London 4-Day Itinerary: The Must-Sees

By Anna Tan | 23, May, 2023
London 4-Day Itinerary: The Must-Sees

Heading to London for the first time? Then ditch all your other guides because here is an updated London 4-day itinerary guide for you to follow!

London is a bucket list for many and has an overwhelming number of iconic attractions to visit and delicacies to savor. In this article, we will pack all the places that you must go (mostly free!) so you will never regret missing out.

Note: Be prepared to walk a lot!

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Day 1: Visit London's Most Iconic LandmarksVisit London's Most Iconic Landmarks

Image Credit: Gustavo Vizart on Unsplash


You are probably the most excited and energized the moment you touch down. So why not burn off that energy walking around London's best attractions? The attractions listed here are within walking distance from each other so you can turn it into your version of a walking tour!

You can start from Green Park and walk towards Buckingham Palace where you can witness the changing of guards ceremony at 10:45 am in front of the palace. Then, take a long stroll through St James Park, admire the swans by the lake, and grab a meal at St James Cafe.

As you walk towards the Palace of Westminster you will notice two of London's most photographed landmarks: the Big Ben and London Eye. To get the same photo angle as our cover photo, head to the end of Westminster Bridge and that's your spot.

Finish the rest of the day with a river cruise from the River Thames that will take you to both the Tower of London and the Tower Bridge, the iconic bridge that is often mistaken as THE London Bridge.


Day 2: Bridges, Food, Southwark AttractionsBridges, Food, Southwark Attractions

Image Credit: Mike Clegg on Pexels


The second day of your trip does require some walking but with more food choices. Start your day with some contemporary art at Tate Modern followed by a quick vegetarian-friendly brunch at either Level 1 or 6 within the building.

Located beside Tate Modern is the Millennium Bridge where you will notice St Paul's Cathedral's dome lined perfectly with the bridge in the backdrop. St Paul has amazing 17th-century architecture so it's worth a visit if you have time.

There are a couple of cafes and restaurants along the way to London Bridge such as Gordon Ramsay's street pizza and Pret A Manger (my go-to place for healthy meals). Keep your meals light as your main course will be at Borough Market, London's oldest food and retail market. This is where you find London's most viral food places such as Bread Ahead Bakery, Kappacasein Dairy, and Turnips' mushroom risotto.

Lastly, head to The Shard for a beautiful view of London's skyline.

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Day 3: Museums Galore & Modern FoodMuseums Galore & Modern Food

Image Credit: Anna Tan


If the weather outdoors isn't permitting, then museums are a great way to spend your time! The V & A, Natural History, and Science Museum are located next to each other so you can't miss them.

If you have no issue with queueing for at least 10 minutes before entering, then start with the Natural History Museum to see the wonderful collection of dinosaurs and other animals. Do allocate enough time for this session as it is possible to spend almost 3 to 4 hours exploring.

The next destination is the V & A Museum located across the road from the Natural History Museum. The Victoria & Albert Museum, as it is officially known, is the world's largest museum of decorative designs and applied arts. Hence, you will notice a wide collection of decorative items from all around the world whether it's paintings. jewelry, column artwork, and many more.

V & A also has a nice cafe in its courtyard and a unique souvenir shop that deserves a visit. After that, it's time to head to the Science Museum where you relive your science and engineering knowledge as you discover the mechanics behind rockets and other devices.

All the above museums are free with certain paid exhibitions within the gallery. I personally think that the free museums are sufficient. With a little bit of time to spare before dinner, you can take another walk around Hyde Park which is London's central park before taking a train to Soho for a selection of hipster restaurants to try (I recommend Berenjak Soho, delightful Iranian Halal food).


Day 4: East London SightseeingEast London Sightseeing

Image Credit: Zck_ on Unsplash


  • Camden Market
  • King's Cross Station
  • Coal Drop's Yard
  • Shopping at Sainsbury's or any supermarket

It's time to take a little break from tourist attractions on the last day of your London trip. This is where you should be thinking about what you can bring home as little souvenirs and experience a different side of London.

Head to Camden Market to discover a great range of street food, souvenirs, and vintage clothing. It brings an artistic feel to the area with its bohemian and hippy vibes. There are also a couple of local supermarkets around the area such as Morrisons and Sainsbury to purchase local snack brands like Graze and Walkers to share with your peers back home.

Last but not least, take a quick stroll around King's Cross Station and this is where you will find a Harry Potter merchandise shop (hard to miss with its long queue) and a trolley stuck to the walls for a photography session.


Final Thoughts

And there you have it, a quick and simple guide for a 4-day trip to London based on my experiences! It is honestly impossible to fit in all of London's hidden gems within such a short amount of time.

However, with this guide, you will graduate from being an inexperienced London tourist to a well-versed London traveler. Share this with your loved ones so they can be on the same page!

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Cover Image Credit: Aron Van de Pol on Unsplash


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