7 Friendliest Countries Around the World to Travel to

By Hooria Tahir | 28, Nov, 2022
7 Friendliest Countries Around the World to Travel to

When traveling to foreign lands across the globe, one always wants to feel welcome. Being homesick when you’re miles away from home is common, even if traveling is something you look forward to. Especially being Muslim, you wish to travel to places you feel most welcome at home. 

Fortunately, there are quite a few countries with some friendliest people to help you feel good about your travel as a Muslim. 

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1. New Zealand

people on tahunanui beach, new zealand

Image Credit: Danielle Eagle on Unsplash

Almost everyone who visits New Zealand remarks how kind the Kiwis (local New Zealanders) are. Locals frequently use the expression "She'll be right" to convey confidence that things will turn out fine.

Being around them is enjoyable, and their can-do mentality and modest demeanor add to their attractiveness. In addition, New Zealand has many Halal-friendly food options to satisfy even the pickiest eater.


2. Oman 

The Omani people greet tourists with great kindness because Oman is one of the more traditional nations in the Gulf. As a result, travelers are expected to respect their stunning and distinctive culture. 

Tourists are always welcome in Oman because Omanis are warm and hospitable people—some even claim they are the friendliest people in the world. Therefore, a crime of any kind is strictly punished because this is a religious and traditional state, making Oman a very safe country for any tourist.


3. Pakistan 

uch sharif, pakistan

Image Credit: Ali Kazim on Unsplash

Third, on our list is one of the most scenic-ly blessed countries in the world. Pakistan has some of the best and friendliest people waiting to show you hospitality and respect. You will definitely be in awe of the views and scenery, especially on the northern side of this country. 

The cuisine is diverse and divine if you want to try out new foods with loads and loads of flavor. But, many are still unaware of this country's potential with great food and breathtaking scenery. So, you must visit to find out!


4. South Korea 

The South Korean tourism board has been working hard for years to make the country welcoming to Muslim visitors. In any part of South Korea, you can find mosques or places to pray. In addition, the nation is renowned for offering its citizens a wide range of halal culinary options.

Every year, the halal cuisine festival known as "Halal restaurant Week" happens in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. For Muslim tourists, some foods offered by the numerous eateries include beef bulgogi, spicy chicken jjimdak, and bibimbap.


5. Finland

people on the streets of helnski, finland

Image Credit: Tapio Haaja on Unsplash

Known as one of the most joyful countries in the world, Finland is home to warm and sincere people waiting to host your travel and make it memorable. Despite what the locals may try to convince you, Finns are friendly, approachable, and honest. 

Even though Finnish summers are barely three months long, they are greatly anticipated. The sheer variety of events, which range from massive music festivals to small-town markets and fairs, keeps partygoers from getting bored. Finland is, however, home to a minority of Muslims. So, doing adequate research on Halal cuisine is going to be needed. 


6. Nigeria 

Nigeria has been rated as the happiest country on Earth in previous studies and has one of the happiest citizens despite having its own problems. That primarily results from Nigerians' propensity for being exceptionally upbeat. They frequently have optimism and are always looking forward, permeating the entire nation and is evident to foreigners and visitors.

The intense religiosity of the Nigerian people, who primarily practice both Islam and Christianity diligently throughout the nation, may have something to do with this.


7. Cyprus

nissi beach in ayia napa, cyprus

Image Credit: Datingjungle on Unsplash

The Cypriots are renowned for their friendliness and ability to make visitors and expats feel at home, which is highly prized in this country. In reality, "fliloksenia," which is derived from the Greek words "filos" (friend) and "ksenos" (guest or tourist), means "hospitality," so you can anticipate being greeted as a friend practically soon after arriving.

Additionally, the laid-back lifestyle, which includes beaches, 340 days of sunlight every year, and an abundance of delectable Mediterranean cuisine (and halal), beautiful attractions, are more than enough reasons to adore this nation and the people who call it home.

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