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  • Hotel Al Meroz - Bangkok's First Fully Halal Hotel

    It is without a doubt that Bangkok is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Asia. The breathtaking views, the thrilling experiences, the ability to shop and get a whole bundle of clothes and accessories for very affordable prices and the delicious Thai food makes Bangkok a travel destination that any traveller must visit! But for a Muslim traveller the concern lies on how he/she can make their special holiday a halal one, which mainly involves finding halal food, prayer locations and a halal hotel to stay in. These concerns are now a matter of the past because I am about to introduce you to a one of a kind "halal" hotel in Bangkok. If you ever plan to travel to Bangkok in the upcoming future for your halal holiday in Thailand, do check out this hotel which will give you all the necessities that you need to make your stay a comfortable and a halal one! Find things to do in Bangkok Check out our Bangkok airport guide Introducing the Al Meroz Hotel – Bangkok! This hotel has a beautiful exterior adorned with golden domes that give the ambience of a glistening mosque, and it's decorated throughout with a lot of "Islamic" and "Arabian" details, but it is not the look of this hotel that makes it so special. It's the fact that this hotel is built with the aim and motive to provide a Muslim-friendly travel experience to all the Muslim travellers who visit Bangkok. The hotel is located in close proximity to the Bangkok Suvarnbhumi Airport, and offers its own shuttle service to and from the hotel. Furthermore, the hotel is in close proximity to the main attractions in the city of Bangkok, including the Islamic Foundation of Bangkok, and a variety of shopping destinations including the Fortune IT shopping mall, The Pratunam Shopping Arcade, and the Ramkhahaeng Shopping mall. Location Information Address: 4, Soi Ramkhamhaeng Road 5, Ramkhamhaeng Road, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250, Thailand.Tel. : +66 2 136 8700Email: info@almerozhotel.comWebsite: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube   Services Catering to Women For ladies travelling alone or with an all-female group, it is quite a concern when it comes to finding a proper location for your stay, and it can be very uncomfortable calling room service when it's being attended to by a man. Hotel Al Meroz identifies and respects the needs of the lady traveller very well. It is with that concern that they have designated an entire floor of the hotel exclusively for the female guests, which are also attended to by female staff. This way all the Female Muslim travellers can have ease and comfort, while enjoying their holiday to the fullest!   Accommodation The hotel offers 242 rooms in four categories named Superior, Deluxe, Connecting Family Rooms and Suites. All the rooms are comfortable, air-conditioned, well-equipped, and they also mark the Qibla for praying. Each room also includes a praying mat and a copy of the Al Quran, which are the two essentials of any Muslim. Furthermore the Televisions in the rooms are also programmed for family-friendly viewing. Details for what you can expect from each type of room are given below for you to pick whichever best suits your vacation needs! The Superior Room Picture Credit - The Superior Room comprises a large double bed, which is ideal for 2 guests, or it can be alternated to two single beds (an extra bed can be added), and a well-equipped bathroom. The maximum capacatity the room can accommodate is up to 3 adults. The amenities included are coffee or tea making faciites, a safety deposit box, seating area, desk, Qur'an, prayer mat, shower, hairdryer, slippers, free toiletries, wi-fi, a flat-screen TV, cable channels, a telephone, refrigerator, and a wake-up service. The cost of this room will range from $100 to $108 based on season. The Deluxe Room Picture Credit - The Deluxe Room comprises a large double bed, or can be alternated to two single double beds (an extra bed can be added) and a bathroom. The maximum occupancy of this room is 3 adults, and the amenities included in this room are: coffee or tea making facilities, a safety deposit box, seating area, desk, Qur'an, prayer mat, shower, hairdryer, slippers, free toiletries, Wi-Fi, flat screen TV, cable channels, telephone, refrigerator and a wake-up service. The cost of this room will range from $125 to $131 based on season. The Connecting Family Room Picture Credit - This is an ideal room for a family who are on a holiday together. It comprises of two bedrooms, each with its own separate bathroom facilities. The bedroom can be alternated between double beds and single beds but can hold a maximum capacity of six adults. The amenities included in the room are coffee or tea-making facilities, a safety deposit box, seating area, desk, Quran, prayer mat, shower, hairdryer, slippers, free toiletries, Wi-Fi, flatscreen TV, cable channels, telephone, refrigerator and a wake up service. The cost of the room will range from $250 to $265 based on the season. Suite Picture Credit - This is most luxurious room at the Al Meroz hotel – Bangkok. Suite comprises of a bedroom, a living and dining area, and a well-equipped bathroom. Suite has a unique ambiance and decorations, and it offers the best views from the hotel. The amenities available at the room are coffee or tea-making facilities, a safety deposit box, seating area, desk, Quran, prayer mat, shower, hairdryer, slippers, free toiletries, wi-fi, flat screen TV, Cable channels, Telephone, Refrigerator and a Wake-up service. The cost of obtaining a suite will range from $1300 to $1317 based on the season.   Facilities in the Hotel Picture Credit - The hotel offers a beautiful outdoor pool for recreational activities. The decoration of the pool area comprises an attractive Arabian ambience. To maintain privacy and modesty for all Muslim travellers during their halal stay at Bangkok, the pool facilities are open for women during morning hours and for men after midday to avoid any discomfort. Picture Credit - Furthermore the hotel also includes a well-equipped gymnasium for all the Muslim travellers to maintain their fitness during their stay at Bangkok. After all, the food in Thailand is delicious, but you've got to burn the calories off, so you can conveniently hit the gym at the hotel. The hours work the same way as for the pool facility, (morning hours for women and after midday for men). Picture Credit - If you find that praying in your room is not what you prefer, you can head to the prayer rooms located in the hotel premises to offer your salath. The prayer rooms are separate, for men and for women. Picture Credit - The hotel also includes a number of meeting and function rooms equipped with great facilities to cater to any type of event. The Grand Meroz Banquet hall can accommodate up to 650 guests, while the other meeting and conference halls can seat from a range of 30 to 800 guests. Bustan, the open air roof top of the Hotel Al Meroz offers a beautiful view, and is ideal for a ceremonial occasion to host up to 200 guests. The halal-certified kitchens of this beautiful hotel caters for any event to be held at its venue, especially to celebrate a Getaway Muslim wedding.   Dining The hotel comprises two beautiful restaurants named Diwan and Barakat. The ambience in both restaurants is equally stunning, and it's well-equipped with good facilities with well-trained staff to give you a pleasant dining experience. Both restaurants are halal-certified and family-friendly, where no alcohol is served and smoking is not permitted for a comfortable halal dining experience for the entire family. Diwan Picture Credit - The Diwan is an "all-you-can-eat" restaurant which has buffets every day. Each dish is crafted beautifully and delicious to taste. The menu is well laid out and consists of a fusion of different cuisines including Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, European, Japanese and of course, the vibrant cuisine of the hotel’s home country - Thai. You'll have the privilege of enjoying this beautiful array of food for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and due to the variety of food items the buffet comprises, I don’t think you'll ever find it dull during your halal stay at the Hotel Al Meroz. Opening hours: Breakfast – 06.00 to 09.30 / Lunch - 11.30 to 14.30 / Dinner – 18.00 to 22.00   Barakat Picture Credit - On the other hand, the Barakat Restaurant is a classic Mediterranean restaurant in the hotel which has a beautiful interior designed to suit the theme of the restaurant. You'll be able to enjoy a variety of Middle Eastern and Indian dishes at this restaurant. Some of the spotlight dishes at this restaurant include kebabs, hummus varieities, grilled seafood, biryani and baklava. Opening hours - 11.30 - 22.00 hours (Daily) Tel. : For reservations and further information, dial 02-136-8700 extension 4305   Check out our Halal Street Food Guide in Bangkok!...

