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  • Airlines in East Asia Offering Halal In-Flight Meals

    When making travel plans, one of the biggest concerns is the food – what are the Halal options in the country we are visiting, or what are the alternatives? Sometimes we tend to forget that the journey starts from the airport – does the airline that we are taking offer Halal food? If you are travelling from a Muslim country or with a Muslim airline, you don’t have anything to worry about. If you don’t want a vegetarian meal, however, it is better to know your options, and if there are any at all. Travelling from or in East Asia can be tricky because the cuisine is so different and the ingredients might be vague, so here is our guide to which airlines provide Halal in-flight food, and everything you need to know about getting them. Check out the airlines in Southeast Asia offering Halal in-flight meals First, to be clear, East Asia is classified as China, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, North Korea, South Korea, Macau and Mongolia. China has several airlines to its name and most of them provide options for Halal meals. China Southern Airlines In order to accommodate as many people as possible, China Southern Airlines provides lots of options, one of which is the Moslem meal. It has to be booked at least 24 hours beforehand through customer service and is only available for dinner, snacks or a light meal. Please note that any changes in the flight – delays or cancellations – will affect the meal reservations. A passenger is allowed only one special meal per flight. China Eastern Airlines Once you have made your booking, call your local office to make a reservation for a Moslem Meal – or any other special meal – and you will be assisted. Most airlines state a general rule of reserving special meals 24 hours in advance, so don’t leave it until the last minute. China Eastern Airlines also offers various other options that take care of those with allergies or other preferences. Air China Air China offers in-flight Halal meals that need to be specified 24 hours in advance. The airline states that Kosher Meals are not available on all domestic flights or domestic segments for routes departing from Saipan, Sapporo, Sendai, South Korea, Jakarta, India, Karachi, Australia and Yekaterinburg. So it is worth double checking the availability of Halal food in-flight if your route leaves from any of the places listed above. Xiamen Airlines You can place the booking for a Halal meal when booking your flight, and make sure to confirm your preference at least 24 hours in advance as Halal meals are limited. This part is important, as the airline stresses on confirming the Halal meal. They also offer Vegetarian, Western Vegetarian and Seafood Meals in case you miss out on the Halal option. Sichuan Airlines The last in the list of Chinese Airlines, Sichuan Airlines offers health conscious and religious conscious meals – Halal meals being amongst them. Book your in-flight preference when you make your ticket reservation, and don’t forget to confirm it at least 24 hours before flight departure. Follow the airport guide to Beijing Explore amazing places in China Japan Airlines If you prefer going through the website, submit your choice for a Halal in-flight meal at least 25 hours before flight departure, or 24 hours ahead through phone. If you are changing your flight reservations, be sure to mention your special meal preferences too. Double check the availability of Halal meals, since special meal services may not be available on the code-share flights operated by another carrier. Japan Airlines recently went all out in accommodating Muslim travelers by even switching all dishware used for the Muslim meals to disposable ones – to make their travelers feel as comfortable and secure as possible. AirAsia In general, when flying Air Asia you have nothing to fear as they offer a Muslim-friendly in-flight food menu for all meals. They source all their meat from Halal certified suppliers, with the exception of AirAsia Japan and Philippines. All Nippon Airways Known for their delicious meals and classy chefs, All Nippon Airways also offers Halal in-flight meals. It needs to be booked at least 48 hours before departure either through their reservations department or online. If you have booked your ticket through a travel agent, then your request for a special meal must be made through the travel agent as well. Visit top attractions in Japan Best places to visit in Japan Cathay Pacific Flying to and from Hong Kong, Cathay Pacific offers a Moslem Meal under their special meal options, which has to be ordered up to 24 hours before departure. If you are flying Cathay Pacific to Indonesia, Malaysia, Maldives, Middle East and Pakistan, note that all main meals are Halal certified. Korean Air You can book an in-flight Halal meal 24 hours in advance, but since special meal offerings vary depending on where you are departing from, it is better to double check the availability. While the airline states Seoul accommodates its passengers in this regard, it is always better to be sure. Amazing attractions in South Korea Asiana Airlines Your other airline option when flying to and from South Korea, Asiana Airlines allows you to order a Moslem Meal 24 hours before departure. They also offer a variety of meals and take into consideration dietary requirements or allergies. Plan a trip to Seoul China Airlines When flying to and from Taiwan, you can be sure that Halal food will be provided on the journey if you specify your preference to the airline at least 24 hours before departure. China Airlines wants to make their passengers feel as comfortable as possible and meet their needs when it comes to age, health, religion or anything else. Look at airport guides to Taiwan It turns out that Muslim travel is definitely being accommodated more as several airlines offer the option of Halal meals. If you want to know how to book in-flight Halal food in advance, just call up the airline or travel agent and they should be happy to help. Note that the terms for these in-flight meals are generally ‘Moslem Meal’ or ‘Halal meal’ under the Special Meals option. State your preferences when you make your flight booking and confirm it at least 24 hours before your flight departure to ensure that you have a satisfying journey. Booking a flight has never been easier so start planning your trip today and explore some interesting destinations!...

