7 Travel Trend Predictions for 2018

By Zainab Shabbir | 28, Dec, 2017
7 Travel Trend Predictions for 2018

The top travel trends for 2018 is up for grabs- for solo travellers, brides to be, families and students alike. This guide with travel predictions will help you preplan your next vacation in style having tips and tricks for tourism in mind.


1. Voluntourism

Ideal vacation with a perfect balance of adventure and productivity. For students looking to gain university credits or for professionals in any and all fields looking to make a difference and share a helping hand in society, voluntourism is your best shot for a meaningful holiday.


2. Glamping

For the adventure-loving newlyweds who don’t like to compromise on a luxurious honeymoon and for city slickers looking for a camping experience, glamping is the perfect style of vacation in 2018. Top destinations for luxury camping include Thailand, Mongolia and Sri Lanka among the Asian countries.


3. Family Trips

Bonding with family along a road trip to a nearby state is increasingly common and is predicted to be a fast-growing travel trend during the 2018 spring breaks. Pack up with your family and visit a new neighbourhood, country or continent to enjoy the little personal family time off the busy 2018 work schedules.


4. Adventuring

Youth, the most popular travel group, consider adventures as the main criteria for travel. These active tourists look for trekking, sailing, biking, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, you name it, to make their travel a memorable one. Island hopping is predicted to be an increasingly growing trend in 2018 among this travel group.


5. Exploration Trips

Planning visits to an “endangered location” are on the rise and going to be a trendy choice of a travel destination in 2018. National parks, ice-capped mountains and the wildlife reserves are growing in popularity as concerned travellers want to get the best experience of these long-forgotten landscapes before the greenhouse effect takes its toll.


6. Train Travels

The archaic route for travel; the railways are becoming more and more popular as days go by. Solo travellers joining the social travel groups during a retro train ride and continuing their trip as one is a tip and trick that’ll be of much use in 2018. The fashion of solo travel is fading; as social travel is emerging during which you meet like-minded vacationers from various cultural backgrounds.


7. Healing Holiday

Immerse in a vacation spirit that is dedicated to the wellbeing of your health, both mental and physical. Therapy, yoga and spa sessions are just a few activities during your “healing vacation” that you can pamper yourself with. Rejuvenate and upgrade your health status while on your holiday and get back to the busy 2018 schedules with better fitness and a happier outlook on life.

Follow the top travel trends for 2018 and plan your best holiday now, before it’s too late for time flies and before you know it you’ll be waving 2018 “Goodbye”. Make memories; cherish life this New Year.

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