Located in northeast London is the large cosmopolitan town of Ilford. This commercial and retail hub is also the administrative headquarters of the London Borough of Redbridge. Ilford used to be a small village but has now become one of the fastest-growing...more

Ilford, United Kingdom

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Located in northeast London is the large cosmopolitan town of Ilford. This commercial and retail hub is also the administrative headquarters of the London Borough of Redbridge. Ilford used to be a small village but has now become one of the fastest-growing European tourist destinations. It is home to numerous attractions which will keep visitors extremely occupied. The town is also home to a diverse population, with individuals coming from a variety of different cultures and religions. Ilford is thus home to quite a number of Muslims, making it easy for Muslim visitors to locate Muslim-friendly facilities in Ilford.

Ilford shares many of its attractions with the surrounding towns. There are quite a number of historically significant, as well as architecturally significant buildings in and around Ilford, such as the Eastbury Manor House, which is a fine example of an Elizabethan building. A must-visit when in Ilford is the Valentines Mansion and Gardens, which is located in the heart of the town. This wonderful 300 year old country house and garden has exhibitions on display, as well as, special events and creative workshops for all. While here tourists must explore the recreated Victorian Kitchen and Georgian bedchamber. Visitors also have the chance to dress up in Victorian costumes and pose for pictures. Those visiting must also take a stroll through Valentines Park which is home to incredible areas for picnics, family-friendly activities and more.

Located on the first and second floor of the Ilford Central Library is the fascinating Redbridge Museum. Visiting the museum is a great way to get to know the area and to learn more about it. Home to numerous displays, this museum that opened in 2000, shows visitors the places, events and people who played a big part in Redbride’s history. There is so much to discover here and the displays are changed regularly. The Redbridge Museum is also a great place to take kids.

Kids will also enjoy a day out at the Aldborough Hall Equestrian Centre. Those interested can sign up for lessons in the indoor riding arena, or the outdoor one. More experienced riders can try out the cross country fences and show jumps.

Nearby Airports

The closest airport to Ilford is London City Airport, which is located about 6 kilometres from the town. International visitors can also use the services offered at London Stansted Airport, located about 38.1 kilometres away. Located approximately 38.3 kilometres away is the London Heathrow Airport, which is a major international airport that serves London.

Halal Restaurants

There are numerous restaurants which serve Halal food in Ilford. Cakes and Shakes, Chicken Base, Griller, Wok Wala, Raabitah, Tasty Chicken, Chicken Cottage, Al-Kara, Prime Kebab House and Chunky Chicken are just some of the many Halal restaurants in Ilford. Although most of these restaurants are either Muslim owned and/or Halal certified it is always best to inquire about the Halal status of the food served before ordering. Also, Muslim visitors must be aware that even though some eateries serve Halal food, they also do serve alcohol. Muslims visiting Ilford will also be able to find a couple of internationally known food outlets which serve Halal food; like KFC, Nando’s, Subway and so on.


Muslim visitors will be pleased to know that there are quite a number of mosques in Ilford. The facilities offered at the Ilford Islamic Centre, the Association of Ilford Muslims, the Loxford Muslim Society and Education Centre, the Ilford Mosque, the lford Muslim Community Centre and Mosque, Masjid-e-Owais-e-Qarni and the Seven Kings Mosque are frequently used by locals and tourists alike. There are also numerous other masjids and prayer areas in Ilford. 

Things to Do and See in Ilford

  • Redbridge Museum
  • Eastbury Manor House
  • Valentines Mansion
  • Outdoor activities
  • Aldborough Hall Equestrian Centre
  • Valentines Park
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