  • Find Nearby Halal-Friendly Food in Dubai: Eat like a Local

    Dubai in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a Halal food paradise. This is due to most of the food imported into the UAE being Halal with the exception of certain non-Halal foods which can only be sold in a separately labelled area or licensed shop (such as pork and alcohol).  For the control of Halal products imported into the UAE, the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology has now introduced a special 'Emirati system' which includes Halal certification mark. Due to increasing governing body standards, restaurants in general, do maintain the Halal standards despite no formal Halal certification in place for restaurants. International food chains such as McDonalds and KFC ensure the use of Halal certified meats, and the preparation meets the Halal standards. Where to eat in Dubai when on a budget? Dubai may have five-star or seven-star hotels, and luxury dining but don’t be surprised to know that there are many hole-in-the-wall ethnic eateries and authentic local corner joints that remain favourite among local Emiratis, Muslim expatriates, and regular visitors. Dubai is home to people from many nationalities with a wide range of budgets. There are also plenty of vegetarian restaurants that are affordable and filling. Credit - The following are the top 7 budget local eateries and Muslim friendly joints which are popular among Emiratis and various expatriates in Dubai:   1. Ravi Picture Credit - Ravi is not just a local hero but also a global name among tourists visiting Dubai. They serve Pakistani dishes that steal the heart of many, from taxi drivers to professional expatriates. Do try the biryani, mixed grill, peshwari mutton, chicken kadai or chicken Mughlai. Make sure you don’t miss out on the freshly made naan bread. It is advised to come for breakfast to try their famous haleem (stew made of wheat) or nihari (meat stew). Ravi restaurant is a very simple restaurant serving food on the plastic table that is light on the wallet but is packed with flavours. Location: Shop # 245, Al Dhiyafa Rd, Opp. Emirates Co-operative Society, Al Satwa, Dubai Contact: +971 4 331 5353 Website: here for more information about Ravi Restaurant   2.Metro Falcon Metro Falcon is a cafeteria corner that serves a wide variety of Indian, Chinese, Arabic and Continental food to suit your taste buds. You can never go wrong with the biryani dishes, machboos, kadai special ranges, mixed grills (sherry fish and lamb chop), burgers, shawarma, manchurian dishes, chicken 65, or chicken hydrabadi. Wash it down well with any of their tall fresh juices or try their version of Malaysian tea. There are also plenty of choices of salads on the menu for vegetarians. Location: Ahmad Ramzan Jumaa Mosque Building, Behind Shangri-La, Al Satwa, Dubai Contact: + 971 4 343 2020 Website: here for more information about Metro Falcon   3.Noodle Bowl Picture Credit - Noodle Bowl is the best place to eat Cantonese cuisine and dishes from Malaysia. This haunt is a real jewel in a Dubai where Chinese food is often a hit and miss. Regular visitors usually stick to their favourites from the extensive menu but the real delights are the selection of Malaysian dishes on the menu. Try the nasi lemak (coconut rice), Assam Laksa, salted fish fried rice, lo mee, Hainan chicken rice, wonton noodle soup, or beef rendang. They also serve special noodles on the menu such as a mixed Hofen and rice noodles in sauce. Wash it all down well with a glass of sweet tofu drink. Location: Dine Centre, Al Diyafah Street, Al Satwa, Dubai Contact: +971 4 345 3381 Click here for more information about Noodle Bowl   4.Café Betawi Picture Credit - This small and simple establishment in Karama serves authentic Indonesian cuisine. While the menu may not be extensive, they serve East Java delicacies such as rendang, gado-gado, nasi padang and ayam penyet at a reasonable price. If you are taking the Dubai Metro, stop by at their express outlet (Betawi Express) by the Emirates Towers Metro Station, South Exit 2.  Cafe Betawi is a must visit to fix one’s Indonesian food craving. Location: Shop No.20,21, Mabrook Building, 4 B St., Opp. Park Regis Hotel, Al Karama, Dubai Contact: +971 56 759 8118 Website: here for more information about Café Betawi   5.Eat And Drink Picture Credit - Eat and Drink is a convenient takeout place for a quick bite of Arabic, Indian and Chinese food. Available at many locations around Dubai, they are well-known among locals for shawarma, pita, and hummus dip, to their Lebanese grill feast. Their slogan of 'quality food at affordable prices' will not disappoint you. You can dine in or simply order from your car and they will bring the food to you while you wait inside the car. Location: Various Website: eatanddrinkgroup.comClick here for more information about Eat And Drink   6.Karachi Darbar Picture Credit - www.masala.comA popular Pakistani restaurant chain, Karachi Darbar is one of the oldest restaurant chains in the United Arab Emirates. They are committed to a high quality of food and best hygiene standards. Try the chicken tikka biryani or Karachi tikka kadai. Chinese and other Indian dishes are also on the menu. The restaurant has a lively atmosphere and you will leave the restaurant wanting more of the delicious food. The restaurant is best for all-day dining. Location: Various Website: www.karachidarbargroup.comClick here for more information about Karachi Darbar   7.Saravana Bhavan Picture Credit - www.veggiebuzz.comSaravanan Bhavan is a quality Indian vegetarian restaurant that is a part of a worldwide chain originating from Chennai. For breakfast try their poori, iddiyappam, dosa, idli or aapam. They could be serving the best masala dosa in town or if you like string hopper, they serve a coconut and lemon version that is worth a try. For lunch, it’s all about the delicious thali set that is easy on your wallet. Location: Various Website: www.saravanabhavan.comClick here for more information about Saravana Bhavan Wondering how to find nearby Halal food in Dubai? Don’t forget to use the Halaltrip app to locate Halal food places on your mobile in Dubai so you won’t miss out on the best halal food...

