Ramadan 2023: Back to the Ramadan Festivities

By Saniya Baxi | 29, Mar, 2023
Ramadan 2023: Back to the Ramadan Festivities

Muslims from all over the world wait for the holy month of Ramadan from year to year because of its joyous atmosphere and the divine energy it brings. It is a month of blessings, giving, and great rewards. 

It was difficult for Muslims to enjoy Ramadan in the past couple of years because of COVID-19 and the enforced restrictions. Families couldn’t gather, the Taraweeh prayer was canceled, and the essence of Ramadan was absent across the world. 

Luckily, most COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and the world is returning to normal. So, Ramadan 2023 is going to be as fun as the pre-COVID era and more! 

Here are some of the Ramadan festivities that people have missed: 

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1. Iftar Gatherings  nuts and dates

Image Credit: Rachael Gorjestani on Unsplash

You can’t feel the spirit of Ramadan without Iftar gatherings with family or friends. Ramadan 2023 will witness the return of Iftar gatherings and all the laughter, amazing food, and pure joy they bring. 

Everyone in the Iftar gathering will get rewarded by Allah. The guests will get rewarded for visiting and bonding with their relatives and the host will get rewarded for breaking the fast of his guests.

Prophet Muhammad once said a Hadith that means that if you feed a fasting person, you will get the same reward as them. 

Although it’s not obligatory, guests usually bring whatever they can from food items or desserts to add to the table. Who doesn’t love more diverse items on the Iftar table? 

So, open your home for your extended family and friends and plan the next Iftar party! 


2. Umrah muslims doing tawaaf

Image Credit: Ömer F. Arslan on Unsplash

Muslims often perform Umrah to seek forgiveness for their sins and connect with Allah. Doing Umrah in the holy month of Ramadan is even better as Ramadan is the most sacred month in Islam. 

By combining Umrah and Ramadan, you’re getting double the rewards and blessings while enjoying the joyous atmosphere of the holy month. In fact, it’s said that the reward of performing Umrah during the holy month is equivalent to performing a hajj

Sadly, in the past couple of years, fewer people could perform Umrah due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, now that the restrictions are lifted, people can finally perform Umrah in Ramadan 2023. So if you get the chance, don’t miss the opportunity to perform Umrah in the best month of the year.


3. Quran Gatherings kids in quran gatherings

Image Credit: Mishary Alafasy on Unsplash

Reciting the Quran during Ramadan is highly rewarding. So what better gathering could be than sitting with your family or friends and reciting the Quran? This can encourage you to read more verses and give you the opportunity to learn. 

You can ask about the meaning of the verses you don’t understand and discuss your interpretation of the verses with the other members of the gathering. This will allow you to have a deeper connection with Allah and his sacred words in the holy book. 

This act of worship is loved by Allah and is greatly rewarded, especially in the holy month of Ramadan. 


4. Ramadan Food Markets foods to enjoy during ramadan

Image Credit: Luna Wang on Unsplash

One of the unfortunate things about COVID-19 was the absence of Ramadan markets in the past years.

Luckily, they’re coming back in Ramadan 2023. Ramadan markets are basically traditional markets that are set up during Ramadan. Each country has its own version and unique style of these markets. 

These markets start after Iftar and stay till around the time of Suhoor. The atmosphere in these markets is very fun and people go to hang out with friends, shop, and eat. 

They typically offer Ramadan specialties like sweets, snacks, beverages, etc. They also offer different goods like clothing, Ramadan decorations, handmade crafts, and more. So, don’t miss visiting these markets and enjoy all the Ramadan vibes that are filling the air! 


5. Taraweeh Prayermuslims doing jamaah prayer

Image Credit: Luna Wang on Unsplash

The Taraweeh or tarawih prayer is the prayer that is held after the prayer of Isha. Although it is voluntary, it holds great benefits and rewards. It doesn’t have a specific number of Rak’at but they usually do the minimum number of 8 Rak’ats at Mosques in sets of 2 and 3 Rak’ats for Shaf’ and Witr. You can leave in between if you are feeling tired. 

Many countries canceled the Taraweeh prayer during COVID-19, but luckily all the social distancing restrictions are lifted in Ramadan 2023. You can finally enjoy praying Taraweeh and feeling the peace it brings to your heart and soul along with all the rewards and blessings you will earn. 


Final Thoughts

Everyone has been missing pre-COVID Ramadan and all the joy it brought. With the world finally coming back to normal, everyone is waiting eagerly and with great enthusiasm for Ramadan 2023. 

May Allah bless you with many returns of this holy month and all the blessings it brings! 

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