8 Instagram-Worthy Eateries in the East - Singapore

By Muzna Noohu | 30, Nov, 2017
8 Instagram-Worthy Eateries in the East - Singapore

A recent study has found that taking a picture of your food before eating it can actually make it taste better. Now, I have a bunch of theories for why that may be – one of them being, the way your food looks is the first impression you have of it and it also contributes to the entire eating experience. Basically, food that looks good makes you want to take a picture of it because you think it will taste good as well, so it all comes to a full circle!

Whatever the reason is, we are compelled to snap a picture of the plate before eating and awesome food pictures get all the likes! Here are 9 Instagram-worthy eateries in East Singapore to please your eyes (and definitely your stomach)!


1. Brothers in Fine Food

Picture Credit-facebook.com/brothersinfinefood

Brothers in Fine Food or BFF (as the only -small- sign at the door says) is a new hipster cafe at Tampines West Community Club. This is definitely one of the best-hidden cafes in the east of Singapore, and the opportunities to take the perfect picture are endless!

Picture Credit - facebook.com/brothersinfinefood

The décor is minimalistic and has an industrial vibe to it with wooden furniture, cement floors and metallic accents in the design. The food follows a similar theme, with titles like “The Builder's Breakfast” and “The Butcher's Daughter”. The restaurant also has good lighting and the delicious food is excellently plated, so get your cameras ready.

Address: 5 Tampines Avenue 3, #02-07, Tampines West Community Club, Singapore 529705.
Phone: +65 6909 0502
Website: www.facebook.com/brothersinfinefood

2. The Bravery Cafe

Picture Credit - facebook.com/thebraverycafe

The Bravery Cafe is a small, yet cosy eatery to enjoy some good food with your friends and family – and get a few awesome pictures in the process as well. Their menu of coffees, desserts, brunch and dinner items may not be too extensive, but every item on it is done extremely well. The décor makes the perfect setting to get an eye-catching picture, with warm lighting and rustic furnishings. This Instagram-worthy cafe to visit in Singapore is owned by Muslims. For the most delicious dishes and best pictures, try the Maryland Chicken, or the Cold Duck Breast Pasta. You will not be sorry!

Address: 66 Horne Road, 209073.
Phone: +65 6225 4387
Website: thebraverycafe.com

3. Kucina Italian Restaurant

Picture Credit www.facebook.com/kucinaitalianrestaurant/

If you're looking for Italian restaurants serving Halal food on the east side of Singapore, head on over to Kucina Italian Restaurant, one of the only few authentic Muslim Italian restaurants in the island. The owner and his Muslim wife follow a philosophy of “simple”, and it shows in their restaurant. With simple furnishings and flexible seating arrangements, it gives off an inviting charm and comfort.

Picture Credit www.facebook.com/kucinaitalianrestaurant/

They are keen to let the food speak for itself, and speak does it! Everything is made from scratch using the chef's own secret recipes. Some of their most popular menu options are the gnocchi, antipasti, arancino balls, and tiramisu for dessert. You can even have a seat at the bar and watch the chef prepare your food right in front of you; think of the photo and video opportunities!

Address: 11 Tanjong Katong Rd, #B1-09/10, OneKM Mall, Singapore, 437157.
Phone: +65 6493 2154

4. T Bob's Corner

Picture Credit - www.tbobscorner.com

If you're tummy's rumbling and you're looking for a place to eat on the east side of Singapore, look no further than T Bob's Corner, a chilled eating spot with friendly service. This Muslim-owned restaurant is well known for its delicious variations of Western fare such as steaks, grilled meat and seafood, pasta and so much more. Their signature serving platters are also pretty popular among their patrons, so grab one to share with your fellow foodies. The portions are filling and beautifully plated so snap the perfect picture for your Instagram before diving in!


Address: Hdb-Bedok, 527 Bedok North Street 3, 460527.
Phone: +65 68846884
Website: www.tbobscorner.com

5. Wat Sub

Picture Credit - www.watsub.com.sg/

Wat Sub is a sandwich shop in the east serving Halal food in Singapore. The cafe gives out an Arcadian vibe, with dim lighting, wooden tables, stools and strategically placed signs that say things like “I heart Watsub”.

Picture Credit - instagram.com/watsubsg/

The menu at Wat Sub consists of delicious items like meatball sliders, tri turkey sub, Caprese sandwich, pulled beef sandwich, and more. You could even opt to build your own sandwich from start to finish, picking your choice of bread, meats, sauces, and toppings. And once you've come up with the ultimate champion of all sandwiches, take a picture and post it on Instagram to brag about it to your followers.


Address: 430 Upper Changi Road, East Village, #01-12, Singapore 487048.
Phone: +65 8130 2323
Website: www.watsub.com.sg/


6. FLAME Cafe

Picture Credit - flamecafe.com.sg

This fairly new chic cafe is also recently Halal-certified, and it's one of the cafes in the east of Singapore that you must go to for some good food and great photo ops. They serve a variety of dishes that are Western-fusion and some awesome drinks. The menu includes dishes like the seafood and meat combo (meant to be shared), but they are very well known for their steamboats; and you'll get to steam, boil or grill your food right at the table!

Picture Credit - flamecafe.com.sg

The restaurant is located in an industrial building, and naturally, gives off a factory-like vibe. The space has high ceilings and plenty of natural lighting. This combined with the beautiful food is what makes this one of the most Instagram-worthy restaurants in Singapore.

Address: Level 1, 73 Upper Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 534818.
Phone: +65 6282 0251
Website:  flamecafe.com.sg

7. Chulop

Picture Credit - facebook/chulopsg

Churros, dips, and milk. What more could one want, really? It's this simple, yet yummy formula that has made Chulop, a Muslim-owned eatery, one of the trendiest hidden cafes in the east of Singapore lately. If you've never had churros, they are basically a Mexican doughnut, except they are long in shape, super crispy on the outside, and served dipped in chocolate!

Picture Credit - facebook/chulopsg

At Chulop, they manage to keep their patrons interested by often rotating their variety of premium sauces, milk, and flavours of churros. If you're sweet-tooth has a craving, satisfy it (and increase your social media standing) by treating yourself to some delicious churros at Chulop!


Address: East Village, 430 Upper Changi Road, #01-93, Singapore 487048
Phone: (+65) 9155 3189
Website: chulop.oddle.me

8. Wingstop

Picture Credit - wingstop.com.sg

If you're mad for buffalo wings, then Wingstop is the ideal location for you. Founded in 1994 in the US, Wingstop has expanded its reach all throughout North America and globally to countries like Mexico, and Russia. This restaurant does chicken wings like you've never seen before, and luckily for us, they have several outlets across Singapore, including two on the east side!


Their menu consists of 11 varieties of American-style chicken wings (Louisiana rub, hickory-smoked, garlic parmesan, atomic, BBQ, etc.), and you cannot go wrong with whichever one you choose to go for! For those doubting the Instagram-worthiness of the food at Wingstop, let me just say this, no foodie will be able to scroll past your mouthwatering pictures of crispy, crunchy chicken bathed or dipped in delicious sauces without a. drooling, and b. double tapping on those saucy (chicken) thighs!

  • Bedok Mall - 311 New Upper Changi Road, #B1-53 Bedok Mall, Singapore 467360.
  • City Square Mall - 180 Kitchener Rd, #B1-33/34 City Square Mall, Singapore 208539.
Phone: +65 6509 6571
Website:  www.wingstop.com.sg/

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