Muslim Travel Intent Tracker (MTIT) - January 2024

By Halal Trip | 18, Jan, 2024
Muslim Travel Intent Tracker (MTIT) - January 2024

As we delve into the Muslim Travel Intent Tracker (MTIT) data for January 2024, it's evident that the post-holiday season has brought about a notable change in travel planning within the Muslim community. This period reflects a typical seasonal downturn and underscores a significant shift in community priorities, particularly in light of the ongoing conflict. The data suggests a nuanced landscape of travel intent, with a blend of declining immediate travel plans and a consistent medium-term outlook. These emerging patterns provide critical insights for the travel industry, indicating a need for strategic realignment and an understanding of the evolving dynamics in the Muslim travel market.

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Analyzing the MTIT Score for January 2024

In January 2024, the Muslim Travel Intent Tracker (MTIT) score dropped to 76.1 from a peak of 79.2 in December 2023, reflecting a post-holiday season decrease in travel intent among Muslim consumers. This trend aligns with the typical seasonal pattern of reduced travel plans after the holiday period, influenced by factors such as a return to work or school routines, financial conservatism following holiday spending, and possibly adverse weather conditions in key markets.

The slight decrease, however, remains consistent with the moderate travel intent observed in October and November 2023, underscoring a cyclical nature in travel planning within the Muslim travel market, which is essential for the travel industry to consider for strategic planning and marketing.


Post-Holiday Travel Dynamics

The MTIT score for January 2024 was 76.1, slightly lower than the 77.3 observed in January 2022, indicating a slight decrease in travel intent among Muslim consumers over two years. For context, the months leading up to January 2022 saw scores of 77.7 in December 2021 and 75.8 in November 2021, which shows a similar trend to 2023's December score of 79.2 and November's 77.1 before a dip in January.

This comparison suggests a consistent seasonal pattern across these years, where travel intent peaks in December due to the holiday season and then slightly declines in January, reflecting post-holiday normalization and possibly other factors like financial considerations and weather conditions.


The Expected Ups and Downs in 2024

The 2024 MTIT score is anticipated to embark on an upward trajectory from its January mark of 76.1, mirroring the cyclical trend observed in 2023, with influences stemming from favorable seasons and critical periods like Ramadan and Eid. This score will likely peak during the summer months, in line with global travel patterns and school vacation periods, before gradually declining as the year draws close, reflecting the typical seasonal slowdown in travel activities.

Such a pattern, akin to the one seen in 2023, remains subject to various external factors, including economic conditions and evolving travel policies, which could significantly impact travel intentions within the Muslim market over the year.


Intent to Travel "This Month" Trends

January 2024's travel intent in the Muslim community, recorded at a significantly lower 44.1%, not only reflects the impact of the ongoing war that began in October 2023 but also highlights a shift in priorities within the community. Compared to January 2022's healthier 52%, this notable decline in travel willingness is influenced by a growing inclination among Muslims to allocate resources towards supporting those affected by the conflict. The months following the conflict's onset, particularly October to December 2023, saw suppressed travel intent, diverging sharply from the upward trend of the same period in 2021. This change underscores the profound effect of geopolitical tensions and a collective sense of responsibility within the Muslim community.

Instead of spending on travel, many are now choosing to donate their spare funds to aid their needy communities, illustrating a significant reallocation of financial priorities. January 2024 thus emerges as a pivotal moment, capturing this shift from conventional travel patterns to a more philanthropically driven approach, emphasizing the community's solidarity and responsiveness to global events. This altered dynamic presents new challenges for the travel industry, which must now navigate a landscape where safety, stability, and ethical considerations play a more significant role in shaping travel decisions.


Analyzing Relative Travel Intent by Month

There are no significant changes to the radar chart based on historical data from MTIT to compare travel intent across each month. The chart shows each month's travel intent relative to July, which has the highest intent.


