World Cup 2018: How To Be A Football Fan In Just 5 Mins

By Nathasha Wickramasinghe | 02, Jul, 2018
World Cup 2018: How To Be A Football Fan In Just 5 Mins

It’s the World Cup season and everyone’s hyped up about the matches. You see people firing up their social media platforms, updating their statuses, fighting over which team is the best and literally everyone at work is talking about it!

Feeling a little left out this season? We got just the steps for you to turn yourself into a die-hard fan of the World Cup in just a few minutes! Just keep reading!



Whenever the team you are following scores a goal be sure to shout “GOALLLL!!!” with everyone else to show your support for the team!

The atmosphere while watching a game can be quite tense but is definitely enjoyable especially when surrounded by family and friends, joining in the hype! Oh and be sure to give a victory roar when the team scores a point!

2. Keep Your Eye On One Team 

Always be aware of your team and keep your eye on the one team jersey so that you know exactly what’s happening.

You definitely don't want to accidentally support the opposing team!

3. Yellow and Red Cards

Always disagree with the referee whenever your team is given a yellow or red card because your team is the best and you must support your team no matter what!

4. The Team Chant


Look for the team chant on YouTube and memorize it! You don’t want to be the only one in the crowd that doesn’t know the chant. It’s a great way of joining in with the other fans and getting a feel for the team spirit when chanting in support of your favourite team.

5. Dress In The Colours of Your Team


The best way to support your team is by wearing the team's colour!

Purchase the team jersey and if you don’t have the team jersey, dress in their colours. Paint your face and wear headbands and wristbands in the colours of the team’s national flag. You can even wave the national flag of the team!

These 5 tips will help you become a die-hard fan of the World Cup and join all your football fan friends to watch a match together without feeling left out! The most important part about watching a match is to enjoy the game and connect with other fans and create great memories. But really, just have a good time!

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