  • A Muslim's Guide to Thailand's Suvarnabhumi Airport

    Thailand is a popular holiday destination for Muslim travellers, offering fabulous shopping in Bangkok, seaside retreats in cities like Phuket, and adventures with unusual natural formation when visiting Thailand’s many smaller islands. However, the first stop for most holiday goers is the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport opened in 2006. Often known as the new Airport in Bangkok, Thailand, the Suvarnabhumi Airport is one of the biggest international airports in Southeast Asia covering an area of 8,000 acres (3,240 hectares). The Suvarnabhumi International Airport comprising of seven floors and two basements offers Muslim travelers’ duty-free shops, lifestyle and dining options, recreational facilities, banks; ATMs and money exchanges, emergency and medical facilities, lounges for transit passengers, internet cafes and Wi-Fi facilities, buggies for internal transport, luggage wrapping services, airport parking facilities, vehicle rental and taxi services, and the list just goes on! Some of the more interesting features of the airport, that make it Thailand's best airports for Muslim travellers’ results from its Muslim friendly facilities and other conveniences. Credit   Halal Food and Restaurants in the Airport Picture Credit- The Suvarnabhumi Airport not only offers a range of restaurants, cafes, eateries, and fast food joints for travellers placed within four different terminals and three concourses, but there is a signboard on Level 4 that directs Muslim passengers to an area that serves Halal Food! Here are some of the restaurants, food stalls and cafes that serve Halal food. Express Kebab - located on Level 4 and also inside The Miracle Food Village food court on Level 3 Canadian Pizza - located on Level 4 Halah – serving Thai Halal food is located near Gate B on Level 3, Concourse B The Miracle Food Village – a food court located on Level 3. There are some vendors who offer Halal food. They have “HALAL” signs on their name boards. Sareefah - located within the Magic Food Point food court on Level 1 near Gate 8 In addition, there are many seafood options that Muslim travellers can choose from. However, it is best to inquire about the Halal status of each dish before you order. For coffee lovers, the Suvarnabhumi Airport also has Starbucks Coffee, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, and some other local cafes. The Halal food options at Bangkok's airport is wide-ranging and can match different palates and pocket sizes.   Prayer Facilities at Suvarnabhumi Airport One of the more impressive facilities at the Bangkok Airport for Muslim travelers is the prayer rooms located in the Terminal Building Level 3, Airport Transit Area on Level 3 and the Jet Bridge E. There are signboards that direct Muslim passengers to the relevant areas, and inside one will find the relevant facilities including an ablution room. The prayer facilities at Suvarnabhumi Airport are segregated for males and females.   Shopping There is much shopping that can be done at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport. From convenience stores, bookshops, fashion and accessories stores, to souvenir shops, everything can be found under one room at this airport in Bangkok.   Recreational and Spa Facilities The Suvarnabhumi International Airport also has designated recreation areas on Level 4 on Concourses C & D where many events and activities take place daily. There is a Sauna and Spa on Concourse FL3 where travellers can relax between their flights!   Play Areas for Children Picture Credit - The Suvarnabhumi Airport has designated play areas for children, located near the transfer lounges in Concourse B and D and on Level 4 of Concourses C and D.   Halal Restaurants Near Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok For those Muslim travellers on a long transit and able to leave the airport, or those transferring to another airport, and for passengers entering the Bangkok after a long-haul flight, there are some Halal food restaurants available close to the Suvarnabhumi Airport. Some of these are Aleeus Halal Food, Kobang Halal Food, Go To Grill, Fahana Italian Halal Restaurant, and Mabuba Halal Food. For location details, a quick Google search will do the trick!   BONUS: Good-to-know point of the Suvarnabhumi International Airport   There’s free drinking water near most bathrooms. Showers are available in a few of the paid lounges. Economy class travellers can buy a pass and relax in several airport lounges. Check at the information desk for locations and rates. Free Wi-Fi is available at Suvarnabhumi Airport for up to 2 hours per day. There are 126 internet kiosks offering free internet. However, users can only connect for 15 minutes at a time, but once your time expires you can log in again. Download the HalalTrip Islamic Travel app for more airport guides and to help locate Halal restaurants near you. ...