Traveling in the Next 1-3 Months (February to April 2024)

The intent to travel within 1 to 3 months for January 2024 among Muslim travelers, marked at 24.3%, signifies a noteworthy increase in short-term travel planning compared to the previous year, especially against January 2022's 18.4%. Throughout 2023, travel intent percentages fluctuated, often staying below 25% and reaching a low of 15.5% in August. However, the notable rise in January 2024 suggests a growing interest in planning travel within a shorter timeframe.

Key Observations:

  • Short-term Travel Interest: There's a clear inclination towards short-term travel planning, which could be driven by changing global travel conditions, economic stability, or a response to ongoing geopolitical events.
  • Resilience and Adaptability: The Muslim travel market shows resilience and adaptability, with travel interest rebounding despite ongoing global challenges.

Strategic Takeaways:

  • Targeted Marketing for Short-term Travel: Travel companies should focus on marketing strategies that appeal to short-term travel preferences, highlighting quick getaways and flexible booking policies.
  • Seasonal and Event-Based Opportunities: Understanding the peak periods for travel intent can help plan promotions around specific times, especially considering the increased interest in January 2024.
  • Adaptability to Market Changes: The industry must remain agile in response to changing travel sentiments and external factors, such as the ongoing geopolitical situation.
    Enhanced Focus on Safety and Stability: Given the backdrop of global events, emphasizing safety and stability in travel destinations could be vital in attracting Muslim travelers.


Traveling in the Next 4-6 Months (May to July 2024)

The intent to travel within 4 to 6 months among Muslims in January 2024, recorded at 13.3%, shows remarkable consistency with January 2022's figure of 13.6%. This parallel suggests a stable pattern in medium-term travel planning within the Muslim community, maintaining a similar level despite the diverse global circumstances encountered over the past two years. The comparable percentages indicate that certain core factors consistently influence travel decisions for this timeframe, reflecting an underlying steadiness in travel behavior and preferences despite external changes and challenges. This consistent approach to planning travel 4 to 6 months ahead highlights the importance of understanding these enduring influences on the travel industry.

Possible influencing factors:

  • Ongoing Global Uncertainties: Continuing uncertainties, possibly related to geopolitical tensions or economic conditions, might lead to cautious travel planning. People prefer waiting to see how situations develop before committing to travel plans further in the future.
  • Seasonal Influences: Travel planning for 4 to 6 months ahead in January would fall in the summer months, typically peak travel times. However, the modest score suggests that while there is some interest in planning for this period, it is not overwhelmingly high, possibly due to competition with other travel options or considerations.
  • Financial Planning: Given the post-holiday period, individuals might be more focused on short-term financial recovery, leading to a more conservative approach towards committing to travel plans that are further out.


MTIT Destination Preference
January 2024 MTIT Word Cloud

The preference for Turkiye, Saudi Arabia, and Thailand as top destinations among Muslim travelers in the MTIT January surveys can be attributed to religious, cultural, and climatic factors.

With its rich Islamic heritage and historical significance, Turkiye offers a blend of religious and cultural experiences, making it an attractive destination for Muslim travelers.

Saudi Arabia's appeal is predominantly religious, with Muslims globally drawn to the spiritual significance of visiting Mecca and Medina. January is favorable due to the more temperate weather and fewer crowds compared to the school holiday season.

While not a predominantly Muslim country, Thailand is renowned for its hospitality, tropical climate, and the government's efforts to cater to Muslim travelers, such as providing halal food options and prayer facilities, making it an appealing winter escape in January.

This combination of religious significance, cultural richness, and favorable weather conditions in these countries makes them popular choices for Muslim travelers during this period.



January 2024's MTIT score decline to 76.1 suggests a post-holiday reduction in travel planning and an increased focus on philanthropy due to the October 2023 conflict. This trend indicates a shift in the Muslim community's priorities, impacting future travel patterns. The steady medium-term travel intent, mirroring January 2022's figures, implies a consistent but cautious approach to future travel planning.

For the travel industry, these insights forecast a need for adaptability and targeted strategies. Stakeholders in the industry should anticipate fluctuating short-term travel interests and plan for stable but modest medium-term demand. Emphasizing safety, flexibility, and ethical considerations in travel packages could align with the evolving preferences of Muslim travelers.


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