What First-Time Visitors to Malaysia Should Know

By Halal Trip | 24, Jun, 2014
What First-Time Visitors to Malaysia Should Know

Offering a wealth of facilities for Muslim travelers, Malaysia is the best travel destination in the world for Muslim travelers. It is known for its numerous attractions, exotic cuisine and endless shopping opportunities. First-time visitors to Malaysia will be left in awe due to the sheer vibrance and splendor that emanate from every part of the country.

1) A Multicultural Destination


Malaysia is a multi-cultural society and will offer a wide range of experiences for travelers. Muslims make up majority of the population and Islam is the official religion of the country. Though Bahasa Melayu is the official language of the country, English remains the active second language and is widely spoken by most people in the country. Chinese, Iban and Tamil are also common languages around many areas.

2) Malaysian Cuisine - Exotic Flavours

Food plays an important role in Malaysian culture. Malaysian cuisine is considered to be amongst the most-loved food around the world and it reflects the multi-cultural nature of its society. Rice is popular throughout the country and Nasi Lemak is the national dish of the country. Other must-try dishes when traveling to Malaysia include Laksa - a spicy noodle soup, Roti Canai - flatbread served with curry, Banana Leaf Rice and Rojak - a local fruit and vegetable salad with sweet sour sauce.

3) Plenty of Sight-Seeing Options

Attractions in Malaysia range from rich cultural sites to stunning natural scenery and every area of the country has something to offer. Some of the main cities in Malaysia that are well-worth a visit include Kuala Lumpur – the capital city of Malaysia, as well as Georgetown, Johor Bahru, Melaka and Genting Highlands.

- Kuala Lumpur: is an energetic Halal-friendly destination set at the apex of the Klang Valley. The city itself is divided into smaller areas, each having something different to offer. Some of the main attractions in the city include the Petronas Twin Towers, Istana Negara, Tugu Negara, Istana Budaya and the Kuala Lumpur Tower.
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- Georgetown: Being a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Georgetown offers the perfect blend of history and modern city life. Numerous colonial buildings can be witnessed in the city and a stroll through the city streets will reveal plenty of ancient building structures featuring fascinating Islamic architecture. KapitanKeling Mosque, Penang Islamic Museum, Fort Cornwallis, Pinang Peranakan Mansion and Municipal Council of Pulau Pinang Hall are some of the main attractions in Georgetown.
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- Johor Bahru: is located towards the southern peninsula of Malaysia and is considered to be the cultural hub of the region. It is renowned for its architectural wonders and sightseeing opportunities that include numerous mosques and museums such as Sultan Abu Bakar State Mosque, Sultan Abu Bakar Royal Palace Museum, Istana Bukit Serene, Sultan Ibrahim Building and the Johor Bahru Art Gallery.
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- Melaka: The beautiful Melaka city is located on the western coast of Malaysia. Traces of the Dutch, Portuguese and British rule are evident throughout the city through its historic treasures, sites and architecture. In addition to the Melaka River, popular attractions in the city include the Malay and Islamic World Museum, Baba and Nyonya Peranakan Museum, Malaysian Navy Museum and the Stamp Museum.
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- Genting Highlands - A visit to Genting Highlands is considered to be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Though the city is more popular with younger travelers for its entertainment options, Muslim travelers to Genting Highlands will find plenty to do in the city. Some of the popular attractions in Genting Highlands include Genting Outdoor Theme Park, First World Plaza, First World Indoor Theme Park, Awana Genting Highlands Golf & Country Resort, Genting International Convention Centre and Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum.
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Other frequented tourist destinations include Petaling Jaya, Sepang and Kuah. Malaysia will undoubtedly captivate and wow first-time visitors.


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