  • The 7 Top Halal-Friendly Restaurants in Bangkok, Thailand

    For every Muslim traveller travelling to a Non-Muslim country, certain things can be troublesome. One of those things is finding the right food and by right food, I mean 'Halal food'. Thankfully for those visiting Bangkok, this isn't a big issue since you will find plenty of Halal food restaurants around the city. Bangkok is the prime destination for travellers from nearby Muslim majority countries such as Malaysia and Indonesia. Locating a Halal food restaurant is easy, usually, the restaurants have the word 'Halal' written on their logo, so if you see one you know where to go. Here are 7 restaurants that I think everyone travelling to Bangkok should check out:   1. Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant Located in Bangrak district, just opposite to the French Embassy, Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant is a family restaurant which offers a variety of dishes such as Chicken Biryani, Tom Yum soup and many interesting Thai dishes. There's another positive to dining in at this place, there's a mosque nearby, so, if you're late for prayers you won't have to worry about finding a mosque.Click here for more information about Home Cuisine Islamic Restaurant   2. The Muslim Restaurant Picture Credit -   You can find this restaurant at the Charoen Krung road near its junction with Silom road. You can find food made in Isaan (Thailand's North-Eastern region) fashion here. The restaurant also offers a number of Pakistani and Indian dishes to its customers. The food is believed to be so good that according to visitors they sometimes run out of food so if you're planning to visit, try to be there on time. Click here for more information about The Muslim Restaurant 3. Sophia Restaurant You can find it at the Ramkhamhaeng alley, it offers options for Halal fast food including Burgers. Furthermore, for those coming from Malaysia and Singapore, the good news is that you can communicate with the staff in the Malay language. However, the most liked thing about this place is its cosy interior. Click here for more information about Sophia Restaurant 4. Punjab Grill Picture Credit - This restaurant can be found in Radisson Suites Bangkok Sukhumvit hotel. As you would've guessed from its name, Punjab Grill specializes in making dishes that are native to the Punjab region of South Asia (India & Pakistan). The restaurant offers musical shows six nights a week where a number of renowned Indian singers are known to perform.Click here for more information about Punjab Grill   5. Beirut Restaurant Picture Credit - Found in Sukhumvit Soi 39, Phrom Chit alley, Beirut Restaurant specializes in crafting delicious Lebanese food. The price might look a bit unjust but believe me the food makes it worth it. Moreover, the restaurant also offers mouthwatering vegetarian dishes. Finding the restaurant could be a challenge for some as it is hidden in the back streets of Bangkok.Click here for more information about Beirut Restaurant   6. The Great Kabab Factory The Great Kabab Factory is located in the Majestic Grande Hotel building at 12 Sukhumwit road and can be accessed from both Nana and Phloen Chit station of the BTS Sukhumwit line you would have to walk for a few minutes though. The restaurant opens at 11 in the morning and closes at 11 at night. It mainly serves Indian styled food including Kebabs and curries. The restaurant offers a buffet in a unique way, you don't have to get up, instead, the food will be served on your table.Click here for more information about The Great Kabab Factory   7. Bangkok River city cruise Unlike any conventional restaurant, The Bangkok River City cruise offers visitors a chance to see the beauty of Bangkok while munching their favourite food. You can find numerous companies that offer these services in the River City. the food is not always Halal but you can inform the company so that they may prepare halal food for you. The cruise runs along the Chao Phraya River. During the journey, you can witness the sparkling skyline of Bangkok and see important cultural and national landmarks such as the King's Palace and several golden temples.   Finding Halal food is not that difficult in Bangkok, apart from the above-mentioned restaurants you can find small side shops, local diners, and food stalls that serve Halal food, remember all these places will have 'Halal' mentioned in their logo otherwise there would be a Kalma written in Arabic.   Download the Halal Trip Islamic Travel App to find more halal restaurants near you....

  • Mosques in Bangkok - Where to Pray?

    Bangkok is the largest and most populous city and the capital of Thailand. It is also an amazing place to visit with many great opportunities for those who love to travel; from culture and food to shopping and adventure, Bangkok's got it all! But if you're worried about finding nearby mosques in Bangkok, you don't have to! A simple web search will show you all the beautiful mosque pictures in Thailand, but now its time to get off the internet and experience the real thing! Here's your Muslim visitor guide to Bangkok, with a list of famous mosques in Thailand.   1. Wadi Al Hussein Mosque During your travel in Thailand, one of the mosques that your Muslim visitor guide to Bangkok cannot miss is the Al Hussein Mosque. Dubbed the “300 Year Mosque” by locals, it has been around for that many years and more. It is one of the oldest mosques in Thailand, with a wooden architecture and terracotta roof that drew inspiration from traditional buildings of China, Malaysia, and Thailand. It was built in 1634 during the Pattani kingdom in a joint effort by the Muslims and Buddhists of the community. The handwritten Quran and the construction plans for the mosque remain even today and are definitely an amazing piece of history to witness on your Muslim tour to Bangkok. Address: Talomano Narathiwat, Thailand.   