  • A Scandinavian Escapade For 10D9N

    A Scandinavian Escapade For 10D9N   Representing the cultural and historical region of Northern Europe, Scandinavia is an often overlooked region by travellers who plan a trip to this part of the world. In fact, there is quite a number of Scandinavia attractions that are truly mind-blowing and are guaranteed to make your holiday experience a unique and unforgettable one. Since most of the Scandinavian destinations are somewhat spread out, you might find it a bit overwhelming to plan out your stay. To make your dream of enjoying a Muslim-friendly travel to Scandinavia we have put together a comprehensive Scandinavian travel itinerary planned for a 10D9N escapade that will help you embark on this amazing journey of a lifetime.   DAY 1-2: Helsinki Picture Credit -   We recommend you begin your Scandinavia holidays from Helsinki, the capital and largest city of Finland. The city is packed with many things to see and do, and what is great is that most of their Scandinavian attractions are located in a compact radius. For accommodation, you might want to try the Crowne Plaza or Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel that will treat you to the finest luxuries of Scandinavia. Once you have settled down, you can begin your explorations by visiting iconic landmarks like the Helsinki City Museum and Suomenlinna sea fortress which is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. On day two you can continue your sightseeing journey covering more attractions like the Design Museum and Hietaniemi Beach. To enjoy the perfect Halal tour to Scandinavia, lookout for some of the best Halal restaurants like New Bamboo Center, Fez and Singapore Restaurant located in the city.   DAY 3-5: Stockholm Picture Credit -   As the next stop on your Scandinavian holiday, you can take a short flight to reach Stockholm. Stockholm could be identified as one of the most famous Scandinavian destinations you should definitely visit. As the capital and largest city of Sweden, the city will take you on a remarkable journey to discover the rich culture and heritage of Scandinavia. Because there is so much to see in this city, it is highly recommended to purchase a My Stockholm Pass available online. This way you can gain free entry to many top attractions, enjoy free boat and bus tours and even get a complimentary guidebook packed with useful information.   A trip to Gamla Stan or Old Town is a great way to begin your journey through this amazing city. The cobblestone lined streets and shops and buildings displaying medieval architecture provide great photo opportunities and ample amounts of entertainment. To keep you busy for the next few days are other main attractions like the Nobel Museum, the Royal Palace, City Hall, Vasa Ship Museum and the Stockholm Grand Mosque which boasts a proud history of over 100 years. For accommodation, you could consider the Sheraton Stockholm Hotel or Park Inn by Radisson Stockholm. There are also quite a number of Halal restaurants in and around Stockholm including Pakistani Dhaba, Lilla Karachi and Zartosht. Also, don’t forget to take a tram ride to reach the harbour shore which is truly an enjoyable experience.   DAY 6-7: Bergen On Day 6 you could arrive in Bergen a small quiet city that gives out a unique charm to help you enjoy a more relaxing time as part of your Scandinavian travel itinerary. As you walk bout this historic city you will be able to admire the beauty of the Bryggen Hanseatic Wharf which is a designated UNESCO World Heritage site. Another must-do activity is taking the Fløibanen funicular to the top of Fløyen and enjoy the breathtaking view of the city and the fjord from over 1000 feet above sea level.   DAY 8-9: Flam to Oslo Picture Credit - As you travel from different points to another on the Scandinavia map, the various transportation methods you would take will make your trip even better. You can reach your next stop, the town called Flam by rail, bus or ferry and the board a train to get you to Oslo. The Kjosfossen Waterfall is an amazing attraction you can witness while at the Flam Railway. Be prepared to enjoy a journey that has been described as one of the most beautiful in the world as you pass through tunnels and steep tracks surrounded by picturesque landscapes.   Once you reach Oslo, the capital city of Norway, you will be greeted by many wonderful things including iconic attractions like the National Gallery, Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, Frogner Park, Viking Ship Museum and plenty of scenic hiking and walking trails. Since your trip is drawing to an end, you might want to catch up on your shopping at places like Akersgata, Byporten, Glasmagasinet, and Oslo City to grab some great things to take back home with you.   