6 Ways of Taking the Quran with you on a Journey

By Puteri Zahiah | 08, Dec, 2017
6 Ways of Taking the Quran with you on a Journey

Let the Quran be your best friend on your travels. Now, there are many ways to bring the Quran along with you to keep up with your daily recitation. Below are 6 different ways of keeping the Quran close by even as you travel.


The Quran

Most of us still prefer carrying along the printed Quran while travelling. This is still probably the easiest on the eyes. There are many "travel Qur'an" options available now in various sizes depending on your preference. Travel sized Qurans are handy to keep in carry on bags or pockets which make them light and easy to store when on-the go!


Request from Hotel

Most Hotels in Muslim majority countries or Muslim friendly hotels will either have a Qur'an placed in the drawer of the room or you can easily request for one. It would be wise to do some research and contact the hotel beforehand to request for a copy be placed in the room in advanced.


Interactive Quran Online

If you are traveling and have access to the internet, try Quran Flash or Tanzil. Both provide a user-friendly interface which you can conveniently access on your laptop or mobile phone.


Quran Apps

More travelers are now resorting to having the Quran on their mobile phones. Mobile apps like ‘iQuran’, ‘Al-Quran Al-Kareem’  and ‘Holy Quran’, give users plenty to choose from depending on your requirements. Some include English translations with audio recording while others have add-ons like color coded letters for Tajweed. 



Digital Quran

These are MP3 digital devices, the size of an Iphone which are purpose built for listening and reciting the Quran such as the Al-Fatih digital quran. Some come in the form of pointers that are interactive. Simply scan and read any page, chapter or verse from the Quran by touching the page number or text to listen. 



E-book Quran

Tablets, Ipads or the eBook reader are alternatives to the printed Quran while traveling. Simply download the Quran app or load it to your e-book reader for a seamless experience of halal travel.



Travel Essentials for Muslims


The best of course is to carry the ayyah of the Quran in our hearts. But for those of us who are still struggling with memorization, Alhamdulillah with such a variety of options, we can now choose what suits us best.


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