2. Ton Son Mosque Picture Credit - Dating back to 1688, this mosque was built during the Ayutthaya period. Originally called “Kudai Yai”, it was a teak house built on a platform with a roof of terracotta tiles resembling the hall of a Buddhist monastery. It was then renovated into a brick building, only for it to be built up from the ground again in 1952 as a concrete one due to the instability of the earlier one. This was also when it received its current name “Ton Son'', which is the Thai name for the twin pine tree, as one was planted in front of the gate and walls of the mosque. The mosque is easily accessible by public boat, and ideal if you are looking to find nearby mosques in Bangkok when travelling to Wat Arun or Wat Kanlayanamit. Address: Bangkok, Thailand 10600, Thailand.Phone: +66 2 466 5326   3. Bang Luang Mosque Picture Credit - The Bang Luang Mosque was built in 1767 by Thai Muslims who lived by the Bang Luang Canal during the time of King Taskin as he fought to liberate Thailand from Burma. It is another one of the oldest mosques in Bangkok, and one of the only mosques that remain in brick and concrete (traditional Thai style). The mosque has 30 minarets, which are said to symbolize the 30 chapters of the Holy Quran, and the inside consists of tri-ethnic arts. This mosque continues to serve the community today as it did all those years ago, and the people who live here are now referred to as the Kudi Khao Community. Address: Bangkok, Thailand 10600, Thailand.Phone: +66 89 130 1358   4. Bangkok Mosque Picture Credit - Constructed in 2007 by the Tamil Association of Thailand (TMA), this mosque serves as the centre of the Tamil-speaking Muslim community in Thailand. The beautiful mosque draws inspiration from traditional South-Indian buildings and is painted white with gold accents that make it stand out. The mosque conducts lectures, Friday Jummah prayers, and other community-related events. Islamic and Quran classes are also held for girls, boys, and children. Address: Thanon Surawong - Soi San Chao Maepla Taphian, Bang Rak, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand.Phone: +66 2 639 6431Website:   5. The Foundation of the Islamic Centre of Thailand Picture Credit - The Islamic Foundation of Thailand is one of the largest mosques in Bangkok and is definitely one place to add to your list of famous mosques in Thailand. It is also one of the most beautiful mosques in Bangkok. The building houses two main prayer halls with the combined capacity to hold 3000 people, two ablutions areas, a large auditorium, library, bookstore, food hall, and office premises. One of the main aims of this mosque is to educate the non-Muslim community and to create a peaceful environment for all. Its unique architecture is another thing that you cannot miss. The intricately decorated inside of gold and blue accents and the pillars outside that resemble upturned umbrellas are a magnificent sight to see! Address: Soi Ramkhamhaeng 2, Suan Luang, Bangkok 10250, Thailand.Phone: +66 2 314 5638   6. Indonesia Mosque   If you are looking to locate mosques on your mobile during your travel in Thailand, this is one to add to your list of mosques in Bangkok. Located near the American Embassy and the Lumphini Park, Masjid Indonesia (a.k.a. Masjid Polo), is a quiet, clean, and peaceful mosque to stop at during a busy day of sightseeing. There are also a few Halal food shops outside, so you can fill your bellies as well! Address: Polo 5 Alley, Khwaeng Lumphini, Khet Pathum Wan, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10330, Thailand.   7. Haroon Mosque Picture Credit - This is another famous mosque in Thailand, and if you're in the Silom or Bangrak area and are looking to find nearby mosques in Bangkok, then this the ideal mosque. It was constructed in 1837 by an Indonesian-Arab trader but was reconstructed in 1934. The mosque is usually crowded with people and is frequented by African, Indian and Pakistani expat families living in Bangkok. The officials here speak English, and the Jummah Khutbah is also often repeated in English. Address: 25 Charoen Krung Rd, Khwaeng Bang Rak, Khet Bang Rak, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10500, Thailand.Website: 8. Darulmuttakeen Mosque   Picture Credit - Completed in 1893, this old mosque is situated on the bank of the Saen Sap Canal. Originally it was a modest construction of wood and thatched roof, but about a 100 years ago it was rebuilt and decorated by a publicly-funded campaign by the Muslims in the area. It is a beautiful mosque, so make sure to stop by this prayer place in Bangkok if you're in the area. Location: 18/1 Khu Khwo Road, Nong Chok district.   9. Darul Aman Mosque Picture Credit -  Located near many shopping and entertainment places like MBK Shopping Center and Bangkok hotel that you can visit on your travel to Thailand is Darul Aman Mosque in Petchaburi Road Soi 7. This beautiful mosque is easy to spot and the ideal place to pray and rest during a busy day of shopping. There are also plenty of Halal food shops situated outside the mosque, so you can stop by for a bite to eat after praying. Address: Phetchaburi Rd, Khwaeng Thung Phaya Thai, Khet Ratchathewi, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10400, Thailand.Phone: +66 85 232 6114   10. Thai-Pakistan Friendship Mosque Picture Credit - This mosque was built by the Thai Pakistani Friendship Association in Bangkok, an organization that was inaugurated 20 years ago in order to promote an exchange of culture and brotherhood among the people of both countries. It is also sometimes known as “Masjid Shaboojan Autthaya” after the place it is situated in. The mosque conducts Jummah prayers, and iftar with delicious Pakistani food during Ramadan (so if you're travelling during Ramadan and are looking at your Muslim visitor guide to Bangkok for where to stop and breakfast, you know where!) There are also a few restaurants serving Pakistani and Indian food outside the mosque. Address: Bangkok, Thailand 10500, Thailand.Phone: +66 2 235 2786 ...