DAY 10: Copenhagen A ferry ride is one of the best options to get you to Copenhagen from Oslo. Copenhagen has many attractions but as the city is quite compact, you can cover much ground on the final day of your Scandinavia holidays. During this time you can remind yourself of the magical charm of Scandinavia by enjoying a walk through Nyhavn and visit popular sites like Amalienborg Palace and see the over 100-year-old Little Mermaid statue, Rosenborg Castle, and enjoy a calm evening at the Tivoli Gardens to prepare you for your journey back home. You can bid adieu to Scandinavia from the Copenhagen Airport, which is a great departure point for your Halal tour to Scandinavia.   Scandinavia facts to note before your journey   Language barriers are not something you need to worry about when you travel to Scandinavia because most locals speak English. The best time to visit Scandinavia is during spring or early summer when the Scandinavian weather is at its best allowing you to witness the true beauty of the scenic landscapes while spending more time outdoors. For more articles on travel itineraries, ideas and inspirations check out our travel blog. ...

  • The Enticing Flavours of Dubai Food

    Finding Halal restaurants in Dubai will be quite a simple task. With almost every restaurant in Dubai serving Halal food, Muslim travellers will be presented with an amazing variety of mouthwatering dishes to choose from – including popular local delights such as Shawarmas and Falafels. A wide range of food is on offer, with Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and South Asian fare available at numerous restaurants. A few prominent restaurants and eateries have been highlighted below: Chili's is one of the most popular hamburger restaurants in Dubai that runs on a delightful chili house theme with a southwestern flair. With outlets scattered across the country, Chili’s offers a variety of scrumptious fast food options ranging from burgers to sandwiches and pitas to BBQ ribs. Fire-grilled steaks, Pastas and Seafood dishes are some of the other popular options at Chili's amongst locals. Another popular restaurant in Dubai is the Zahrat Bilad al Sham Restaurant which offers a wide array of authentic Middle Eastern cuisine. It is known for serving some of the best Falafels in town, with shawarmas and kebabs also being hot favourites. Though takeaways are extremely popular, the restaurant also offers an elegant dining venue that has the perfect ambience for a quiet family meal or private gathering. For exquisite South Asian cuisine, Muslim travellers should try the Karachi Darbar restaurant which is located at 235 Regent Street. Karachi Darbar Restaurant offers a wide variety of food ranging from Indian to Pakistani to Chinese to Mughlai cuisine. BBQ and vegetarian options are also popular and the Karachi Biryani is perhaps one of the best dishes on offer! The restaurant is well-known amongst locals for serving some of the best food in the area and it is a highly recommended spot when travelling to Dubai. The Automatic Restaurant is an excellent Lebanese restaurant located at Dubai's Jumeirah Beach Residence, providing good food and fantastic views at the same time. The restaurant is frequented by more local residents than tourists, unlike some of the other spots in the area, but the food at Automatic Restaurant is as good as it gets. Shawarmas to Kebabs to Fattoush to Hummus - there's something on offer for everyone, at a good price range and uncompromising quality. In addition to the popular and well known dining spots in Dubai, travellers could also visit Emly & Chilli - a delightful Pakistani fast food restaurant located at a number of spots across Dubai serving a range of scrumptious rolls, Bun kebabs, grilled meats and Biryani. "Chill Out Meals" and "Family Meals" are popular menu items and it is also possible to opt for takeaways.  A rapidly-growing International Halal fast food chain - Chicking Fried Chicken - has a global presence that spans across nearly 20 countries. Chicking Fried Chicken in Dubai is located at Mohammad Al Rizwan Building, opposite the Marcopolo Hotel, and offers full Halal menus of a wide assortment of scrumptious fast food. Several other excellent dining spots in Dubai are available at the Dubai Mall area which also presents travellers with a wealth of shopping opportunities. Exploring the city area will reveal plenty more dining options. The choices are endless! Click here for a Muslim-friendly guide to Dubai . ...

