers, encouraging you to be the best version of you that you can be. Here are a few out of the list of 10:


Maisurah Mohksin

HalalTrip 40 Nominee: Maisurah Mohksin

Maisurah Mokhsin is the co-founder of a community project, 'Gift-A-Kurung'. The project is a community drive to collect traditional Malay outfits, the Baju Kurung, for those in need in Singapore. The Baju Kurung is often worn during occasional celebrations such as Eid or in weddings. The traditional Malay outfits collected were then distributed among Zakat recipients and to those residing in welfare homes.


Haifa Beseisso

HalalTrip 40 Nominee: Haifa Beseisso

Haifa Beseisso is a Palestinian YouTuber who had a mission to bridge the East and West through travel. Having graduated from American University of Dubai's digital production and storytelling program, she was once told that the only way she could be on television was if she had removed her hijab and spoken in Arabic with a Gulf dialect. Haifa Beseisso listened to none of that and debut her first travel programme on YouTube in English with Arabic subtitles, targeting a wider audience.


Mizi Wahid

HalalTrip 40: Mizi Wahid

Ustaz Mizi Wahid is the founder and CEO of Safinah Holdings Pte Ltd, a modern and progressive Islamic organisation that spreads dakwah through digital content such as The Good Life Podcast, the Mizi Wahid Podcast and the Youm Daily platform. Ustaz Mizi Wahid inspires many through Safinah Institute's full-house events and his digital sharings on looking at life from a different perspective.


Nur Jihan Li

HalalTrip 40: Nur Jihan Li

Nur Jihan Li is a Singaporean Chinese Muslim revert who shares her love for Islam and the lessons she learns in life through #LettersToMasha. #LettersToMasya are her heartfelt messages to her daughter in hopes that she will one day read and learn from when Masha is older. Her personal sharings were not only seen as a message addressed to her daughter but it also illuminates her journey in finding Islam that anyone can benefit from.

Learn more about their stories and find out who has been creating waves in their communities and across the world on the HalalTrip 40 page. See the full list of HalalTrip 40 nominees here! Or read our other articles introducing nominees in the Firststhe Advocates and the Inspirers categories.

The HalalTrip 40 list in no way implies our endorsement of their views. We are simply measuring their spheres of influence through the many areas and remarkable contributions they have made to the Muslim community.


Nominations for 2022 are Open

Know someone similar? Nominate them for the next HalalTrip 40 list! Nominations are now open for the 2022 HalalTrip 40 list. Regardless of whether their feats are big or small, HalalTrip 40 is here to celebrate them all.

Send in your nominations in the form here!

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