  • Getting Around in Bangkok By Public Transport

    So you have booked your tickets, planned your accommodation and thought of where you want to visit while on holiday in Bangkok, Thailand. But there is also one more important thing you need to consider; that is how to get around in Bangkok. When you travel to a foreign country, the use of public transportation may be somewhat daunting. In contrast to this common notion, getting around Bangkok on local transport is actually a preferred method. Therefore we have put together a guide to the Bangkok city's transportation to help you find some of the easy and quick ways to get around in Bangkok. Credits:   Airport City Link   The Airport City Link is one of the first methods of Bangkok public transportation you can try out as soon as you arrive in the city. Starting from the main airport Suvarnabhumi International Airport, this subway line is a quick and easy way to reach the city, and most importantly is a great way to escape the city traffic. The City Line operates from 6 in the morning till midnight, so you can conveniently travel around the city till late at night. You can get two types of tickets - pre-paid Smart Passes and single-trip tokens, which are recommended for tourists. Tickets are easily available at automated machines and the entire trip will only take between 15-30 minutes depending on your destination. What's even better, a ticket costs only 15 to 45 THB which is equivalent to 0.45 to 1.35 USD! Also make sure to hang on to your tokens, as they are collected at the exit gate for recycling.   BTS Skytrain   Once you reach the city centre, the BTS Skytrain is one of the two main ways for getting around Bangkok on local transport. This elevated rail offers users, several benefits including the fact that it is fast, affordable and allows you to witness the beautiful surroundings of Bangkok city. There are two lines - the Silom line and Sukhumvit line - which connects at the Siam Station. The BTS Skytrain is well connected and is one of the easiest and quickest ways to get around in Bangkok to reach main commercial centers like the Chatuchak weekend market and Sukhumvit Road, the Asok Station to reach famous shopping malls like Terminal 21 and Times Square, and the Siam Station leading to one of the most trendy shopping areas in the city. You can opt to purchase single stop tickets priced at 15 THB / 0.45 USD or go for the most recommended option of a One-Day Pass priced at 140 THB / 4.20 USD.   Tip: You might want to avoid using this method of Bangkok public transportation during rush hours between 07:00 – 09:00 and 16:00 – 19:00, as they tend to get extremely crowded.   Mass Rapit Transit (MRT) Underground Train   The Metro system of Bangkok is a single line that connects between Bang Sue to Hua Lamphong with many 18 key stops along the way. All the trains in operation are fully air-conditioned and do not allow the consumption of food and drinks onboard. Here you can also purchase tokens for single trips or even get a 1-day ticket for unlimited rides within a single day. Some of the main stations closer to popular attractions include Lumphini – close to the Suan Lum Night Bazaar and several foreign missions, Phahon Yothin – to visit the massive shopping mall Central Lad Phrao, and Sukhumvit – close to Terminal 21 and also has an interchange with the BTS Asok Station.   Tip: If you're heading to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, the Kamphaeng Phet Station is much more convenient than the Chatuchak Park Station (BTS).   Taxi   If you are looking at how to get around in Bangkok especially during rush hours, taxis are the simplest and most convenient ways of doing so. These brightly colored taxis are quite comfortable and spacious, and come fixed with meters so you don’t have to haggle.   Tip: The taxi drivers tend to quote tourists a price for the destination. Try to negotiate with them as prices quoted are usually much higher than what the meter would cost you.   Tuk Tuk   These small three-wheeled vehicles are quite commonly found in Thailand. They are highly popular among locals for short stops and are something you should try too. You can negotiate prices before the ride and a reasonable fare would be about 20 THB / 0.60 USD per kilometre.   Tip: Some drivers would recommend you another destination - don't give in because their aim is to get commissions for bringing tourists there.   With this guide, have a fun, convenient and affordable travel in Bangkok, Thailand! ...