  • Guide to Finding Halal food in Switzerland

    Mostly known for its delicious, creamy, chocolates and gorgeous landscapes, Switzerland is a gem like no other. With snow tipped mountains, lush greenery and azure lakes, you inhale paradise and exhale contentment. Actually rated the happiest country in the world according to the 2015 World Happiness Report, this place is most definitely worth a visit! . Islam in Switzerland Islam in Switzerland has been on the rise since the first mosque was built in Zurich in 1963. Due to immigration, the numbers have quintupled in the following thirty years. The country is incredible accommodating in allowing mosques to be built freely, enabling plenty of Muslim-friendly facilities. Even though a law passed in 2009 stated that no new minarets can be built, the number of mosques continue to grow in buildings that sometimes double as Islamic centers. Given the evenly spread Muslim population in Switzerland, Muslim facilities and Halal food in Switzerland are easily available. . Halal food in Switzerland Although Zurich is better known, Bern is actually the capital of Switzerland. And even though it is less populated than Zurich, it has beauty in its own right. The Gurten is a developed summit meant for outdoor leisure, a short tram ride from the town. Enjoy the sunshine – or skiing, if the snow has reached the low peak, the views, hiking, or cycling on the tracks provided. All the Halal restaurants in Bern are concentrated towards the south, so even though there are restaurants available at the summit, eat at your own risk. Furkan Metzgerei and Palmyra Restaurant are some of those that serve Turkish cuisine. Taste familiar flavours at Welcome India House, Curry King and Kashmir Indian Restaurant, amongst others. Domino Café Restaurant serves Lebanese food, while Konizer Pizzeria has Italian. There are currently seven registered Islamic centers or mosques in Bern, making travelling in the area easy for Muslim tourists. Zurich boasts more activities, given that more tourists visit the city. Paddle a boat on Zurich Lake – enjoying the scenery as you burn calories, explore the wilderness in Wildnispark, or take a trip to the zoo, where the latest attraction is the elephant park. The best Halal restaurants in Zurich are: Mohini – vegetarian, however, it does serve alcohol; Taj Palace – which offers fast selling Halal meat, so pre-order the lamb to make sure you get some; Yalla Habibi – a Lebanese restaurant; My Kitchen – which offers Malaysian cuisine and sushi in a cosy atmosphere; and New Point – whose Oriental, Mediterranean and Turkish specialties are finger-licking good! You can also try Bombay Karachi, La Vita Café, and Pizza Flizza for more Halal food in Zurich. Zurich hosts a wide range of mosques and Islamic centers as well, which can be used when necessary. Lounge about at Bains des Pâquis in Geneva and soak up the atmosphere – a public swimming bath on Lake Geneva that is so much more, marvel at the height of the Jet d’Eau – a water fountain so high that it can be seen from the plane, or try your hand at paddleboarding on the lake, amid other water sports. Drop in at Be Tacos, Ali Baba Café, Restaurant Bombay or Shahi for some of the best Halal food in Geneva. The locality also offers prayer facilities for Muslims. . Halal food is available even lesser known cities like Basel, Aargau, Fribourg, Luzern, Scafthausen, Solothum, Ticino, Valais, and Vaud that all have their own beauty and scenic views to offer as well.  With the number of halal eating places and masjids growing in Switzerland, it makes for a relaxing and smooth travel, and the breathtaking sights all the more enjoyable. ....

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