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  • Top 5 Restaurant Chains Offering Halal Cuisine in the USA

    The United States of America (USA) is a diverse country with a rich tapestry of cultures and cuisines. For those looking to explore Halal dining options, there are several restaurant chains across the...

  • Makanan Segera Halal di Amerika Syarikat

    Halal Makanan Segera di Amerika Syarikat kini sangat popular dengan kejayaan gerai makanan Halal di seluruh negara. Tetapi adakah semua makanan segera Halal di Amerika Syarikat? Ramai pelancong dan penduduk...

  • 5 Bandar Mesra-Muslim di Amerika Syarikat

    Agama di Amerika Syarikat sangat pelbagai. Walaupun kebanyakan rakyat Amerika menganggap diri mereka sebagai seorang Kristian, agama lain juga hadir di Amerika Syarikat. Islam merupakan salah satu agama...

  • Muslim Players to look out for in the NBA 23-24 Season

    Professional basketball supremacy has returned, NBA’s new season is upon us! The National Basketball Association (NBA) will play its 78th season in 2023–24. The regular season will kick off on Tuesday,...

  • Where to Get Halal Steaks in the USA

    We all know how much Americans love their steaks, and Muslim Americans love their steak too, as long as it's all halal. And naturally, there must be a halal food industry to feed all the Muslims that reside...

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