Muslim-Friendly Cities on the 2023 Formula 1 Calendar

By Halal Trip | 18, Jan, 2023
Muslim-Friendly Cities on the 2023 Formula 1 Calendar

It is time for a new season! The 2023 FIA Formula One World Championship will feature a 23-race action-packed schedule, setting a new record to host the most races in the history of the sport.

This will be the 74th edition of the Formula One World Championship, which is set to begin in March and end in November 2023.

The Grand Prix will race across the globe as the sport enjoys a surge in popularity across the world.

Here is a look at some of the Muslim-friendly destinations for Formula 1 fans to visit and see the race trackside in 2023:

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Full 2023 F1 Calendar
Formula 1 Calendar

Image Credit: Formula 1 on Twitter


Bahrain, Sakhir
Bahrain Grand Prix 2012

Image Credit: Ryan BayonaCC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Formula 1 Gulf Air Bahrain Grand Prix 2023

March 3rd - 5th, 2023

The Formula 1 season kicks off in Bahrain on Sunday, 5 March 2023.

The 5.412-kilometer Bahrain International Circuit in Sakhir will host the 2023 Bahrain Grand Prix over 57 laps.

March is one of the best times, in terms of the weather, to visit Bahrain.

Sea activities are very alluring in Bahrain because of the high temperatures, and both visitors and residents enjoy their favorite water sports year-round in Bahrain's warm Arabian Gulf waters. Particularly popular sports include sailing and scuba diving.

The most well-known mall in Bahrain is City Centre Bahrain, which has a cinema, a water park, and many western brands. However, there are several smaller and larger malls spread out throughout the nation.



Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

Formula 1 STC Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023

March 17th - 19th, 2023

The Saudi Arabian Grand Prix 2023 will take place at the 6.175km Jeddah Corniche Circuit on Sunday, 19 March 2023.

Jeddah Corniche Circuit is situated near the shores of the Red Sea, in the second-most populous city of Saudi Arabia. The most visited tourist destination in the nation is Jeddah.

Aside from its proximity to Mecca and its religious significance, Jeddah is a rich city that never fails to impress visitors.

The city blends its historical neighborhoods with opulent hotels and expansive retail areas to create a city that is both old and new.

Take a look at some of the reasons why Jeddah is the highlight city of Saudi Arabia, here!


Australia, Melbourne

Formula 1 Rolex Australian Grand Prix 2023

March 31st - April 2nd, 2023

The 2023 Australian Grand Prix will take place at the 5.278-kilometer Albert Park Grand Prix Circuit on Sunday, 2 April 2023.

Melbourne, which frequently appears on lists of the world's top cities, is a blast all year long, and it only gets better when Formula 1 comes to town.

Melbourne is renowned worldwide for its exceptional dining options and variety. With its diverse population, foodies can savor the flavors of almost any cuisine from around the globe. From sports museums and cricket grounds to road trips and markets, there’s something for everyone in Melbourne.

Finding prayer areas in Melbourne will be quite easy as well, here is our guide to some of Melbourne’s Mosques and prayer areas.

There’s a definite buzz around Melbourne’s streets on Grand Prix weekend, so make the most of your visit to one of Australia’s leading cities!


Azerbaijan, Baku
Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2018

Image Credit: President.azCC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix 2023

April 28th - 30th, 2023

The 2023 Azerbaijan Grand Prix takes place over 51 laps of the 6.003-kilometer Baku City Circuit on Sunday, 30 April 2023.

Located along the coast of the Caspian Sea, and at the crossroads of Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Azerbaijan offers a unique and diverse blend of cultures and architecture that makes it an attractive destination for international tourists.

Baku offers the simple pleasures of exploring the city's streets while taking in the flavors of its diverse food. To whet your appetite, Turkish-style kebabs are sold on nearly every street corner, while Persian cuisine is served in cafés and restaurants throughout the city alongside a variety of spicy meats in aromatic rice dishes.

Furthermore, no trip to Baku would be complete without a visit to the Bulvar. This is the name of the esplanade (or boulevard) that follows the city harbor's coastline.

Also not to be missed is the Heydar Aliyev Cultural Center, a swooping Zaha Hadid monument that is a superb example of modern architecture.

Set your sail to Baku this April; it is sure to be an experience that will not soon be forgotten.

Singapore Grand Prix Skyline

Image Credit: chensiyuanCC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Formula 1 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix 2023

September 15th - 17th, 2023

The 2023 Singapore Grand Prix will take place over 63 laps of the 4.928-kilometer Marina Bay Street Circuit on Sunday, 17 September 2023.

There is absolutely no chance of getting bored at the Singapore Grand Prix. Whether you have the endurance to really enjoy everything the city has to offer is the real question.

Head over to Chinatown, Little India, or Orchard Road to quench your thirst for shopping. Set aside a day to cover the renowned Universal Studios and Resort World Sentosa for a fun family outing.

For the foodie in you, Singapore has a wonderful collision of food cultures from surrounding Asian countries. Do visit the hawker centers around the island that are the backbone of Singapore’s dining scene.

302,000 fans made up the greatest weekend turnout at Marina Bay Street Circuit ever for the 2022 Singapore Grand Prix. What will 2023 have in store?

Check our Singapore City Guide for more tips and suggestions!


Qatar, Lusail

Formula 1 Qatar Grand Prix 2023

October 6th - 8th, 2023

The 2023 Qatar Grand Prix will take place at the 5.38-kilometer Losail International Circuit on Sunday, 8 October 2023.

After successfully hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar is pressing ahead with its sporting ambitions.

The Losail International Circuit is about 30 kilometers (km) north of Doha, the capital of Qatar. Another 10 miles to the south of the railroad is Doha's airport, Hamad International Airport.

Discover the bustling Souq Waqif in Doha, Qatar, and shop till you drop since the souq's twisting pathways provide shoppers with a sensory adventure.

One can simply not miss the desert and its dunes when in Doha. Try out the famous dune bashing across the area, try sand boarding, go camel riding, and be mesmerized by the awesome views.


UAE, Abu Dhabi
Yas Marina Circuit Abu Dhabi Grand Prix

Image Credit: Abed Ismail

Formula 1 Etihad Airways Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2023

November 24th - 26th, 2023

The 2023 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, takes place over 58 laps of the 5.281-kilometer Yas Marina Circuit on Yas Island on Sunday, November 26.

Here are a few things to see and do if you find yourself with a few extra days in the Emirates, whether you're staying on Yas Island itself, in the heart of Abu Dhabi, or even in Dubai. It's a contemporary, global metropolis with upscale retail areas and award-winning eateries.

The first place to visit on anyone’s list should definitely be the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. After having your breath taken away, head over to Ferrari World for a round of adrenaline. The Louvre Abu Dhabi, Emirates Park Zoo, Warner Bros World, Qasr Al Hosn, and Zayed National Museum are other famous places that you can explore during your stay in Abu Dhabi.

Check out HalalTrip’s Abu Dhabi city guide for some extra information to aid your vacation.

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